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hidden beauty

Help me Immediately !!!

03.07.2010 03:45 EDT
A THROWME2HELL age 18-21, writes: Hello i need advise i am 20 years old and i want to have sex with my blood related sister. She is really attractive and hot. I don't know what to do plz help. Besides, I proposed for that, I fear, I'd ruined my own image in her.
Last updated by:09 April, 2010
Answers collected sequences are given below:

A male reader, anonymous, writes (31 March 2010): Actually, you are now at the teen age in which you might have great sexual attraction. Sex is mostly concerned with your ID (in psychology, ID means your natural inner urges of feelings)not from your sixth sense (super ego) which directs you to do something or not to do. You(ie. ego) only going to decide either to do or not. So, when you get a stimulation of having sex, it is immaterial that the opposite gender is your sisters or cousins or teachers or even mother related too. "It is a natural process at this age". But your sixth sense (ego) has some accumulated social and ethics from your genetic material and also from your value system of your own nation. This will restrict you to do so. It is better to listen to your super ego (6th sense). Otherwise, you will have to face some moral or ethical punishments from your super ego as always guilty feeling. Now, you might not be able to feel this advise, but after you commit this immoral actions, then only you will get some guilt feelings. More over, it will never leave you to lead a peaceful and happy life at all until your death. Now the option is yours, either not to be happy until your death or want to be happy living even when you die by leaving your thoughts and loving your lover who loves you sincerely as well as your family members. Assume me as your brother or friend, and please keep this in your mind. Leave the wicked feelings beyond everything - Manivannan (department of psychology - from India)
A male reader, anonymous, writes (31 March 2010): I can't believe some of you, this kid is obviously having a problem and all you can say is "EWW EWW EWW", "psycho" if you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything. Alright kid, either you're killer horny like was mentioned before or you are one of those people who actually are attracted to their blood flesh, now I'm not gonna give you my opinion on the morality of it because it's not important, it's your opinion that matters, whatever feels right in your heart not just your pants: P (silently word) And all you who aren't giving constructive criticism, just because you think it's sick doesn't mean it is, there are other societies out there, you're not the center of the universe, there ARE cultures that accept this behavior and even encourage it. Now don't quote me on this but the word on the street is that children from siblings are LESS likely to be deformed than children from cousins that being said I must give my opinion here, I don't think it's good to produce a child with a relative it's generally not fun for anyone Any who... Stay safe...
A female reader, anna, writes (01 March 2010): What the f**k are you thinking. You are a disgrace to the world if you do it, I'm just telling you don't do it man, it may feel good when you bang her but then later you'll be regretting you'd never done her. Be careful what did you do. Remember she is your own and if she is a hot girl then she must have hot lady friends that she could help you with. Trust me just tell her you need a date and don't forget her friendship or friends have to have a nicer body than your own...... Again be careful!!!
A male reader, Andy morphin, writes (01 March 2010): Sex between brothers and Ss happens more often that most people think. But that doesn't mean you should do it. How old is your sister, and is she younger or elder than you? You could talk to her about having sex with you, but you run the risk of her getting pregnant with your child. If this is something you just want to do for fun, then you should probably limit it to things like handjobs and oral sex or having with the precautions or may be even anal sex, but not something that could get her physical or mentally ill even depress.
A male reader, picaso, writes (02 April 2010): Yeah, bang ur Sis!!! Just don't make her pregnant. oh.. yeah and no matter how much u want her hot body, plz don't rape her...
A female reader, , writes (02 April 2010): this guy is a child molester just like my brother they both need to BE IN JAIL!!!!!!!!! sick minds go to hell! Plz control the beast in you for the relatives.
A male reader, TBSSOEM, writes (03 April 2010): Yeah!! Definitely nail your S man.
A male reader, anonus, writes (03 April 2010): Go ahead boy! Ask her if she wants to have sex with you. If she agrees, have fun!!! Good luck!!
