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astonmartindbscarbonblack - Vehicles

Other Than Feelin Shit Pt2

26.04.2011 14:57 EDT
And so we continue our lil trip.
Ahead of us was a large opening which we headed straight for and upon entering it we found..................
A large pile of treasure. Gold. Silver Anything you can think of. Including Magical weapons and armours. Everything. However there was also a slight problem. On top of the pile of treasure lay a huge Red Dragon. At the time of our entering, the Dragon was, sleeping, but if you know Dragons at all, then you will know that even though they may appear to be sleeping that isn't always the case.
However, unless you disturb a sleeping, or supposedly sleeping Dragon then usually they will not bother you. Unless they happen to be hungry. Then depending on how many are in your group, will depend upon how many courses the Dragon will eat.
This particular Dragon, upon our entering its domain chose to ignore us, since we hadn't as yet touched, disturbed or even taken a single part of its bed.
Another thing you may not know about Dragons is that they collect treasure and use it as a bed. Since they have no desire to spend any of it.
Well would serve a Dragon if it came into your shop wanting a bag of crisps and a bottle of pop and all it had was a magical sword, or some jewel or other.
Well yeah I suppose you might, if it meant getting you hands on whatever it was the Dragon was using as cash. But how much change would you give it?
Would you cheat it, knowing it could swallow you whole. Or destroy your shop and town by setting it on fire?
Well, anyway. The thing is, that no matter how many jewels, gems, pieces gold or silver coins, or whatever may be in the treasure hoarded by each and every Dragon. But teh Dragon knows each and every single piece in its hoard. It can tell if a single piece is touched, or even taken. And should you take a piece well the dragon will come after it and get it back. Devouring you and whoever might be with you at the time. Which isnt god for your health.
So, no doubt you're wondering how much of the Dragon's treasure did we take. Well actually non. Se the Dragon chose that moment to awaken, or at least to let us know it was awake by unfurling its long tail and gently flicking Billy away from its treasure hoard. Billy flew into the air, then hit the cavern wal with a solid cracking sound and slid down the wall of the cavern landing in a crumpled heap on the floor of the cavern.
Billy promptly got to his feet, dusted himself down and said. "Well that was fun!"
The Dragon turned its head to look at each of us individually. Since the idea of being eaten didn't appeal to us, we chose to remain standing where we were. Not because we were brave.
But if we had attempted to make a run then the Dragon would have decided we had after all entered its lair solely to steal all or a part of its hoard. And we wouldn't have stood a chance.
By remaining in thecave, we showed the Dragon, that although we might, and indeed were scared it would kill us, we hadn't entered its lair solely to steal any of its hoard, and since we weren't that well armed, it didn't feel threatened. Well it hadn't yet faced the power of my SOOOOOPER DOOOOOPER WATER CANNON.
After checking us out, it asked, in somewhat civil terms what we were doing in its home. Bravely we shoved Connor forwards. (Hey he survived being eaten twice by cannibals. Okay a Dragon might be stretching it a bit, but, tried and trusted methods. You know, that kind of thing.)
The Dragon looked at Connor, who we had finally allowed to get dressed. And said he would even be a mouthful. And that he was all skin and bone. The Dragon also said that it had eaten well within the last 6 months and wasn't as yet ready for an apretif.
And again asked us why we were in its lair.
Another thing you may not know about Dragons is that they know when they are being lied to. So it isn't wise to lie to a Dragon. Especially a Red Dragon, which are the most dangerous kind of Dragon there is.
Dragons also like hearing stories. They also like to tell stories. And of as ked a question a Dragon cannot lie. But to get the correct answer, you must ask the right question. They will not, cannot lie outright, but they can tell slight miss truths, it you don't phrase the question correctly.
Okay well gonna av 2 leave it for now please no comments til its finished thanks.

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