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I had enjoyed my first experience with my sister Karen and looked forward to our next encounter when I hoped to take her cherry. She had blown my head away with a blowjob but I had yet to get the opportunity to fuck her and hopefully I would get her first before any other.
My luck appeared to be in as four days after our first encounter she phoned me up at home and asked me if I wanted to go to the park with her for a chat. It was this that started off our incestuous relationship but I had yet to score (see Virgin Sister).
My wife Katie must suspect something as I had been with Karen prior to our night of sex which had been missing from our marriage for years. Anyway, I told Katie that I was going to meet Karen for a chat and Katie said if it’s anything like last time then bring it on. I asked her what she meant and she replied that a few days ago I had gone out with my sister Karen to enlighten her to the ways of the world and that when I came home I had fucked her senseless and if she had not known better she would have thought that I had fucked Karen. I assured Katie that I had not fucked Karen.
I picked Karen up a short while later and she was wearing a white blouse and short denim skirt and had boots on that came up just short of her knees. Horny or what!!!
Before I had driven out of the street Karen has placed her hand on my crotch and is rubbing away, As I reached open road so to speak, I placed my hand on Karen’s legs and started to caress them, they were so soft and tanned. Karen unbuttoned my jeans and through my pants grabbed hold of my cock which she started to rub. She turned in her seat and lowered her head onto my cock and sucked relentlessly.
This was as good as the first time she had given me a blow job and had swallowed all my spunk. I knew I would not cum as I was driving and after all I did want to fuck her.
It’s not everyday you get the chance to fuck their little sister and I wanted to do this before she started having boyfriends as this might not only change her attitude but also get someone her own age after all she is only 18 and I am now in my early thirties and married.
I pull into the park where we were a few days ago and Karen sits up and removes her blouse to reveal two beautiful tits, very firm and dainty. I now start to fondle her breasts and lean forward to suck them in equal measure.
I recline her seat as I had before and reach under her skirt and remove her wet panties. I then place 1, 2, 3 and then a fourth finger up inside her and she is groaning well.
With my left hand I continue to finger Karen as I undue final buttons to my jeans and push them and my pants down as far as possible.
I then position myself in the foot well in front of her seat and spread her legs apart, I have to raise her legs at her knees and she looks sort of tarty only with her boots and skirt on.
Karen’s pussy is so wet and I am so hard and its time to fuck her and I raise myself and with my hand I hold my cock and rub the head of it against her pussy. I do this for less than a minute because Karen by her movements and groaning is gagging for it. I must admit that I feel the same but am trying to savour the moment.
I don’t want to hurt Karen so I enter her slowly and I can tell the pleasure she is receiving by her groans of excitement. I start to kiss her and her tongue is right in my mouth when I realise that we had not kissed like this ever. I can feel her coming in me through her movements.
I’m pumping away at Karen now, my sister, years younger that me at 18, snogging as well and it’s all too much for me and I am unable to stop the spunk from coming and I empty my sack into her.
I’m feeling that I have let her down as I have come too soon and I don’t want her to think I’m not that good when she starts to fuck others so I continue to snog and pump into her continually thinking who she is.
I have never had this before but I feel my cock getting hard again and this makes me pump her harder and harder, Karen then has another organism and I look around and see her knees moving up and down and I look at the boots she is wearing. She is shouting more, more, more each time I push in hard. After about ten minutes in which time Karen had come twice she started to come again and she shouted come with me, I looked into her sweet innocent eyes thinking who she is and what were doing and the hot spunk explodes from my cock filling her pussy.
This time I withdraw my cock and look at Karen’s pussy where I see my spunk mixed with her juices flowing away from her pussy.
Without a word, I pull up my pants and jeans and return to the driving seat. Karen puts her blouse on, buttons up and sits in her seat with her head turned smiling at me.
We did not speak for a few minutes and I was taking in what we had done. I was thrilled that I had managed to get a second hard on before my cock had gone soft from coming the first time.
Now I was thinking about Katie, my wife who I love very much, I could not go home and make love to her or she would suspect something. I would have to try and play it cool.
Karen said that the sex was great and that she would want to do it again and again but did not want to come between Katie and me. I know she loved Katie and Katie loved Karen as they were very close and had been since I’d been with Katie which was now ten years.
Over the next few months I met Karen on a regular basis and we had great sex each time. It was all going to take a turn on Katie’s 29th birthday party which will be a future installment of my sex life with my wife Katie and sister Karen……

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