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vhgdg ginger

07.05.2011 12:11 EDT
sgtefg if thers rust on th roof its damp in th kitchen
xsbnvc neway al thoz planets aligned today, n is friday13th so hpy fri 13th
13.05.2011 02:46 EDT,
fdhhdfh regail u shal i,hw its gon n tryna wrk public mastyfest to inspire hoons,gang ,mob,ganghouse got vacated after23years no rent then 'mytery burnd dwn,so tv news try sho off new army choppers etc
13.05.2011 02:43 EDT,
sfhefhh nort n south islands r quite different, fences wise .opposites evn bla.
12.05.2011 11:46 EDT,
ddmvdf aah bt then u wd say induldg
11.05.2011 16:56 EDT,
dghdtj told u nw advertise on rv asif third world cuntry, but for sponsoring dollar a day for anti child bashings etc ,asif to teach an hav cup tea wth,of corse they try push hpy vibes tv etc but for masses n has actd too dumb
11.05.2011 01:01 EDT,
sbhdgh was coke bottle mde to b dildo for gaggle, or isit jus me that thwt els diamond charcoal brainshits pimps idiots loosrs but for y then wel i cn smel thm wth dr closed evn fucn rude arrogance no respect,,
10.05.2011 21:32 EDT,
stfsyrw nz highest domestic violnce stats.yet r 'frenly' like american.females r mor drunks thn guys n skank diamond coddle pimps.ask cop or taxi driver here if rather take in car 4 drunk fems or guys n they ratha guys cz thez ppl r so grimey bushpig lipstikd sasquatch whores.
10.05.2011 20:03 EDT,
cgfedg not me bt sumone els cd go to indian or muslim market for groceries ,mpr thn halv ur bills $250 to bcum 110.yum veges n rice etc
10.05.2011 18:58 EDT,
dnrsyy like dippn icecream into a popcorn n feedn it a coke bottle gaggle
10.05.2011 16:46 EDT,
sgfdg lol cal it sidewalk boy or smthn yea haha to thez streetstalker whore advertisers coz its tru.
10.05.2011 16:36 EDT,
dfhhff dd ne1 loose pet rat i found,its jus so frenly wen i gasp it musbe somones
10.05.2011 16:27 EDT,
xbnhhgg probly theyd sel u fake muny at worldcup rugby2011
10.05.2011 16:22 EDT,
chdgd haha they hav no 1st name.or theyl mke one up
10.05.2011 16:17 EDT,
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