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Photoshopped Or Not ?

06.10.2016 07:36 EDT

Today manipulate the photo seems became part of a living culture. And how to find out the original photo or edited ? Here I have some online tools which have capability of finding the image is original or photoshopped which looks like real to our eyes.

• Fotoforensics

Fotoforensics is a unique web service which provide exact information about morphed and photoshopped images. This website has some sort of algorithms to detect whether image is photoshopped or not. This website provides 4 types of information which helps you to find the image is morphed or not. They are :

Meta Data

How to Check Image by using Fotoforensics:

1. First Open fotoforensics website and upload image and after uploading the image it will show two images, one is original image and another one is analyzed image.

2.Now you can check ELA
ELA: means error level analysis, it helps us to detect the image was photoshopped or not by showing error level on image. The modified parts will be colored brightly

You can also detect the image morphing ratio using this Jpeg%. It shows the quality of image when it was last saved. If the quality be decreases then definitely modified using software.

4. Meta Data:
It displays available information about a photograph like when it was created, modified and type of camera that used to take that photograph.

5. Original:
Original section shows the original version of that image uploaded by you on website. But not the original photo before editing

• Imageedited

This web service not only check whether the image is edited or not but also revealed some other important information such as meta data, exif image. And there is one unique feature that is available if you upload images downloaded from Facebook then it shows a message such as "The photo has been taken from Facebook" and also provides detailed information about the picture such as from the software used to edit photo (source :

• Download jpeg snoop

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Excellent and Thank you cordially, it would help a lot of people to understand the Intricacies and Decipher the Real from the Morphed ones...
06.10.2016 08:12 EDT,

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