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01.12.2010 07:47 EST
BLUES TEAM NEWS: FORMER VILLA MIDFIELDER CRAIG GARDNER cud return from an ankle injury 2 face his former club while, ALEXANDER HLEB has been ruled owt wiv a hamstring problem but BLUES BOSS ALEX MCLEISH is expected 2 field a stronger side than in previous rounds as he looks 2 get his side 2 beat VILLA in a cup tie for the 1st time since 1963 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . VILLA TEAM NEWS: VILLA STRIKER GABBY AGBONLAHOR has recovered from illness while, DEFENDER JAMES COLLINS has overcome a calf strain however, MIDFIELDER STEPHEN IRELAND has a sickness bug bt will b on da bench in an already injury plagued squad as they look 2 get 2 ther 3rd semi final in 2 years n wiv holders MAN UTD gettin knocked owt last nite VILLA wil b relishin a golden chance 2 put 1 ova ther fiercest city rivals n go al da way this year after narrowly losin owt in last years final . . . . . . . COME ON VILLA!
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: On a very cold evenin wiv snow slowly fallin both sets of fans contributin 2 da electric atmosphere as da 2nd city cup derby is bowt 2 get undaway wiv BLUES gettin da game undaway who knock it al da way back 2 BEN FOSTER who launches it in2 da VILLA half who immediately pass it lively up field n win a corner taken by DOWNING n da ball ends up on da edge of da box 4 HOGG who smashes it wel ova da bar moments l8r BIRMINGHAM'S CAMERON JEROME breaks in 2wards da VILLA BOX n shoots in2 da arms of BRAD FRIEDEL n VILLA break quickly wiv AGBONLAHOR who skins STEPHEN CARR n gets 2 da byline n crosses bt ther wasnt anybody in da box wiv VILLA playin @ a very high tempo BLUES defendin in numbers as CIARAN CLARK puts AGBONLAHOR thru who beats JOHNSON 4 pace n crosses n its cleared 4 a corner which is taken by DOWNING on2 JAMES COLLINS head who heads it 2wards goal n its cleared moments l8r BLUES go on da attack n lose da ball afta a gud tackle by JONATHAN HOGG who givs it 2 AGBONLAHOR who plays a neat one two wiv ASHLEY YOUNG n he shoots high ova da bar moments l8r BLUES' CAMERON JEROME puts VILLA'S RICHARD DUNNE unda pressure n it sets LEE BOWYER racin in2 da box n hes brought down 4 a BLUES PENALTY which is taken by SEBASTIAN LARSSON who slots it home 2 giv BLUES da lead against da run of play on 12 minutes 3minutes l8r VILLA wiv da ball knockin it around @ pace lookin 2 open up da BLUES DEFENCE n win a corner afta sum gud work by AGBONLAHOR which is taken by ASHLEY YOUNG who puts in @ da near post n it goes 4 anotha corner again 2 b taken by ASHLEY YOUNG which is cleared only as far as DOWNING who givs it 2 HOGG n he givs it 2 DUNNE who knocks it ASHLEY YOUNG who crosses n it goes 4 a goal kick VILLA get da ball back n put BLUES unda immense pressure pinnin em in ther own half n then AGBONLAHOR dinks it in2 BARRY BANNON whos header goes wide of da far post 2 minutes l8r BLUES STRIKER ZIGIC gets da ball in da VILLA BOX n jst as hes bowt 2 shoot VILLA'S LUKE YOUNG makes a magnificient tackle n clears da ball up 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who loses da ball n it goes 4 a throw in 2 BLUES taken by RIDGEWELL who plays a one two wiv FAYE n races in2 da penalty box n his shot is deflected 4 a corner which is taken by LARSSON 2 da far post n JONSON who heads it 2wards goal n its saved n falls 2 ZIGIC n da ball goes ova da goalline bt da ref blows 4 offside n disallows da goal moments l8r VILLA break down da otha end of da pitch n GABBY AGBONLAHOR gets in on goal n shoots it in2 da bottom corner 2 giv VILLA a much deserved equaliser on 30minutes afta sum strong powerful high tempo football by both teams BLUES STRIKER CAMERON JEROME gets in on goal 1-on-1 wiv BRAD FRIEDEL who cums flyin owt of goal n dives @ his feet n JEROME dinks it passed FRIEDEL n da ball goes passed da post 4 a goal kick 5minutes l8r BLUES hav a corner which is taken by LARSSON n VILLA'S JAMES COLLINS powerfully heads well owt of da penalty area n da ball ends up bein put back 2 da edge of da VILLA BOX n STEPHEN WARNOCK givs away a freekick which is wasted by BLUES as halftime approches both sides givin it evrythink in a high tempo ding dong battle then VILLA get da ball up field quickly n break quickly wiv DOWNING, AGBONLAHOR N BANNON combinin 2 set BARRY BANNON up on da edge of da box who shoots 1st time bt his shot is blocked n cleared n da halftime whistle goes
