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fyoorius flammable

21.08.2013 10:10 EDT
spontanious combustion flame on ghost who walks summons the power of ten rtards u greyskulls.i erm,tunning,i do summonings an speak in tounges now i was raised in chicken coop and peckpeckpeck for greetings ok blame it on the voices.peck myself intoa scabby frenzy mm il b sweetly kindlydears il builditup its like spiritbombs.but alas,soberly cupcakes and rainbows an unicorns or somsuch cdttfdgjk all thes rehashes of best old films its sacrillege almost,i dont wish sully the old worlds with so pc' pr' mockery.likes of total recall,terminators etc,conan,startreks etc so hamd up. Even robocop they dare. Cgi animation getsupmy nose full anime cartoons or marionettes r better or videogames. Nex theyl b remaking labyrinth or jimhensons storyteller in cgi bah.humbug. Robocop tho wata lame it sounds it gonna b made pg13 sigh. Original inits time was like r18, propper theyl just pimpit for the toy merchandising to kiddies probably. Nothing but cheezy flashbang vroomvroom masty . Theyd better not fuck robocop . But given market and times,expectations of decent fcuking splatterfest onemanarmy gore rapage r out window.think it over creep boom.itl b probly robo vs drones or al queda etc yano probly worse than a videogame or anime.but for cosmetics.see what graphicswhoring videogames couldlook.if had no imagin to suspend disbelief.a hardcore mech game willbe nice tho mm. Theyl fuck robocop if its gonnabe pg ish i bet they would too. Cos omni corp own so put ribbon in makes friends ed-209 probly..excuse rant. They should so build real ed-209 il buy that fora dollar

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