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01.11.2013 08:14 EDT
Love quotation, quotes andsaying about love1. Everyone says that loves hurts,but that's not true. Loneliness hurts.Rejection hurts. Losing someonehurts. Everyone confuse these thingswith love but reality, love is the onlything in this world that covers up allthe pain and makes us feelwonderful again.2. When two people are meant foreach other, no time is too long, nodistance is too far, no one can evertear them apart.3. We come to love not by finding aperfect person, but by learning tosee an imperfect person perfectly -Sam Keen, from To Love and BeLoved.4. Love is a language spoken byeveryone but understood only bythe heart.5. In true love, there is no mountaintoo high to climb. No river too wideto cross. And most of all in true lovethere is no ends.6. Beginnings are usually scary andendings are usually sad, but it'severything in between that makes itall worth living.7. Meeting you was fate, becomingyour friend was a choice, but fallingin love with you was beyond mycontrol.8. Falling in love is like jumping off areally tall building. Your brain tellsyou it is not a good idea, but yourheart tells you, you can fly.9. What is love? In math: anequation; in history: a war; inchemistry: a reaction; in art: a heart;in me: YOU.10. You really love him, don't you? asimple psychological question, noname was mentioned but suddenlysomeone came into your mind11. I'm selfish, impatient and a littleinsecure. I make mistakes, I am outof control and at times hard tohandle. But if you can't handle me atmy worst, then you sure as hell don'tdeserve me at my best. - MarilynMonroe.12. You don't love someone becausethey're perfect, you love them inspite of the fact that they're not. -Jodi Picoult.13. You know you're in love whenyou can't fall asleep because realityis finally better than your dreams. -Dr. Seuss.14. You've got to dance like there'snobody watching. Love like you'llnever be hurt. Sing like there'snobody listening. And live like it'sheaven on earth. - William W.Purkey.15. It takes a minute to have a crushon someone an hour to likesomeone and a day to love someonebut it takes a lifetime to forgetsomeone.16. According to Greek mythologyhumans were originally created with4 arms 4 legs and a head with 2 faces.Fearing their power, Zeus split theminto two separate parts, condemningthem to spend their lives in search oftheir other halves.17. It’s not hard to find someonewho tells you they love you, its hardto find someone who actually meansit.18. If I could chose between lovingyou and breathing I would use mylast breathe to say I love you

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