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31.12.2010 20:01 EST
CHELSEA TEAM NEWS: BRANISLAV IVANOVIC is suspended after pickin up his 5th bookin of the season so, JEFFREY BRUMA OR PAULO FERREIRA wil deputise while, JOHN OBI MIKEL is set to miss out again wiv a knee injury but, DANIEL STURRIDGE cud b fit . . . . . . . . . . ASTON VILLA TEAM NEWS: WINGER ASHLEY YOUNG N STRIKER EMILE HESKEY wil b back in the startin line-up after both recoverin frm injuries however, LUKE YOUNG is stil not fit enuff to return from his ankle injury as VILLA look 2 start 2011 on winnin terms against the current RAIGNIN PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS in ther own backyard
1ST HALF MATCH REPORT: VILLA gets da ball undaway n da ball is launched up field n CHELSEA gets da ball who knock it around n VILLA battle hard 2 get da ball owt 4 a throwin 2 CHELSEA who knock it around neatly bt giv da ball away by concedein a freekick which is taken by FRIEDEL who launches it up 2 HESKEY who flicks it 2 AGBONLAHOR who turns n shoots it wide of da goal moments l8r CHELSEA ping it around @ pace n almost unlock da VILLA defence wiv DROGBA puttin MALOUDA thru who puts it high over da bar a few minutes l8r VILLA'S MARK ALBRIGHTON tries 2 put da CHELSEA defense unda pressure wiv a twistin run n wins a corner which is wasted a few minutes l8r VILLA'S STILIYAN PETROV clatters in2 MALOUDA n PETROV is booked moments l8r CHELSEA get da ball up da field quickly n VILLA'S JAMES COLLINS givs away a penalty which is smashed in by FRANK LAMPARD 2 giv CHELSEA da lead on 22minutes n VILLA players surround da ref complainin only 4 da ref 2 book 3 VILLA players (FRIEDEL, YOUNG, COLLINS) a few minutes l8r VILLA r on da attack wiv ASHLEY YOUNG on da egde of da CHELSEA box n is brought down 4 a freekick 2 VILLA which is taken by YOUNG who lays it off 2 PETROV who blasts 1 2wards goal bt its deflected 4 a corner which is taken by YOUNG who whips 1 in 4 CIARRAN CLARK whos free header goes wide a few minutes l8r VILLA r puttin CHELSEA unda pressure wiv sum gud build up play bt suddenly lose da ball n CHELSEA counter quickly gettin da ball up field wer DROGBA puts MALOUDA thru in on goal bt CLARK makes a gud challenge 2 get da ball owt a few moments l8r VILLA hav a chance wen a VILLA corner is only half cleared 2 PETROV who givs it 2 DOWNIN who crosses it 2 DUNNE n his header is blazed ova da bar moments l8r VILLA'S CIARRAN CLARK puts REO COKER in on goal n is brought down by CHELSEA'S ESSIAN n VILLA'S ASHLEY YOUNG steps 4ward n smashes home da equalisin goal 4 VILLA on 40minutes as half time approaches VILLA r givin it ther al against da CURRENT PREMIER LEAGUE CHAMPIONS n matchin em in al areas of da pitch as CHELSEA r on da attack knockin it around bt lose da ball n VILLA counter wiv ASHLEY YOUNG takin on MICHEAL ESSIEN who brings down YOUNG 4 a freekick in a dangerous position which is taken by DOWNIN who hits 1 bt his strike cannons off CHELSEA'S ASHLEY COLE n DOWNIN picks up da loose ball n crosses 2 da far post wher CIARRAN CLARK heads it 2wards goal n CHELSEA'S PETR CECH makes a gud save as da ref blows da halftime whistle . . . . . .
