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19.02.2011 21:57 EST

I think this should be termed 'HOW TO HACK YOUR AIRTEL LINE FOR UBT'.....!

This is it:

Send BISDAY as a message to 440. It's a 100MB and 24 hours browser plan for Black Berry phones. I called their Customer care to ask if it can work on java phones They said NO.

I knew it would work since it's the SIM they are configuring but I wanted to be sure so as not to Throw 200 away.I sent the stuff,they accepted it and welcomed me to the BB 1 day plan..

Now,I Switched off my phone, removed my SIM (without changing it) then I slot it back in. But I couldnt browse even after doing my own configuration. I called AIRTEL again to be sure,they gave me the same settings for both WAP and INTERNET..which I already knew but it didnt work.So I came up with mine.

FOR OPERAMINI (Symbian Phone)

Goto Tools>Settings>Connection>Accesss Point.

When you get there,press 'Options' >New Access Point >Connection Name=Name it with any name >Data Bearer=Packet Data >Access Point
>Prompt Password=No >Password=internet >Authentication=Normal >Homepage=
>Network type=Ipv4
>Phone IP Address=Automatic
>DNS Address=Automatic >Proxy Server Address= >Proxy Port Number=80

For Opera ( Java Phones)-

Create Prov with IP- PORT-80

In the Opera put

For NORMAL WEB and EVERY other Application (handler or not) apart from Operamini. Just select DEFAULT and if it's an Application like that of CASTS,leave all queries Blank/Empty and press OK.

Dont know if AIRTEL'S Default would work for you but it didnt work on my Ericsson (maybe its because I was creating one myself...but it doesnt mean) So I used only APN,USERNAME and PASSWORD without IP and PORT on an Ericsson, don't know if it would work for you guys too though I've not tested it on s40 nokia...but it should work.

Just Crete a prov without IP and PORT (i.e) after, Put in the APN
Clear the 00's in the box for the IP and PORT and leave it blank,then create it and Activate it in your phone as DEFAULT (for WEB) and activate DEFAULT IN ALL APPLICATIONS (for other APPLICATIONS).


Browse very well after the Setup but make sure you dont finish the 100MB before the next day.. Infact let me explain how I did mine I recharged around 12 before 12:30 pm on Tuesday I browsed and browsed that day. I couldnt check my remaining MB balance (I think you'll send STATUS to 440) but after sending it twice,I didnt get any reasonable reply but from my calculations,I've not used more than 50 or 60MB that day..(so dont finish yours)

Anytime your Active Internet Connection wanna go away AIRTEL would send you a message (IE) your last call was 26.50 NGN.Bal 0.04 NGN....Etc

AIRTEL sent me this around 12:55pm that day.'Dear Subscriber, your subscription to Airtel BlackBerry service will expire in 1 days. Please ensure that you have the required balance on your account.' So if you see that one,no fear. Like a hour before my Expiry time 11:30. I continued till after 1 pm before me quit. I continued browsing since then but guess what happened yesterday (FRIDAY)?

Instead of telling me the cost of last call they sent Which means they didnt count the fact that my SIM browsed..and I've been enjoying it. Today (SATURDAY) was the last TESTing day.

I rechared my phone (cos since Tuesday I didnt recharge my phone again,I only had 4kobo in it) But my credit is still standing till Now.

Enjoy the TRICK ON ANY THING CALLED BROWSER.They cant tell me my 100MB has not finished.. I have downloaded, Streamed too many Videos on BOLT,Chatted with Ebuddy,2go,Nimbuzz,Mig33. You can use it for PC too by selecting DEFAULT.

But when you wanna use Operamini on phone,you would use the IP I posted above.Trust me,load the recharge card without fear and do all the SETUPS.

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