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True Story - The Weird Night

20.11.2012 05:12 EST
The Weird Night

This is a story of a boy named John who had the most weirdest night ever. . . Well the story goes like this …… First of all you guys should know is that John used to live alone in a house of his own and his family was living quite far from him.He lived in U.A.E and his family used to live in U.S.A.John shifted to U.A.E because of the matter of his studies. Now John had just returned from his friends birthday party at night 12am .As John got inside his house all the lights of the house were off and he haded to go up the stairs and switch on the lights.Now the light button was in the corner of the stairs he slowly walked up the stairs just before John could on the lights he saw a small little girl beside him with black eyes and a horrible white face.She was stairing at John.With fear John yelled!He closed his eyes with fear and switched on the lights and found that the girl was there no more.Now he thought it might be his imagination and he without any thinking of that scary girl he just thought of taking a small shower.He got into his room and opened the door of the bathroom.He opened the tap of hot water, took off his clothes and sat in the bath tub.As John was relaxing in the tub when suddenly he thought of the scary girl again!And said “Well i shouldn’t be thinking about that little girl.Besides there is no such thing as a ghost!It was just my imagination’!After saying that as John was relaxing in the bath tub he suddenly just closed his eyes because he was tired and was feeling relaxed.When in a minute or two he heard a small splash of water near him,he immediatly opened his eyes and saw there was nothing at all.He started thinking what was that splash sound come from?Then John said “i think maybe i didn’t sleep well that’s why I am seeing this all stuff’!After that splash sound again John closed his eyes and slept for a while.This time he heard two splashes of water and as he opened he saw that scary girl was right in front of him.John did not know what to do he was too scared because of the way that girl was looking at him and the way her face and dress was.Her eyes were black and her face was white as snow and her mouth was filled with blood.John screamed like a little girl and closed his eyes. After a while e thought of opening his eyes and as he opened his eyes that girl was gone.John directly took his towel and clothes came out of the bathroom and wore his clothes.After wearing his clothes John thought of going somewhere for the night because he was just too scared to stay at his house with all of this fear and danger.So he left his house and went to a near by hotel and stayed there for the night.

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