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: VILLA get da 2nd half unda way n immediately giv da ball away 4 a throw in 2 BLUES 2minutes l8r afta sum sloppy play both teams VILLA keep up ther high tempo attackin down da left hand side bt loses da ball n BLUES break against VILLA'S shakey lookin defense who eventually get it up field 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who runs passed 2 BLUES DEFENDERS n crosses awfully owt 4 a goal kick moments l8r ASHLEY YOUNG knocks it quickly 2 BARRY BANNON who battles wiv LEE BOWYER n da ref givs BLUES a freekick who gets it up da field 2 FAYE who runs in2 da VILLA BOX n shoots bt VILLA'S BRAD FRIEDEL saves it n gets it up field 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who races in2 da BLUES BOX n forced slightly wide bt manages 2 get a shot in on goal bt da BLUES KEEPER saves it 2 minutes l8r VILLA knockin it around @ pace lookin 4 an openin wiv STEPHEN DOWNING playin it 2 ASHLEY YOUNGS feet on da edge of da BLUES BOX who turns n plays it back 2 DOWNING who races 2wards goal bt da ball is cleared only as far as BANNON who hits 1st time n it produces a gud save by da BLUES KEEPER moments l8r VILLA hav a freekick n its taken by ASHLEY YOUNG who puts it 2wards da far post n it goes 4 a corner which is taken quickly by ASHLEY YOUNG 2 JAMES COLLINS who jst misses 2 connect wiv da ball n da ball gets cleared (BLUES MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: LEE BOWYER OFF CRAIG GARDNER ON) VILLA keep pilin on da pressure wiv cross afta cross bein put in2 da BLUES BOX n win a corner which is poorly taken by ASHLEY YOUNG n BLUES CLEAR IT who get da ball up da otha end of da pitch n knock it around neatly bt da ball ends up goin 4 a goalkick 2 VILLA 2 minutes l8r VILLA'S JONATHAN HOGG gets booked 4 a foul on ZIGIC (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: BARRY BANNON OFF STEPHEN IRELAND ON) VILLA r dominatin posession n look da most likely 2 score as BLUES look like ther holdin on as VILLA knock it around neatly then a slip by JONATHAN HOGG lets in ZIGIC n GARDNER who combine wiv a neat move 4 GARDNER 2 shoot moments l8r VILLA break quickly wiv AGBONLAHOR who races in2 da box n he givs it 2 IRELAND who shoots bt it gets blocked n cleared away up field bt VILLA deal wiv it comfortably wiv 10minutes 2 go BLUES get caught on da break wiv GABBY AGBONLAHOR flyin down da left who crosses 2 STEPHEN IRELAND who fires it 2wards goal n da BLUES KEEPER as 2 b @ full stretch 2 deny him moments l8r VILLA break again puttin pressure on da BLUES DEFENSE bt WARNOCK givs it away n BLUES BREAK wiv LARSSON who delivers it in2 da box 2 ZIGIC who hits it 1st time n it deflects off LUKE YOUNG's midrift as he slides in 2 get a block on da shot n loops in2 da top corner ova BRAD FRIEDEL 2 giv BLUES da lead on 84minutes (BLUES MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: LARSSON OFF MURPHY ON) VILLA put severe pressure on BLUES lookin 2 get an equaliser as time is almost up n (VILLA MAKE A DOUBLE SUBSTITUTION: WARNOCK N HOGG OFF DELFOUNSO N PIRES ON) (BLUES MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: ZIGIC OFF DERBYSHIRE ON) as we go in2 5minutes stoppage time n VILLA r throwin evrythink @ BLUES lookin desperately lookin 4 an equaliser wiv AGBONLAHOR, DELFOUNSO N JAMES COLLINS al up front 4 VILLA n BLUES get da ball up field by da corner flag n keep da ball ther while VILLA try desperately 2 get da ball back n DUNNE finaly gets it up field 2 DELFOUNSO who wins a corner n its cleared n da final whistle goes .
MY THOUGHTS: :'( gutted totally n utterly gutted we owtplayed da scum bt lost i dnt fkin blieve it :o im so not happy bowt it :'( as 4 da mindless bluenose idiots who invaded da pitch 2 taunt n throw flares n alsorts of different missiles @ women n children in da stands wher da villa fans wer r a fkn disgrace not only 4 ur club bt also 2 football that isnt called for in this day n age n its ur own club ur gna get in trouble wiv da authorities n wen da police look @ cctv footage hope they nail evry single 1 of yas n lock yas up cus ya aint fans ya nuffink bt scum enuff said apart frm VILLA seriously need 2 look @ da defense n find owt y they aint performin anymre maybe time 4 friedel 2 b replaced n bring in carlos cuellar mayb he can do a better job than richard dunne is n roll on january cus we need 2 get sum new players in that can take villa forward again end off rant n discusion NEXT UP 4 VILLA is an AWAY TRIP 2 ANFIELD 2 FACE LIVERPOOL ON MONDAY NIGHT

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