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I Hate It

25.04.2011 05:56 EDT
Hi. The above pic may look pretty. But to be honest I hate it. It's one of the many kinds of pollen that are released into the air at this time of year. Either by people cutting their lawns, or by bees and plants and grasses releasing their seeds to germinate.
This isn't easy to write atm. Not because its an awkward subject to write about. But because, (sorry if this grosses you out) my nose is running like mad. It drips on to my keyboard if am not careful, so I have to lean back to write this.
I am also sneezing like mad. And the annoying thing is, that even though my nose is running. Its also blocked and stuffy, which may seem like contradictions. But unless you suffer from Hayfever, which I and a lot of others do, then you can't really understand it.
Its like a really bad cold. Runny yet blocked and stuffy nose. Eyes watering. Headache. Meds help some, and yes I have tried all kinds, from doc prescribed meds to alternative meds all with the same results.
They work fine for a while, but they are not a permanent cure. See it depends on how bad the pollen count is and its different each day. The weather also effects the pollen count.
Even on crap days there can still be things in the air that irritate and bring on hayfever like symptoms. On really hot and sunny days it can get really bad. Today isnt a good day. As I said, atm I have all the symptoms I described earlier. They arent much fun at all lol. Trust me.
It may seem odd and even laughable when a friend or someone you know says he/she is feeling shit because they have hayfever. I mean its nothing but cold like symptoms right. Everyone gets them. Well yeah its like a cold. And you know how bad they can be. Hayfever can be as bad as the worst cold.
You feel like shit. Your eyes are puffy and red and running. Like you've been crying. People look at you when you sneeze as if your spreading germs. You aren't. Hayfever cannot be passed on to others like a common cold can, yet people stil look at you disgustedly.
And even move away from you. And you loose the sense of taste and smell. Yeah I know, its just like a cold. Nothing special. Well it isn't, if you don't suffer from it, then you can't understand how those who do suffer from it feel. But if you do. And I DO, and really badly at times. Then you know what I'm talking about.
And sometimes people look at you like you had done or said something wrong. And say things like "You should breath through your nose young man. It looks ungainly you sitting there with your mouth open. It looks like you're gawping at something." Or. "That is disgusting. Sitting there letting that stuff drip down. Didn't your parents teach you any manners. Honestly the youth of today!"
Yes, people do say those kinds of things, and other things as well. And YES my parents did teach me some, lots of manners. One of which was to respect another person and to treat them how I myself would like to be treated. And I try and do that. But when people say horrible and hurtful things like that sometimes it isn't easy and when you answer them back. They look at you as if they just want to step on you and grind you into the ground.
Or as if you are ignorant and shouldn't even be talking to them. It's rude and hurtful. And yes, I know that's life, but when you try and explain you have hayfever and can't help breathing through your mouth, or stop your nose running. All you get is "Hmm, is that all. When I was your age we had far worse things to deal with than a that young man let me tell you."
Okay, maybe you did. And maybe you do. I am sorry and can't help that. But you also have to respect others. Hayfever may seem trivial if you dont suffer from it, but if you do, then its far from trivial. Okay, it may not be life threatening. And yes I know there are far worse things I could suffer from. Thankfully I do not. But a little common courtesy would be nice now and again.
Okay, enough about this little rant. If anyone reads this. Thanks for reading my rambling mumblings once again. Hope I didn't bore you too much. Take care everyone. Boys. Ladies. Gays. Perverts. Gentlemen. Transgenders. Transvestites. Lesbians. And anyone I missed out. Hey am as big a perv as many of you, lol. Thanks once again for wadding through this rant. Bye for now and take care. Love to all of you, if you read this or not. Bye, Til next time. Mwah. XXXXXX.
I know wat ya mean about hayfever nicky I suffer from it as well and it can be bad over here at times. And I thought you said were sweet nicky haha.
01.08.2011 18:37 EDT,
Guess i'm 1 of da lucky 1s i duna suffer but my HEART goes out 2 U OK my friend wished i could cure U.
26.04.2011 10:27 EDT,
Ah ah ah e cheeeewwo.its da little things in life that matter.thanks.
25.04.2011 17:40 EDT,

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