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First experience of sex

09.10.2014 08:05 EDT
I am 20 year aged, 5.7’’ foot height with slim body from Tamil Nadu after reading of many stories from this site now I am going to narrate my real sex experience with my childhood girlfriend. Please forgive me if any mistakes in my story. That time we were studying in 10th standard in a same school and we were neighbor also. She was staying in ground floor of my house so that our family members friendly with theirs.
About my girlfriend, a good structured mature girl, 5.5’’ foot height with average body with good assets and she may be 34D-27-36. Before our intercourse we are just good friends from childhood. I am usually seeing porn movies in between 7 to 8pm because my mom was going daily to her home for just talking and watching TV serials etc. during that time we playing games together, studying etc., but after attaining certain age she rarely comes to my home that time so I am enjoying myself.
One day, while I am watching soft core porn movie she suddenly came to my room because I forgot to lock the door. I was shocked and change TV mode from AV mode, then she asked me that why you changed the movie? I replied that the movie was an English movie. She said please play the movie I also wish to saw English movie. I was continuous resisting but at last she ordered me put that. So I keep the movie and we are watching that movie, ten minutes after they are preparing to have sex in a room and they are started kissing each other’s parts.
Suddenly the girl undressed and that guy inserted his tool from her back at a second, they fucking wildly. She fully astonished and shouted me that you are watching porn movie in every evening and she rushed to inform my mother. I was blocked her in front of my room door and begged for apologize. She did not hear my words and keep fighting me to leave her. For controlling her I slapped on her cheek and she fell down. She started crying then I continued apologize; she did not stop her crying.
I just massaging her hand and saying sorry for that incident. She asked me why you are beating me. I answered that in this age seeing porn movie is common but you did not understand that. She said that was only for boys not for girls. I replied that who told that every teenagers will get hungry for sex if you are in doubt please ask your friend also if that was not true then you report to my mother for this incident, but you knew that was true what will you do? She told that I will give company to watch porn movies for one month. I said ok then I allowed her to go her house.
I was getting fear that her friends also were good one; I will get punishment for seeing porn movies. But my surprise the next day she came to my room in same time and she agreed my statement was true. I was fully happy since hearing from her and she told sorry for that. I denied keep telling sorry for slapped her. After seeing her smile I asked that so when you start seeing that type of movies. She replied that from right now and also with me. We both were saw a hardcore type porn movie after that she ready to go her house. When she opened my room door, I rushed to near the door and caught her then kissed her in her cheek. I was slowly hugged her and closed the door.
In front of my room door I got her face in my hands and saw the wonderful juicy lips. And kissed her in lips, she was keep resisting me but I caught her very strong and take her lower lip in between my lips. Wow what a kiss that went quiet long and she also stop resisting started co-operating with me. Slowly I kept my hand on her ass cheeks, wow how soft they are and I slowly massaging her ass checks. After that kiss we are taking breathing heavily and I said that I want to take our relationship to next level. She was very silent after a minute I got green signal that she hugged me. Then we went to near my bed and sit down in bed. We were touching our each and every part then we go for a long lip lock and this time I was taking care of her well-shaped curvy hips. That time she was wearing a type of sari that was mostly wearied by teen aged girls in our side (that called in our language as thavani) I kept my two hands in her hips and pressed, she let out a sweet moan like hum uhhh.
Then I removed her thavani and my T-shirt also. She was quiet nervous but I told her nothing to fear I will take care of you. Then I touched her teenage boobs on her blouse wow how soft they are. I slowly unhooked her blouse now she was only with her black bra. I stand up and removed my pant, and then I removed her petticoat. I lied up on her and smooching her neck, shoulders, hands, on her bra, stomach, legs etc. she suddenly rolled and came top of me, smooching my parts with full of romance.