A female reader, Julie, writes (04 April 2010): It's possible to have these feelings without doing anything about them. Look, you're feeling attracted to a female who looks good, although, you know her well, have a lot of common experiences, care a lot about her etc. It would all indicate GOOD reasons to wanna have sex with her if it weren't for the tiny little thing about being related to her. That issue is normally more than enough to stomp out these feelings in people most of the time, but I guess there are exceptions. Don't beat yourself up TOO much for having these feelings, but realize that acting on them is another matter entirely. This is a moral sin. Plz stay away from that ........
A reader, boxer, writes (04 April 2010): Everyone in the world came from incest but that was biologically forever ago and we have evolved from that and if you are 16 then that means that you are probably horny a lot instead of thinking of yours. Think of other girls that are attractive and get to know other people.....
A female reader, Melyikaaaa, writes (04 April 2010): Ew Ew Ew Ew....EWWW!!!!!! Psychoo!!
A male reader, Thomas, writes (05 April 2010): Think twice, it's a mortal sin! just do something else that's not related to sex. make a hobby!, make your time efficient, you don't know what will happen tomorrow. Being with anything else without thinking this kind of psycho feelings.
A female reader, Freespirit27 +, writes (05 April 2010): Um... biologically it should not be so easy to be attracted to your S. We have built in mechanisms to prevent this. Otherwise men are built pretty simply and basically want to have sex with whoever is available. May be your hormones are a bit out of waack and the biological defense thing is not working... or may be she is your stepsister. If she is your step sister then you got problems, because it could be that she might actually also be attracted to you. Then all hell will break loose. See a counselor about this or a specialist. It can be dealt with but you have to discuss it or you will obsess about it until you bring it to fruition somehow. You are not particularly sick and it is not particularly disgusting. Relax and deal positively with it. Talk to a private specialist.
A male reader, somewhat +, writes (05 April 2010): Okay, it is fine to look at her and realize she's attractive, but wanting her sexually is just freaky man. Look to other girls, chances are you can find hotter. Get to know them, perhaps you are attracted to her too because she's the easiest girl for you to talk to since you know her better than any other females around your age and you can mix with her easily. If nothing else motivates you to stop thinking this way, realize that she will probably find the thought disgusting, your parents would find out and probably disown you, and you would probably end up with a genetically defective child or finally thrown to the Hell!!!
A female reader, Mona, writes (05 April 2010): Oh My Fucking God :| that is sick, sorry but it is . You can't think of that... you should get out more and find some one else......
A reader, writes (21 August 2007): don't do it! It could ruin your family relationship. Find someone else.
A female reader, eyeswideopen +, writes (06 April 2010): I think you have posted this before and I think you just enjoy the wrath of the aunts. If on off chance you are new to the site then I'll tell you what I told the other guy who keeps posting this...get in your shower...C stands for cold...turn it on full blast and stand under it until you can think clearly. you psycho!!!
A female reader, girlwhoneedshelp +, writes (06 April 2010): You psycho!!! How can you even look at your S in this way? It is possible to have very attractive family members with you, but to have sexual feelings towards them is totally disgusting. I'm sorry but you must have some mental condition as you should feel nothing for your S, but you should keep brotherly love. STAY AWAY FROM HER!
A female reader, love-him +, writes (07 April 2010): hey babe, i looked it up, its incest but not in actual fact illegal. i would seriously think about how to get around this without hurt in ur S.. Don't ever tell her!! Mail me babe if u wana talk.. and let me help u? it will take ages for me 2 write it all on here but u need to work out ways to get over her.. Hope i helped, mail me :) Also visualize that I suck your P & you nailing my V......
A female reader, anonymous, writes (07 April 2010):Are you for real!!That's disgusting. You need to pull yourself together and maybe get some psychoanalysis because there must be some other deep issues that you may need2dealwith
A female reader, RebeccaT +, writes (07 April 2010): Don't listen to them. It's not illegal! However turn ur eyes on to another girl (find one) that is prettier than ur S so that you'll then think that she is not so attractive.
A female reader, anony, writes (08 April 2010): What you can do is to stop being so silly. You know perfectly well that this is illegal and not something you should entertain (literally, that's what you are doing, entertaining the idea in your mind). Put your attention and time toward meeting other girls
A female reader, kktus, writes (08 April 2010): Don't even go there! It's illegal. Find a girlfriend outside of your family. I'm sure there are plenty of girls out there who you will also find attractive. And finally I suggest you that ask pardon from her. I wish she will forgive ...

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