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I am 58 and lost my wife a few years ago now and I live with my Son Aron who is 22 and my Daughter Kirsty who is 17, we live in a 3 bed house and all do our own thing apart from meal times when we all sit down together.
Since my wife died I have not been with another woman and often just pleasure myself when I am at home alone I either watch a porn movie, surf the net for porn and just read sexy stories, well this one night I went to bed early and took out a porn magazine and was reading a few of the stories inside and was laying on the bed stroking my cock until I shot my load all over my stomach, wiping it of I put the magazine away and rolled over and went to sleep.
About 2 in the morning I woke feeling a bit cold and I needed to pee so went to the toilet and as I returned I could hear a noise coming from Kirsty's room and the door was ajar so I though she maybe having a bad dream so I got closer to the door and peeked in, what I saw took me by complete surprise there was my Daughter Kirsty laying on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed and my son on his knees with his head buried between her legs which were wrapped around on his back licking out what I could see of it a very hairy pussy.
Kirsty was saying Yes Yes Aron that's it finger that clit oh fuck yes, I could hear Aron sucking her juices and his tongue lapping her cunt while his fingers worked on her clit, it was not long before Kirsty pushed her feet down on Aron's back which lifted her cunt up into his mouth and she said OH fuck Aron YES YES and she must have cum as the slurping sound of Aron drinking her juices got louder and faster.
When she finished cumming Aron started to kiss up her body working his way from her pubic hair which looked jet black and very thick up to her navel and as he worked his way up to her breasts he kept her legs up on his shoulders so it was pushing her legs back to get him free access to her wet wet cunt when he had working his way fully up her body.
He took a nipple in his mouth and he must have bitten on it as Kirsty moaned you fucker you know how much I love that and he done it again and she place her hands on the back of his head and pushed his face fully down onto her tit which are not large but not small either and from what I could see though the door she had big dark nipples like her mother had, when Aron had finished with her nipples and he moved on and kissed her gently up her neck and round her ears licking and sucking on her lobes, this made Kirsty push her head back and give a soft Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes oh yessssssssssss.
Aron now had Kirsty under him with her knees pushing into her breasts and her cunt and ass sticking up and read to receive a cock, that cock was going to be her brothers, yes I know what your thinking I should have stopped them but fuck watching this was better than any bloody porn movie.
Aron positioned himself over her his arms to each side of her holding his body up and his cock was twitching as he gently lowered himself down and I could see his cock which was about the same size as mine 9 to 10 inches and thick, anyway I was watching it slowly disappear inside my daughter and once he had the whole length inside her he just held it there for a moment or two before pulling right out of her Kirsty said put it back you ass hole put it back and stop teasing me I want your fuck cock in me now, with that Aron just let himself go and his whole cock plunged down into her as she shouted OH FUCK YES YES YES that's so Fucking good, Aron said quieten down will you Dad might hear us.
Sorry can't help it your cock is so fucking great you really fill me up Aron, Aron started to move his body pumping up and down into her nearly pulling the whole way out before thrusting fully back into her with each downward thrust Kirsty breathed out saying Yes yes yes.
Aron was really going for it his ass was pumping up and down in a blur as he rode his sister, on and no he thrust into her you could really hear there bodies slapping together and hear her squelching pussy as he thrust in and out he then held he cock deep inside his sister arched his back and said Oh Yes and his butt twitched as his cock pulsed his cum into Kirsty, Kirsty still had her legs around Aron's back and pulled him tight to her so he emptied his cum as far inside her as she could get it, Oh Aron she said that was a bloody fantastic fuck you are so much better than the other boys I have had I am so glad we started to do this, Yea sis said Aron between deep breathes your not so fucking bad yourself.
Finally Kirsty took her legs from around Aron's back and he rolled from her and lay on his back beside Kirsty, both breathing hard Kirsty's tits rising and falling with each breath, her legs dangled over the edge of the bed and as her bottom was right on the edge this made her pussy stick up and I now had my first full view of her very hairy pubic hair and wow was it thick, I always thought people of her age shaved of there pubic hair but I was wrong Kirsty's was wonderful to look at.
They kissed for a while like to lovers touching each other Aron running his hands over Kirsty's tits very lightly teasing her nipples while Kirsty stroked Aron's cock pulling the foreskin slowly back over his limp cock then pushing it back over the head with her upward stroke.
I heard Aron say I better get to my room sis don't want dad to find us do we, oh I don't know said Kirsty he could always join us and keep it in the family, Aron look shocked at what Kirsty had just said and replied dad would flip his lid if he ever found out about us you know that Kirsty, but must admit it might be nice all three of us, anyway that will never happen so I am off to bed, I moved away from the door and move quickly back to my room before being spotted.
