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horney lil bitch

29.12.2010 22:14 EST
im very sexual,not just as in wanting to fuck alot but the things i like and enjoy,so many things make me wet...and im pretty open~~so how cum guys on here like that but in real life its almost like they get turnd off..??idk??..i like a man whol lick my ass an not question it better yet i love a man thatl just do things without asking if its ok....grrr men!!so is being too sexual a problem?should i be tame and bored during sex??
I think a lot are just intimedated by a woman who is so sexually open. but whats funny you ask any man what kinda woman they would love to have and that is exactly what they ask for. Please boys dont take my words offencive and start with hate messages, im just saying what iv seen And not to try and convince anyone but that is the beauty of a lesbian. the wilder you get the more your lover will try and top it. So you go girl express your wants and needs all you want. im sure theres one whos man enough. if not I AM!!
05.02.2013 22:41 EST,
Ur right babe,u should just do it wen ur at it. I do,fuck all that askin if its ok etc,wen im fuckin im goin hard at it n love to get as nasty as I can
18.09.2012 07:22 EDT,
well, if i was fucking u ud c i know how to please ;)
09.08.2012 08:33 EDT,
i would to anything to you at any location to make you cum
18.07.2012 12:13 EDT,
Knowing my luck, of I tried to do something without asking I'd get kicked in the balls very hard!
17.06.2012 13:05 EDT,
No way!!! dirtier the better, and even better if its mutual, i enjoy my ass bein rimmed as im bein wanked off!!
24.04.2012 13:54 EDT,
Fuck no you shouldnt. I love that in a woman and cant seem to find it. But go figure i would on line cuz thats just my life. You be sexual and fuck like you like and id tear you up if given the chance.
16.04.2012 13:30 EDT,
NO, I would love to have a women like you,
07.04.2012 11:48 EDT,
HELL NO, u need to hang out wit more laid~back guys
09.03.2012 12:59 EST,
Ill do it whether you like or not. Til you say you dont like it
19.02.2012 10:00 EST,
Hell no be a dirty lil slut cuz thats what i want is a naughty woman thats openminded over sex.
13.02.2012 15:00 EST,
have sex or masturbate its the best pleasu
09.02.2012 16:37 EST,
its natural and helfful for all .
01.02.2012 08:13 EST,
Men who can't take a woman and pleasure her are very commen. When a man and a woman get together every inch of that woman's body should be pleasured
19.01.2012 06:14 EST,
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