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28.12.2013 20:08 EST
We all are travelling for the night land where all the ghosts of men, sex addicts, pervs, maniacs, rabis, nuns, gays and lesbians yearn to part take and travel.
I lay awake every night recollecting the events as melodic as it is melancholy, but the sublime literary is the narratives true heart.
It is forbidden love but a love so true, so masterful that words can't do them justice.
I had phone fucked her for a hundred times in the past and the amount of jism I had ejaculated wanking over her shaved pussy pictures could have knocked her up many times over.
Please cum inside and take a seat and make yourself comfortable because I am going to let you in on my little secret. I have pondered over this and thought to share it with you 3weeks after meeting this beautiful young lady.
My initial meeting with this young sexy lady was back in 2003 when she was a mere 10yo through family gatherings but now that she has grown up to be one gorgeous woman.
I regard myself a momase man even when my mom had come from the southern region. And yes you are right when you say I am having an incestuous affair with this sexy young lady on my moms side of the family.
What would you think if I said I didn't know I was phone fucking, exchanging nude pictures with my cousin sister??..and that I felt in love with her?.
You can think what you'd like to think but anyone in here can make the same mistake like I made by phone fucking their own family members without realising it.
This all initiated because she was using a pet name and still does and she even lied about her origin. Sorry guys Iam not telling her user name for obvious reasons, maybe for her dignity?..or maybe I don't want to share her with you.
I will never forget the look she had on her face at our first meeting as she stood there and put her arms across her chest as an instinctive gesture of shame..She was hauntedly mesmerising sexy cute. I have seen her pussy in the pictures she sent me and she my monster cock..
What would you do if you were in my shoes??.. walk away I guess. We were there to meet and fuck weren't we? I will tell you more of that meeting and what had happened if you cum back next time and please see yourself out as I am going to wank over her pussy pictures..
Tell me I've been naive and naughty but fuck I am just human with flesh and blood.
That is all for now fuckers and there's more to cum..oh and be nice leave a comment.. Thanks GD..
Cool story.. enjoyed this..
13.05.2016 01:53 EDT,
Dat wuz Agood wan..wish i wer in ya shoes!
31.03.2014 08:09 EDT,
i know who she is. . she's a real whore for her prof!
11.02.2014 21:53 EST,
Very well written, can't wait to read pt2, hope it will come sooner bro..
29.01.2014 08:12 EST,
Oh gosh. Come fuck me hun
25.01.2014 08:16 EST,
hehe fuckn awesome..!!"!
23.01.2014 22:32 EST,
Thanks morsel, the next chapter will be more explicit, keep checking..
23.01.2014 18:58 EST,
21.01.2014 11:08 EST,
Shit happens!
01.01.2014 10:38 EST,

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