2ND HALF MATCH REPORT: CHELSEA get da 2nd half undaway who knock it around a little b4 launchin it up field n it goes al da way thru 2 FRIEDEL who boots it up field n VILLA win da ball 2 ASHLEY YOUNG who drives da ball owt wide 2 STUART DOWNIN who flies passed CHELSEA'S ASHLEY COLE n gets down da right hand side n crosses superbly 2 EMILE HESKEY who slams it home 2 giv VILLA da lead on 48minutes wiv VILLA defendin wel CHELSEA r on da attack n win a corner which falls 2 DROGBA who shoots bt his shot is blocked by CIARRAN CLARK moments l8r a mistake in da VILLA defense by COLLINS puts BROUMA in on goal n his shot goes woefully wide a few minutes l8r CHELSEA r chasin 4 an equaliser bt VILLA r holdin strong n win da ball back n get da ball up 2 AGBONLAHOR who uses his pace n takes on CHELSEA'S BOSWINGA n wins a corner which comes 2 nuffink n CHELSEA go on da attack knockin it around as VILLA get players behind da ball defendin strongly wiv evrythink they hav as CHELSEA put VILLA under pressure n CHELSEA'S DIDIER DROGBA puts FRANK LAMPARD in on goal who strikes one bt BRAD FRIEDEL makes a gr8 save n da ball goes 4 a corner which is taken by LAMPARD n its headed owt by JAME COLLINS n STUART DOWNIN picks up da loose ball who gets fouled n BRAD FRIEDEL launches it bt CHELSEA get da ball back n get da ball up field n put MALOUDA in on goal who tries 2 beat BRAD FRIEDEL bt FRIEDEL makes anotha gr8 save n da ball is cleared bt CHELSEA get da ball back n put VILLA unda mre pressure who r defendin soundly keepin em @ bay n VILLA get da ball away once again as CHELSEA put mre pressure on VILLA who r battlin hard n defendin strongly as CHELSEA knock it around lookin 4 an openin as VILLA hav players behind da ball defendin well n then MALOUDA puts KALLOU in on goal bt STILIYAN PETROV makes a gr8 tackle n VILLA go on da attack wiv PETROV knockin it owt wide 2 DOWNIN who cuts inside n shoots bt his shot goes across da penalty box n ASHLEY YOUNG picks up da loose ball n JOHN TERRY makes a nasty challenge n TERRY gets a yellow card moments l8r CHELSEA hav da ball knockin it around again wiv VILLA defendin well as da ball goes owt 4 a throwin 2 CHELSEA (CHELSEA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: NICOLAS ANELKA OFF DANIEL STURRIDGE ON) moments l8r CHELSEA put severe pressure on VILLA who r holdin on wiv CLARK bein da star defender keepin CHELSEA @ bay n VILLA counter wiv DOWNIN givin it REO COKER who givs it 2 AGBONLAHOR who looses da ball n CHELSEA get da ball back n they get up field wiv DROGBA playin a one two wiv KALLOU n DROGBA goes round FRIEDEL puts da ball in2 da net 4 da equalisin goal on 85minutes (VILLA MAKE A SUBSTITUTION: AGBONLAHOR OFF ALBRIGHTON ON) as CHELSEA feelin jubliant frm ther goal they put VILLA unda mre pressure lookin 2 get a winner bt VILLA who hav played brilliantly r givin it evrythink n CHELSEA keep up da pressure wiv ESSIEN crossin 2 DROGBA who hits 1 bt BRAD FRIEDEL makes a gr8 save only 4 JOHN TERRY who smashes it home 2 giv CHELSEA da lead on 88minutes wiv injury time 2 go VILLA'S MARK ALBRIGHTON who was @ fault 4 CHELSEA'S 3RD GOAL goes on a mazey run n crosses superbly on2 CIARRAN CLARK'S head who puts it passed da CHELSEA KEEPER 4 da equaliser 4 VILLA on 90+2minutes a couple of minutes l8r VILLA'S MARK ALBRIGHTON flyin 2wards goal turnin da CHELSEA defense inside owt n pulls da ball back across goal bt ther wasnt anybody ther n da final whistle goes
MY THOUGHTS: rite wer 2 start wot a fkn result :D thats mre like VILLA we kno n love they battled frm start 2 finish n neva gav up even wen we went a goal down we got back in2 da game n wen we took da lead rite @ da start of da 2nd half wiv EMILE HESKEY baggin a goal ya cud c da confidence cum floodin back in2 da team n afta our recent form bein so poor we gav it evrythink n even wen CHELSEA got 2 quick goals near da end of da game VILLA kept battlin hard n CIARRAN CLARK who was absolutely magnificent al afternoon grabbin VILLA a wel deserved point against CHELSEA in ther own back yard get in ther ya beauty HAPPY NEW YEAR EVRYBODY :D
fckin hell thats a great description.n fantastic performance by villa esp.ciaran clark n heskey! Well done baby
04.01.2011 02:27 EST,
fckin hell that was a great description. N it was a fantastic game n fantastic performance by villa esp.tha brill ciaran clark. Well done bby
04.01.2011 02:25 EST,

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