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The Essence Of Spring

23.01.2012 20:49 EST
Spring is the time of new growth, budding flowers, andoutward expression. It is also the time of year associated with the Wood Element, which incorporates the Liver, Gallbladder, a timeto spring clean our bodies, minds, homes and offices. It is a time to start fresh and begin anew, whether with our personal goals, creativeprojects, or our health.
Spring is the time that the Liver and gallbladder may bemore reactive due to pollens, allergens, and an overload of toxins. However, this is also the season that these organs are most accessible and responsive to treatments. If your health is challenged with skin disorders, allergies, headaches, high stress, anger and irritability,depression, being unable to follow through with plans andgoals, lacking direction, PMS,or low energy, then your body is communicating that it needs liver support and cleansing.
It’s possible learn so much about the healing and the body by just observing Nature. In the winter, plants die and animals put on their winter coats. Humans also mirror this as we, too, slow down, put on weight, and hibernate more, so to speak.During this time of year, all energies are conserved, turned inwards, and the body attempts to retain energy and weight as a simple response to nature. Inthe spring, buds emerge little by little, and show their colors to the world. They aretender, yet unstoppable. All the earth jumps from death to life, and moves from its deep center towards the light of Sun. Likewise, we toocan sense our energies stirring, wanting to move, wanting to be outside. It is because of this outward, expansive energy movementthat spring is a wonderful time of year to cleanse. The body is ready to stir and to move the winter’s heavinessoutwards. For humans, this is a perfect time to do two things: Release and Express.Because of the outward moving, expansive energy of the season, we are primed to move stagnant, heavy, un-useful, sluggish ways out of our bodies and lives. Once we do this, we are freed up to start over, grow freshly, heal, create, and share our new blossomswith the world.

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