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Text page

Its funny how some things are. There are times when we all just site back and wonder, wonder about the life we live. I fell in love once to an angel type girl. To everyone she was just a dirty bitch, but to me she was more than a woman. If you saw here face and felt her inner beauty you would feel the way a am acting now. I love the girl more that i have loved girls of upper class quality. She is just simple and have a perfect smile, one that take your heart away. You ask if she sexy?.. Hell yea, she have a body men would die for. But to really state the reason i am writing this letter to myself is because there are things that one could never say to anyone for them to understand not even 5 per cent of the way i feel. I guess all i want is to be her man and it seems that, that dam dream will never come true.
You see it sounds ok untill i get deep..,

I first meet keisha one night right beside Mr Bogle church. Ever since i have had a passion for her. We would spend hours talking about stuff that made scence at the time. I at times try to tell her i loved her, but she was too deep whit one of my friends. The boy only played poor keisha, while i tried to let her understand love. I told her of the dangers of teenage pregnancy, but i guess i talked too much. One holiday i went back into the country only to hear that see was pregnant. Anger stroke my brain like fire. How?!? Why?!? These were the questions i ask myself over and over, i never got an answer. In the number of days i spent on holiday in the country i heard tons of stuff about little keisha,. Stuff like; her father raped her and then kill himself, she is a ho, she stupid
And a bunch of other stuff, but i could not stop loving keisha. I remember about a year ago i went down country and saw her with her baby. She looked so much like my mother. She told me that the baby was born on january. Then i never saw her again untill now.
Today i saw keisha on my way from blue hole, she and some guy. Looking like they going to town. For the first time a girl looked directly in my eyes instead of from my head to my toe. I asked her how she was doing and stuff but never got into a long conversation because the bus came. I see her today again and this time i got her number and i hugged her and walk and talk. We talked about basic check up on you chats, but i could feel the love for each other was still there. I send her a bunch of text explaining to her how i feel. Lets just hope she believes me.
When i see keisha i see my mother.

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