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What gets you wet?

04.01.2012 10:09 EST
I love to hear what makes women cum like crazy. let me know what really gets you wet. If it's something that you are embarrassed about you can always pm me. Don't be shy!
My fantasy : walking in the park then taking a rest , fall asleep then wake up feeling sumone kissing my boobs and another opning my legs, pulling my g string aside and licking my horny clit / shocked bt thrilled by the look of 2 gals having fun / a guy sitting nxt 2me joining by fingering my hot wet pussy . By now I'm so hot and ready 2be fucked /i moan wiv pleasure as the old man pulling out his huge cock and stroking my wet pussy. / the gals taking off my clothes cuz they naked toooo / my moaning becum louder as one kissing my lips while the other 2 stroking/licking then fucking me ! Use ur...
17.07.2013 14:19 EDT,
cum beb , lots of cum! n my mouth on my face n tits n everywere else on my naked body bb! cum!
01.08.2012 18:30 EDT,
When i return 2 the bedroom dressed like a girl i see them lyin on the bed. She's got her hands wrapped around his impressive cock while he holdin his mobile 2wards me tellin me not 2 panic, he's just gonna take a few pic's. I'm ordered 2 open the coat, twirl, bend over etc all the time hearin his fone takin pic's n them laughin. My Dick has never been harder. I'm told now 2 watch them fuck, he gets his Dick between her legs n slides al the way in. After a couple min's he withdraws, tell me 2 drop 2 my knees n orders me 2 suck my gf's pussy juice from his hard cock
19.02.2012 05:31 EST,
...coz they're both naked, laughin at me n callin me names my stupid cock does actually get hard. I'm so embarrassed by my gf tells him 2 bring me 2 her, he drags me over 2 her where she sticks her hand between my legs n confirms 2 him that i'm hard over his cock. She say that since i'm hard i may as well join in, i'm ordered 2 strip in front of them, i cant refuse so do it. I feel so small compared 2 him, feel so vulnerable, it makes my Dick like rock. He laughs again n goes searchin her wardrobe, he comes bck n throws some crotchless nickers at me n orders me 2 put them on. I do as i'm told ...
19.02.2012 05:10 EST,
I'm sorry i'm not a girl but i wanted 2 tell u my fantasy anyway. I imagine comin home early 1 day 2 suprise my gf, wen i open the door i hear noises from bedroom. I sneak up stairs shove open the bedroom door n find my gf bein fucked by some young stud who looks like rugby player. They stop n i try 2 shout at them, askin wot the fuck they're doin but they just look at me, then each other b4 startin 2 laugh. He pulls out his cock which takes forever, i gasp when its all out n cant belive how big it is! He comes over 2 me, his massive Dick swayin about n asks if i got a prob. I cant help but lo...
19.02.2012 05:03 EST,

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