In the morning we were all down for breakfast and sitting round the table and after what I had heard both of them talking about I was trying to think of a way to bring up the subject, of us having a threesome but just could not think as I could still see them together on Kirsty's bed.
Just before I got up from the table I looked at both of them and said my god you to you both like you have been up all night, I could not sleep for some reason said Kirsty and giving a sly look to Aron, yea same here said Aron, as I walked out of the kitchen I heard Kirsty say you don't think he knows do you, I told you last night said Aron he would have flipped his lid if he knew.
So while at work I came up with a plan that might work and once home I put this plan into action, I went to my bed room and took some porn Magazines from there hiding place and just left them on the bed along with a couple of porn DVD's and then left the door open enough so any one walking pass would see them.
When they got home from work as they did each night, normally Kirsty came in first then Aron so when Kirsty got in she went up and had a shower and the airing cupboard was in my room so I had removed the towels from the bathroom so when she called down and said where are the towels dad, I shouted back up in the wash I forgot to replace them so you will have to get one from the airing cupboard, I heard Kirsty walk down the hall and into my room she was in there some time and I knew she was looking at the items I had left out,, I shouted up did you find the towel love, yes thanks she replied and I then heard her come out of my room and into the bath room.
After a while I heard her in her room and then Aron came in I said to him that I had forgotten to replace the towels in the bathroom and I don't know if Kirsty got his when she got her own but if not they were in the airing cupboard, what I have forgotten to say that between getting home and Kirsty getting home I had found a old baby monitor and had plugged it in a socket that was hidden by Kirsty's bed so she would not find it as I wanted to know what they were going to say about the book's and DVD's I had left out.
I heard Aron go into the bedroom after a towel and he was a few minutes before going out and I heard him go into Kirsty's room and the door shut so I turned up the monitor and listened to what they were saying.
Aron said did you see dad's stash of porn on the bed, yea said Kirsty I did not know he had any of that stuff I took a quick look it is pretty hot stuff and some is about family's having sex, I am starting to think he knows Kirsty went on to say and this is his way of saying he wants in what do you think Aron, I dont know what are you going to do just walk down stairs and say hi dad want to come up fuck with me and Aron, because if he dose not know your sure going to look fucking silly and he will blow his top, well I think he knows Kirsty said but your right we will just have to keep an eye for anymore signs that he knows, fine we will do that.
Aron went to have his shower and then we all sat down for tea, after we had cleared up we watched tv for a hour or so when I said I am worn out I am going to bed and read for a while ok dad said Kirsty see you,not if I see you first I said with a smile, Kirsty turned her head and looked at Aron.
My second part of my plan was now coming into action, I left my door ajar as always but tonight I left it open just that bit more so when they walked past my room they would see in, so I got undressed and just lay on the bed naked, I started to read one of my magazines and it was not long before my cock was standing up proud, after about half an hour I heard one of them coming up the stairs, my heart started to beat faster as the nearer they got to the door, as they went by I saw from the corner of my eye it was Aron and he looked into the room as he passed, he went to the loo then rushed back down stairs and then I heard someone coming up the stairs again this time it was Kirsty as as she walked by she stopped and look into my room after a while she moved on.
After a few seconds I heard her coming back and instead of walking passed my door she just pushed it open and stood there looking at me laying naked on the bed with a big fat hard-on and my hand around the base slowly wanking it.
I just looked at her she had her eyes fixed on my cock and I said well what can I do for you Daughter with out stopping my hand from moving up and down my shaft, when she had taken a few deep breaths she said well for one thing let me sit on that cock of your Dad, I looked at her and said be my guest, she sust stood there in the doors way and took of her clothes and just left them in a heap on the floor and walked over to the bed and pushed my legs apart and knelt between them he then lent over and pushed my hand out of the way and replaced it with her own and then lent even further forward and took the head of my cock into her mouth, after not having sex since my wife died the feeling of warm breath on my cock followed by soft lips made my cock jump, and she started to suck my cock I heard Aron coming up the stairs looking for his sister, he got to my door way and as he looked in his mouth dropped open as he saw his sister with my cock half way down her throat. I looked up at him and said well son don't just bloody stand there with your mouth open get them clothes off and get over here and join us.
Aron did not need telling twice within seconds he was naked and on the bed kissing Kirsty's back and placed his hands under her and cupped her tits and started to play with them as Kirsty sucked the rest of my cock deep into her throat, taking all 10” inside her and then ...
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