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Dominated by Sister

22.12.2014 08:42 EST
Hi my name is Aajit and I am from Chennai, India. I am 19 years old 6 foot 1 Inches tall with fairly built body and fair in complexion. I had a normal size penis about 5-6 inches in length when fully erect.
We lived in a joint family; I my parents and my grandparents aunts lives in a same house happily. As me and my cousin lives under the same roof we were like friends rather than a brother and sister relationship; and I am the younger in my family. I have three cousin brothers and two cousin sisters. All my brothers and one of my sisters were working and I and my other sister were studying that time and the story begins there.
One day everyone in my family went to attend a marriage function which took place in Mumbai. So everyone prepared to go and attend the marriage function. But during that function days for me and my sister by the way her name is Sruthi had final exams. I forget to mention she Is a year older than me and she Is 5 foot 7 Inches tall slim body and her ‘breasts’ and ‘ass’ are very perfect In shape especially her ass every guy will die for that structure. As we lived together from childhood I never had any such thoughts over her. So my family decides to left me and Sruthi alone as we had to do our exams well and good. They traveled to Mumbai to attend the function for a week and we prepared to study for our exams. We felt lonely in the first day as we never stayed alone without our parents. next day while studying I surfed some contents In the Internet, for few minutes I searched some things which Is useful for the studies then my mind tickling and diverted towards some porn so I decided to watch some porn movies first then to study so I begin to watch some movies and I am a ‘Carmella Bing’ fan so I decided to watch her movies. While watching in my laptop I didn’t noticed that my room was not locked. Suddenly my sister came into my room and peeping what I’m I doing. She was shocked to see me watching porn movies and caught me red handed.
She began to scold me after that Incident and threatens to tell that to our family. I was literally feared that “If she told that to my parents and other members of the family my Image will be totally shattered and they wouldn’t treat me good after that”, so I begged her to not to tell anyone about this and I promised her I will do anything whatever she told to me anytime. Then the devil inside her woke up, she asked me ‘whatever you do nah?’ I replied sheepishly “YES”!
I can see some changes in her attitude towards me, she spoken in a dominating manner now. She asked me ‘will you masturbate after watching these movies?’ I replied “no”. She told don’t lie to me you have to obey me now on wards else I will tell everyone about that. Then I agreed and said “Yes”!She then told me to masturbate In front of her I was shocked by that order and I know it was insane but my penis started to grow and I never done that before a girl also before my sister. As i was locked in her hands I can’t argue with her about this so i removed my underpants and begin to stroke my penis up and down. She enjoying every reaction I made during masturbating and I came finally after 4 minutes of work.
She then orders me to clean that cum and told me to lick her feet. I watched it all in Femdom movies only and I can’t believe those things are going to happen to me now. As to obey her I started to lick her feet as the licking is over she went to her room and brings a 1 feet wooden ruler and asks me to bend to my knees. She started to spank my ass, initially it was nice but spank after spank it began to pain and I shouted and screamed to stop her as it felt like hell, after more than twenty smashes she stopped. My ass became red and it was so paining. She went to her room and took some oil bottle and started to apply on the red spots over my ass and around the hole, at that time i felt she finished that torture on me. But the real game started there after only, she took some oil and a long size cucumber from the fridge and started to lubricate that using that oil. Then she began to Inserted in my ass, it did not went fully only a quarter amount of the cucumber went inside my ass it felt like horrible. As I began to shout in pain she removed her panty and gagged her panty in my mouth it was fully we and little salty. After that she started to apply more oil around my ass hole, as my ass hole is lubricated well it went fully and it felt extremely painful. I started to cry in pain though it felt good but she did not look like to stop that act as she was enjoying that moment. I was literally crying in pain and screamed her to stop it. Still I can’t believe that my sweet and Innocent cousin fucking me in my ass.
During the cucumber fuck she yelling me in some indecent words which she doesn’t know at all we thought. After that fuck she started to face sitting on me, she told to lick her ass hole and ordered me to clean that. While licking her ass hole I accidentally licked her pussy she felt became really angry and hits me in cock and balls for that in her hands it felt like hell. She orders me to lick her ass only. She did not felt like releasing my face from her ass, it started to suffocate for me. Then she orders me to open my mouth and started to spit into my mouth, it felt really embarrassing. Adding to that embarrassment she started to piss on my face and orders me drink that and clean those spilled piss with my tongue. As her order I drank her whole piss it was very salty. Finally she took my cock in her hand and started to masturbate. She pulled my foreskin of my penis and touch my penis forehead, I felt like on cloud nine when she touch my penis in her hand and started to massage my cock and It started to grow and went harder than ever before. Then she spit on my cock and lubricated after so many strokes I ejaculated and she told me to clean myself and asked me “do you liked it”? I replied “yes” and I never had an orgasm like this never before. She told me that we can do like this whenever we had spare time alone. After few days we finished our exams and our parents came from Mumbai. Still she dominates me like this whenever we are alone in our home and she really liked to torture me like that.

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