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True Story - Secrets Don’t Make Friends

20.11.2012 05:07 EST
Secrets Don’t Make Friends

She heard the growl before she could see what made it; she turned her head and whispered to her friend beside her, “Look at that witch loser. She thinks she is so kool because she dresses in black.”

Maya laughed, but before she could reply the goth girl turned her dark eyes to Margie, and although it was a very warm day the look she gave her sent goosebumps down her arms and legs and made her shiver. She smirked, “Secrets don’t make friends.”

She then stood picked up her books turned her back to them and walked out of the class as the bell proceded to ring. Her voice was etched into her mind. Over and over she heard her shy, quiet, and utterly spooky voice say, “Secrets don’t make friends.”

Margie turned to April who paused at the door next to me, she quietly muttered, “Let’s teach her a lesson, nobody says junk like that and gets away with it.” At the end of the day to their surprise she met them in the gym, while she waited in the darkness of a shadow Maya started talking to her to keep her distracted. As soon as her back was toward me she ran out of the shadow and started throwing punches, the first one landed hard enough on her head to knock her unconsious, her head pouring blood around her as she fell back on the gym floor.

“Get up and fight you coward,” Margie screamed as Maya gripped her arms tight and started to shake her, she looked afraid.

“She isn’t breathing, Margie she is dead and…. and you killed her.” She gasped. She pulled her friend and they ran out of the gym not turning their backs. The next day a voice came over the intercom, “I hate to inform you students, but Nikki Margret was found this last night in the gym she was lying on the gym floor dead. If anyone has any information about any suspicious activity or any information on the murder please come to the principal’s office ASAP. That will be all.”

Maya gripped Margie’s arm tight and whispered, “We have to come clean, we murdered her last night.”

“No,” Margie forcifully whispered back seeing fear in her friend’s eyes from hearing her rough voice, “We can’t tell anyone anything, this will be our little secret.” And as if on cue the air around the two girls got scary cold and they heared a voice reply, “Secrets don’t make friends.”

Both girls screamed and turned pale as the whole class turned to them. The teacher in a very irritated voice replied, “Is there something you would like to share?” They frightfully shook their heads no.

That night while alone in her room Maya heard a moan, “Secrets don’t make friends. You murdered me, now its time to pay the price.”

“No,” she screamed but by the time her parents reached her bedroom they found their eldest daughter dead.

A few weeks later Nikki took her revenge on Margie; she was also lying in her room alone when she felt a cool breeze. She knew she had closed the window before she went to bed, but she went to check anyway. When she reached the window she found it wide open, but before she could close it she felt ghostly hands on her back. She heard Nikki’s voice reply, “You were the murderee, I have saved the worst punishment for you. I told you secrets don’t make friends Margie.”

She gasped, then before she knew it she was falling out the third story window. Nobody found her body until the next morning.

After that night Nikki was never heard from again, or was she?

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