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afghds bk to charming tales fems

03.07.2011 08:20 EDT
sdggdghh i hea watyaz say n mean jellybeans i no i no bt its stil tru;p n im pisdoff to hav needed hlp for find new pad n get my stuff rippedoff for bording hea,bna trip tho,haha thr better thn mostv u regulaz so y recluse eh;p scha yawn sum ppl hea to xplain to,bt not unlike govt mgmt of entire cuntry n famlys.hihorse il quit th neg junk gooseygander bt no promisez watmeans amusen musings n shitsngiggles cz u lot r mstly mch mor vulgar n crude neways n sums a laf so wen in rome ryt, bt il refrain charcoal whores n spare sullying ur precious selvs n my thoughts maddams hava nice erm time bt dammit lol my stuf got pinched n thers creeps about;p ribbit ribbit least i cd luk afta my own junk nt asif disposable oo they r tempting my wrath n vengance lol its tru bt i scare thm coz ratha alone etc than indulgen nobody smalltalk.let them in n bother to care n its nt js smalltalk ae.stil talk but. Bla. I may carefree badtaste my junkmor.ryt into f'd as beta tune bla mabe start thinkn bfor speak to self fora start;p mildlyamusn myslf atleast afta
xdhbfhjn sry bt yes mor issues than ditzy muthaz cn massage word coddle to distract ther joy frm biten back.i swea this plc is shit.if dont like then leav iv nt bn orderd hea,jus stuck .i must disown them .they rob mor of all matterd.for my want of genuine ppl or nun.fuc theyv dun one too mny numbaz onme this time .no regard for point.just bulshit pleasantrys n social 'famly' breeders .try paletable huh.bullets in hed frm birth gaggle
04.07.2011 01:11 EDT,
dsdsgnv i sed aintno coddlefest dickbrain bt lets hava laf then cz comedy of huh.n quit rytn this crap i cant even c most of my yl tapn,letalone read bfor posten bt thts ppint.bigr porno adverts nwa daze ae mm pussypussypussy sho uz ur gash .sum ads fil half screen nw ay.yea il quit windn slf up n go pimp sum betr dum pg'z xxoo
03.07.2011 09:16 EDT,
sdgbdgh lol bt i cn hardly b botherd playing nice dontya no.noone els bothers rock this boat of shit swamped by cheap cusstomer service smile ya dnt uz sch words ay jus princessez gaggle n no watswat erm na its al in fun ay n i like sum dollshouses.or baskets in corner or wateva call thm.traind frm yung az ay.or ghastly trollops asif to prove smthn.bla.nuf no love capitalism rave rambl fora time besides.if nun cared then neither wd they n then wat of thez trouts bn thru th ringer ryt,or th nieve i ratha adventurs etc also n whoresrbores freaks aint no coddlefe...
03.07.2011 09:03 EDT,
sxcggdf actuly most likeme nw afta initial tke no crap initiations.most wd want b fwenz bt thus y to distance attention whores addicts,il nt closeness them all or neone for sap mu time for gd riddance ghostfaces less chat jolly bantercrap ofcorse.hedfonz n sunnys rude in compny ay
03.07.2011 08:35 EDT,

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