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First time.

18.11.2009 20:41 EST
Its only been about a month since everything went down. i just had my first sexual experience wit a guy. my best friend actually. it was a trip. it all started when i broke up wit my girlfriend. my best friend was about to get married and his girl was smokin hot. well i was all bummed out that my girl left me. and my buddy came over to my pad. and we were just chillen two guys gettin our drink on. when my buddy asks me if i would ever sleep wit a guy. i said no way. nope. and then he asked me if i would ever kiss a guy. i said wats up wit all these crazy questions? thats when he just startd to kiss me full on. i felt his tounge in my mouth. and i liked it. so we made out for like an hour at least. feeln each other up and down. but thats it. then one day after that nite my buddy comes over and he had to tell me something. he said if i wanted to try somethin. i said shouldnt we talk about what happened? he said we will if i would agree. i said fine what did u want to try. so he leads me to my room and we sit on my bed. and he tells me to close my eyes. so i did. and all of a sudden i feel him going for my cock. i try to stop him but then he grabbed my face and just started to kiss me. and well i couldnt stop. i just went with it. thats when he goes down and unzipps my pants and takes out my cock from the slit of my boxers and starts to lick my cockhead. slowly untill it started to rise. and then when i was fully erect he kissed my head and started to suck on it. he slowly started to suck down untill he hit my pubes. and sucked so hard lickin my shaft at the same time. ive never had a bj like that before. omg it was bomb. i was in extacy. so i started to move my hips back and forth face fuckin him. i could hear my balls slapping his chin. he was going wild. and then i felt the twitch and i started to cumm. he drank it all. it was crazy. i cant wait till next time. im still a virgin in my bottom. maybe someone would like to help me wit that? lol.
Yea that was hot baby
10.12.2011 15:16 EST,
i will gladly help you with that!
17.09.2010 10:41 EDT,
brilliant! story!! ur lucy 2 have such a horny friend:-) i love break ur butt in;-)
30.03.2010 18:11 EDT,
god you just keep on getting better dont you love iowa
29.12.2009 23:52 EST,

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