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New Years Eve/ New Years

03.01.2012 01:09 EST
WARNING: If you're from the hood/ you're really ghetto, you might get offended. Oh well, I'm just telling the truth right here!! This post makes me sound like a complete snob! I'm not one, for real though! Oh wait, why do I care what you think about me?! :/ Anyway, just read it! :)

There's no words to describe my New Years Eve! Was it that good? Ummm... Nope!!

I'm usually in the suburbs during New Years Eve but this year, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was stuck in the hood. "Soooo?!" you're asking yourself. All I'm saying is, I never wanna be at another ghetto bash... Ever!! [Maybe not, but you get what I'm saying!]

Let me just say, ghetto bashes aren't my scene!! I don't care if I was raised in the hood, I don't care if I know this place like the back of my hand! All I know is, ghetto bashes really aren't for me! It's an unusual set up to what I'm used to. Call me snobby or whatever, I really don't care! There were broken bottles everywhere [not unusual but still], it was too packed! To put it simply, it was WAAAAAY too raw for me! I can get raw... But to that extent? Umm, no thanks!!

Even though I was uncomfortable there, it wasn't too bad. There were hot guys there [plenty!! *licks lips* lol] & my night was made by my drunk friend whose name won't be mentioned to protect her rep! ;)
That's the sucky thing about not drinking, you end up being the only sober person in the group on some "Okay so what do I do now?!" Awkward moments I tell you!!

All in all, I still prefer parties from the suburbs, for real!! I don't know why but these people from the hood think people from the burbs dance to hip hop at parties... Uhh, really?! This isn't America, please, get real!! Don't get me wrong, I love hip hop, but to dance to it at a party?? Ummm house is perfect!!

I hope next year, my New Years isn't spent in the hood!! I'd get a maxi cab or something! I think I'd die if I had to spend New Years in the hood again!

I hope you had yourself a fantastic New Year's Eve! All the best with 2012! :)

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