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19.01.2010 14:06 EST
how to kill,it remains up to you of course.a good murder is like good sex...take your time.Allow yourself the opertunity to take in the pictureristic view,take in every emotion and feeling.STEP BY STEP,FEAR- enjoy the thril of the ride its like having a test drive in a new vehicle or breaking a virginity.Dont fuck things up by bieng over zelous and hasty.wait for the moment.1)you insert a needle in the victims brain at the temprol löbe and extract drop by drop of blood whilst the poor fuck lays paralysed,griped with fear.2)boil somoenes feet that they cant run,than you disect them bit by bit.its almost like making coffee in the morning when an ant scuries across the cup you smack it bang,no you pull the head from the body and than drink it.3)Deprive your victim of food by starvation till he halusinates to the extent that you give him two options.O A-EAT YOUR OWN BODY PARTS OR O B-ALLOW HIM TO EAT SOMOENE HE OR SHE LOVES.yes humanity,what shall we say most are pussys so they will take option B.4)Poisen and gassing.5)having a random victim believe his been bitten by a venemous snake tern you provide him with anti-venom which is actually water.well boys and girls write to me and share you thaughts on ways öf having fun.isnt that nice now fuck of and go mastrubate

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