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Brothers wife fucked by me at alone

29.10.2009 08:21 EDT
studying in college inthe second year ofcommerce. My age is 21years. I have my parentsand a elder brother Amitwho is just married 3months ago. My bhabhi`sname is Shruti and she isa dynamite. Her age is 32years. She is bold, sexywith a 36'28'34 figure. Theday I saw her I wanted tofuck her as soon as I get achance.My bhabhi (Shruti) is verybeautiful, cheerful and nicelady, she was very frankwith me and use to spendtime with me chatting , orwatching moviessometimes and all that, itwas quite normal .Mybrother had to go to SaudiArabia for some businesspurpose and he wasgoing to return after aweek or two. After thedeparture of my brotherfor one or two monthsshe spenttime very normally, butafter that I noticed that sheuse to stare at me andstarted giving memysterious smiles, Ithought it was my doubt,but then one day I noticedthat she is taking interestin me in a very specialway.She would very often callme in her bed room andwould love to have a talkwith me. I started gettingaroused by such gesturesfrom her and startedlooking her in a specialway; she was gorgeouswith a beautiful 36C sizepair of tits, very tight andnice ass and whitecomplexion with long legsand flat tummy. Mostlyshe used to wear a sareewith most of the times atransparentBlouse from which herbra was clearly visible.One day, we were havinga chat on a Hindi movie.She had a pen in her handand she was playing withit. The pen fell down onthe carpet and as shebend to pick the pen thedupatta of her saree wentoff and I could literally seeher big boobs inside herbra.One day my parents wentfor a relative’s marriageand were going to returnlate at night. Me and mybhabhi (Shruti) were aloneat home. I was veryhungry and I wanted tohave dinner. So Iapproached my bhabhi`sroom. The door of herroom was partly openand as I went nearer tothe door I could see herchanging the clothes. Isaw her wearing a blackbra and a blackpanty. Suddenly she sawand wrapped up the sareein a quick succession.Then she came out of herroom and gave me asudden and a surprisingsmooch. In return I alsogave her a smooch.Then she held my hand., Iwas nervous in the start,but then I also gotconfidence and grabbedher from behind andrubbed my now hardcock on her ass, she wasalso hot now, and sheforced back, to get morecontact, I silently kissedher neck from behind andput my hands on herbelly, and she turned herface and kissed me onlips, I got out of controland started kissing herneck, face, lips like mad.She started moaning andplaced my hands on herrock hard tits, it felt sogood that I threw her onthe sofa and startedmoving my hand fromher face to her legs andwhen I tried to touch herinside her thighs. It wasthe greatest feeling of mylife, and I placed my handunder her saree andtouched her tits above herbra, I wanted to put offher clothes, initially shetold no but then sheagreed.Then I slowly pulled ofher blouse .She waswearing a black bra .ThenI pulled of her petticoat .Iunhooked her bra and Iwas shocked to see herbig boobs. I felt hernipples getting hard bythe touch of my fingers.Then I pulled of her blackpanty and she was totallynaked. I placed my handon her pussy lips, sheopened her legs a bit togive me full access to herpretty pussy, I parted herpussy lips with myfingers and placed a fingerinside , she stoppedkissing me and startedmoaning, she closed hereyes and gave me a hugehug, pressing my chestagainst her bare tits, I felther hard nipples againstmy cheat and then shegarbed my hard cock inher hand and asked me totake it out of my shalwar,I did it within no time andshe sat down on herknees and started suckingmy cock, It was my veryfirst experience and I wason seventh heaven.I placed my hands on herhead and she startedgiving me a great sucking,then I after some time sheasked me to kiss herpussy lips, I had noexperience but have seenin movies, so I staredkissing and sucking herdown there, she was outof control now,screaming and asked meto lick her pussy and toput my tongue inside, Idid the same and she wascalling me bastard, andabusing me, I wasenjoying her language.Then I placed my rockhard cock on her pussylips and rubbed it onthem , she asked me tofuck her quickly, and togive all my cock to her, Iput it in, with a strongthrust and it was verytight, I had to thrust evenharder to enter her pussy,she was screamingloudly, oh, aah, han, merichoot phar do, han, zorsay, aur zor say, and Iwas enjoying all this ,then suddenly I felt that Iwas coming so took mycock out and came allover her tits and belly.She opened her eyes andgave me a big smile andsaid, bhenchod tumharaLun to tumhare Bhai saybhe bara hai, mein tumsay he choot marwaonge. Then she went to bathroom and I also cleanedup and put on myclothes.I left the room after givingher a full kiss on her lipsand promised her to fuckher again very soon. Thenafter that we had sex forfour times so far
Ava pundaiya en ketta verika sollu summa 34 inci 68 inbh agumda
02.12.2012 13:09 EST,
nice but spelling r false i cant understand
09.03.2012 10:11 EST,
antha devdiya mundaya enkitta anupuda avala naru nara kilikiren
04.11.2011 20:26 EDT,
Un pondatiya en kooda anupi vai da.. 8 inch sunni irruku.. Sruthi anupi vai
27.10.2011 09:46 EDT,

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