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fucked neighbour aunty

14.06.2013 07:49 EDT
freind, this incident happened two yrs ago in nagpur. i used to stay in a rented house and worked in a private firm. just near my house there was a two story building. on the upper floor of the house there used to live a middle aged couple. the aunty was about 35 fair in complextion and had nice figures. her assets (boobs and ass) were sexy enough to attract the eyes of a young lad like me. from my room her balcony was visible. whenevr she came out I used to stare at her but she coulnnt notice.
sometimes I used to visit their house to have a chat with uncle. I noticed the she also used to stare at me with lustful eyes. one day I was taking bath in open from the garden tap. suddenly when I raised my head I saw that she was in the balcony and staring at me. but noticing that i am watching her she retended to arrange cloths kept for drying. this was enough hint for me. I was now waiting for the right opportunity to srew her.
This came earlier than expected. one day uncle called me and told that the electrician will come to repair the wiring and requsted me to watch them so they work properly. It was my off day so i agreed. At the fixed time the electricians came and did their work. I supervised their work. after they finished I told aunty that I am leaving. she was in kitchen. she asked me to wait for tea. I sat on sofa waiting for. she came out with the tray in her hand. wow.. she was lookin awsome. she was waering a thin
nighty which was sleeveles and low cut. her white arms were looking sexy. her boobs were pressing against the nighty cloth. I realised that my dream is going to be true today. she gave me tea and enquired about the work. while talking she came to sit beside me on sofa. she was asking about my job and family and i was replying but coulnt move my eys off her body. by this time it started to rain outside. finally the tea ended and i asked for leave. but she told me to wait for the rain to stop.
suddenly their was a loud thundering and she just fell on my lap. i was like waiting for this. i held her by arm and asked are u afraid?? yes, plz dont leave me alone, she said. dont worry i'm with u. I bought her close to myself and fondled her hair. she was enjoying this. I slowly kissed on her naked arms she didnt resisted. I was encouraged. the i began kissing on her neck. she started moaning. slowly i pulled her face in my hands and satrted smooching her. she cooperated with me and was sucking my.
lips passionately. now my hands were on her boobs. i was pressing them heavily. she was moaning with pleasure. she herself opened the front buttons to help me grab her boobs. now her nice firm boobs were naked infront of me. i started sucking them one by one. "let's go to bedroom" she said and started towards the room. i followed her blindly. on reaching the room i hugged her tightly and started pressing her ass. she moved her hands on my cocks and started fondling it. I pulled her nighty and removed it.
now she was completely naked in front of me. i laid her down on bed and kissed each part of her body. she was moaning with pleasure and hepling me to undress. now we both were naked. my 9" long cock was in her beautiful hands and she was stroking it. i took the cock to her pussy and gently touched it. she said aaahhhh. i said what do u want me to do now. i just wanted to hear it from her. she smiled and said 'fuck me'
I kissed her lips and said say it again. she giggled and said 'fuck me'. i started pushing my cock inside her and asked her to repeat the words. she was moaning but repeated the words in her sexy voice. this was filling passion in me and i was stoking her with more power.
I fucked her for about half an hour and reached orgasm. she was in full pleasure and shouting fuck me, fuck me you are good, come on fuck me. she was juming her waist in orgasm and i was fucking her and kissing on her pink lips. we both enjoyed the session. when i started to ejaculate i tried to pull out but she hold my back and stopped me. she told me to cum inside her pussy. i was surprised and said "you can get pregnant". she told "yes I want to get pregnant". she later told me that they are married
for ten years but they dont have a child. she told me to come to fuck her everyday till she became pregnant. I enjoyed this and made her pregnant in ten days. later they shifted to another town.

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