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13.08.2013 01:55 EDT
Ashley, My sweet little daughter was now 3 years old. It had been just over 2 years, but Linda and especialy Kim were vividly still in my memories. Though I was now moveing in with the love of my life. Her name was Samantha (Sam). Yes she was my age, well a year older. But anyways, I soon learned she was as if not more so kinky as I was. Witch soon led to us shareing brazarre experiences. Of course I was more than happy to tell her about young Kim and this really turned her on. She even admitted to always wanting to try a young girl. Sadly I didn't know how to find Kim, But she said that was fins cause she had someone younger in mind. Well a couple months passed and I actually forgot about our talk untill she came home so fucking horny her pussy was nearly steaming. After a 2 hour orgasmic bliss, she finaly began to explain.

Two days later, a coworker of hers was dropping off her 13 year old daughter to spend three whole days with us. Brittany was the cuttest lil redheaded teen goddess. And sweet as gold. Though I think Sam and I must have been the first real lesbians she'd ever seen. She kept asking us all kinds of simple qustions about our lifestyle. Stuff like how people treat us in public, How our families felt about it and the one that really stuck was if I wanted Ashley to grow up to be a lesbian. Later that night after answering her questions, Sam And I where going to bed, Thats when Sam put her little plan into motion.

Part 1.
She told Brit that our bedroom was only two doors down, If she needed anything at all not to be scared to knock.

Part 2.
Sam intentionly left our door halfway open and stripped down to her panties and crawled into bed with a hunger I knew all to well. I asked her if she thought this was a good idea, she just giggled and reminded me of the girls curiousness. Seconds later she was knawing hungerily at my aching cunt, not before telling me to not be shy and fell free to make as much noice as I needed.

To no surprise, this little plan was working. I was heading towards my second orgasm when I noticed a shadow movein outside our door. I have to admit this helped spike my excitement into overdrive. And as I was recovering one of the best clymaxes of my life Sam came up and asked me if I was thinking about Brittany as I came. I just giggled and her her if she was. She gasped (ohh god yes, I was pretending it was her sweet lil' pussy I was eatting. Thats when I heard th person outside our door scurry back down the hall. I thought for sure she'd gone to far to fast, but Sam just laughed and said I would see. She waited about five minutes and then told me to sneak to her door. I couldn't believe it, the little slut was clearly frigging her tight lil' cunt into a frenzy.

The following night I was changing Ashley's diaper as Sam was saying goodnight to Brittany and I could hear them loud and clear. I remember I nearly chocked when I heard her say, (Sweety, you know you don't have to hide in the dark, you are more than welcome to come in and join us!. But what really blew my mind was when Brittany answered with, are you sure Sarah won't mind?

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