Then she removed my underwear’s and took a look of my cock. She shocked while seeing my tool. Slowly she rubbed my cock with her soft hands then I unhooked her bra and took it off now she was in her panty only. Wow what a sight that well shaped boobs with light pink color nipples. I caught her boobs with my hands and masturbated and massaging them while that time she moaned like a baby. She was stroking my cock slowly then she went down take a look on my cock and started licking my cock. She was slowly swallowing my cock in her mouth, half of my cock went in her mouth and she slowly stroking her head while sucking my dick. Now I was in 7th heaven due to her amazing blow job and I liked that.
After some time she took my full cock in her mouth, my dick head was touching her throat. And I told her I was about to release cum. She replied that she was waiting for that. Hearing that type of reply what would you do? I held her head with my hand and stroked like an animal. After 2 minutes of hard stroking I was released cum in her deep throat. I told her that now it was my turn and rolled on bed. Now I came on her and kissed her wildly in her cheeks, lips neck and shoulders etc. I took her right boob in my mouth and kept my right hand on her left boob. I sucked her boobs one by one and went to her navel. What a sexy navel she got, I kissed and kept my tip of my tongue. And then I removed her panty, wow what a sight I saw her love triangle.
I placed my lips on her pussy and licked her pussy. Slowly I put my forefinger into her love hole wow it was very tight due to her young age and I slowly fucking her pussy with my finger. Now she was in 7th heaven, she was keep moaning like anything like umm ohhhh ohhh, god. Then I inserted my middle finger also she was feeling a little pain so that she refused but I convinced her that it was only in initial only after you will get good feeling. I fucked her pussy with my two fingers for 2 minutes and I inserted my tongue into her vagina. She was collapsing in bed while I inserting my tongue into her vagina. After 5 minutes she got her first orgasm. Her love juices flashed in my face and I tasted her juices, it was little salty taste.
Now I kept my cock at the entrance of her vagina, she said that we will do this after some time. I asked why. She replied that even your two finger cause pain in my pussy then your dick will cause severe pain in my pussy. I answered her that I already told you, that’s on in initial only. She was agreed that and said me do it slowly first. I agreed and slowly thrusting my cock into her vagina. Really it was very tight after two or three attempts my dick head gone into her vagina. She was bleeding and started crying since she was a virgin. For vanish her pain, I kept my dick in idle and started kissing her lips, pinching her nipples. After some time I pushed my dick into her pussy now my half of dick was inside her. Then I started my in and fro action slowly. Then I pushed my even harder in her pussy so that I was fully entered in her pussy. Now we were in 7th heaven that I slowly fucking my childhood girlfriend in a rhythmic motion and she started moaning that means her pain fully vanished. I increased my speed of thrusting wow what a feeling. I fucked my girlfriend in missionary position for 5 minutes then I told her to ride me by sitting on top of me.
So we changed our position that I was laid on my back and she was on top of me. Slowly she put my dick into her pussy and started riding me. I was kept my hand on her boobs and enjoying her riding. I slowly kept her hip by my two hands and stroked my dick, seeing her boobs giggling wow what a sight they dancing and slapping each other. After 5 minutes of hard fucking she said that I was reaching my second orgasm. She attained her second orgasm and her juices oozing from her vagina & my dick. She was so exhausted and fell on me, I said on her ears that now my turn so please stand like a dog because I wish to drill you from back.
This time we changed doggy style.
Due to my second orgasm, it went long time to attain that. She stands like a dog and I put my dick head at the entrance of her vagina and gave a hard push that my cock totally vanished into her pussy. I caught her by her hips and fucked her by full speed. Wow what a ride, after 10 minutes of hard fucking I told her that I am ready to release my load. She said that put your full load in my pussy. I was shocked and asked that it will cause pregnant you didn’t know? She replied that I am in safe periods so don’t afraid for that and put your warm seeds in my womb. Hearing this I increased my stroking speed wildly and emptied my loads in her pussy.
We both took a rest of 30 minutes in each other arms. She put her cloths and thanked for giving this wonderful feeling. I said that don’t worry from today onwards I will fuck you daily. She laughed and gave a nice lip lock to me. From that day minimum I fucked her twice or thrice in week. We enjoyed very much our teenage and till now.

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