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20.11.2010 12:36 EST
BLACKBURN TEAM NEWS: MIDFIELDER BRETT EMERTON is a major doubt afta injurin his hamstring on international duty while, the game wil cum 2 soon 4 injured quartet MARTIN OLSSON, STEVEN NZONZI, KEITH ANDREWS N VINCE GRELLA who r all missin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ASTON VILLA TEAM NEWS: FORMER ARSENAL WINGER ROBERT PIRES cud make his debut for a VILLA SIDE desamated by injuries however, GABBY AGBONLAHOR, RICHARD DUNNE, CIARAN CLARK N STEPHEN IRELAND r all expected 2 b fit while, JAMES COLLINS is a doubt wiv a calf problem n MARC ALBRIGHTON has a virus . . . .
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: BLACKBURN gets da game unda way n the ball is immediately hoofed up field n owt 4 a VILLA goal kick moments l8r BLACKBURN hit a long ball ova da top n plays in JASON ROBERTS who runs down 2 da byline bt a magnificent slidin tackle by LUKE YOUNG gets it clear moments l8r VILLA'S GABBY AGBONLAHOR flicks it on 2 STEPHEN IRELAND who plays in 2 STUART DOWNIN who shoots bt da BLACKBURN KEEPER saves comfortably VILLA move da ball around neatly n da ball eventually ends up wiv da VILLA KEEPER BRAD FRIEDEL n afta a few exchanges in midfield both teams r playin open attackin football in thes openin stages n VILLA hav a throw in which doesnt cum 2 much n VILLA settle down n knock da ball around neatly n STEPHEN WARNOCK plays a nice one two n his 1st time cross is only cleared as far as BARRY BANNON who shoots 1st time n it goes high n wide moments l8r BLACKBURN'S GIVET collides wiv da ref n VILLA'S ASHLEY YOUNG picks up da ball n races 2wards goal n shoots bt da BLACKBURN KEEPER turns it away 4 a corner which cums 2 nuffink 2 minutes l8r BLACKBURN'S JASON ROBERTS turns da VILLA DEFENSE bt STEPHEN WARNOCK makes a superb tackle 5 minutes l8r BLACKBURN'S CHRISTIAN SAMBA cuts inside RICHARD DUNNE on the edge of da VILLA BOX n shoots bt CIARAN CLARK blocks neatly n BLACKBURN win a corner which is taken by PEDERSON n da ball ends up wiv BLACKBURN'S HOYLETT bt it goes miles ova da bar 2 minutes l8r BLACKBURN hav a freekick n da ball pings around da VILLA PENALTY BOX bt its eventually cleared n VILLA get da ball safely up field n away frm danger n win a throw in which is hoofed up field by BLACKBURN'S SAMBA n it goes owt of play VILLA play da ball around n ASHLEY YOUNG tries 2 put GABBY AGBONLAHOR bt BLACKBURN get da ball back moments l8r VILLA'S YOUNG MIDFIELDER HOGG wins da ball n VILLA COUNTER ATTACK bt da ball ends up goin 4 a goal kick 5minutes l8r BLACKBURN win a freekick wide on da left hand side of da penalty box n its taken by MORTEN GAMST PEDERSON n he launches a ball in2 da box n it curls in2 da top corner of da net 2 giv BLACKBURN da lead rite on da stroke of halftime
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: (BLACKBURN MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: GAEL GIVET OFF PASCAL CHIMBONDA ON) VILLA get da 2nd half unda way n they knock it 2 LUKE YOUNG who hits it up 2 GABBY AGBONLAHOR n VILLA win a throw in which is taken by LUKE YOUNG which is cleared by BLACKBURN'S PASCAL CHIMBONDA moments l8r VILLA pressin hard puttin pressure on BLACKBURN n ASHLEY YOUNG gets passed PASCAL CHIMBONDA n races in2 da box n shoots which is saved only as far as STUART DOWNIN who crosses 2 ASHLEY YOUNG whos header crashes off da cross bar 4 minutes l8r VILLA win a corner which is taken by DOWNIN n BLACKBURN get it away bt VILLA get da ball back n keep up the pressure on BLACKBURN lookin 4 da equaliser pinnin em in ther own half 5 minutes l8r BLACKBURN'S JASON ROBERTS plays EL HADJ DIOUF who races thru 2wards goal n RICHARD DUNNE gets back 2 make a superb tackle moments l8r VILLA get da ball up da otha end of da pitch n CIARAN CLARK puts da ball in2 da box n da ref blows 4 a freekick 4 offside moments l8r BLACKBURN get a corner which is taken by PEDERSON n it ends up on da edge of da box 2 DIOUF who shoots 1st time n its blocked bt MORTEN GAMST PEDERSON gets da loose ball n he smashes it home 2 double da BLACKBURN lead (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: STEPHEN IRELAND OFF ROBERT PIRES ON) 2 minutes l8r VILLA continue 2 put pressure on BLACKBURN lookin 2 get back in2 da game n lose da ball n BLACKBURN COUNTER wiv JASON ROBERTS who plays in DIOUF n wiv da goal @ his mercy puts his shot miles wide 2 minutes l8r VILLA'S LUKE YOUNG goes on a gr8 run n wins a corner which is taken by ASHLEY YOUNG n its cleared only as far as VILLA'S STUART DOWNIN who unleashes a vicious strike which is only jst saved n then cleared up field 5 minutes l8r VILLA r keepin da ball well lookin 2 get back in2 da game (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: GABBY AGBONLAHOR OFF NATHAN DELFOUNSO ON) n LUKE YOUNG battles away 2 win VILLA a corner (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: JONATHON HOGG OFF CHRIS HEARD ON) da corner is taken BY STUART DOWNIN on2 da head of CHRIS HEARD n his 1st touch of da ball is headed wide 4 a goal kick moments l8r ASHLEY YOUNG runs as pace 2wards goal chargein in2 da BLACKBURN BOX n da ball hits PASCAL CHIMBONDA on da arm n goes 4 a corner which is cleared away n VILLA attack again who keep da pressure on da BLACKBURN DEFENSE tryin 2 get a goal back wiv 5minutes remainin VILLA giv it evrythink pushin BLACKBURN in2 ther own half desperately lookin 4 a goal n wiv only 4minutes stoppage time 2 go VILLA look a beaten side bt stil continue 2 attack BLACKBURN bt lose da ball n bt win it back again bt stil cnt find a way passed da BLACKBURN DEFENSE as da referee blows da final whistle 4 a dysmal result 4 VILLA
MY THOUGHTS: wot a poor result afta last wks heroic free flowin attackin passionate effort VILLA didnt seem 2 b @ da races 2day n da injury stricken squad lacked spark n u cud c we missed MARC ALBRIGHTON in midfield n as 4 STEPHEN IRELAND looked lost n ran around like a headless chicken 4 most of da game n shudnt play anotha minute in da claret n blue n ya cud c we lack any vigour against a poor blackburn side n i 4 one am very disappointed by this result n as for al the injury worries we hav then we hav 2 look @ da trainin regime n fitness coachin system n get da players fit cus we desperately need em back n now wiv a wk 2 prepare 4 our nxt home game against ARSENAL it wil b interestin 2 c if we can avoid any mre injuries

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