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My Experiences with my Sister and Mother

It was Saturday our school had closed at 11.30. As usual, I got into the Cycle Rickshaw which headed towards the convent where my elder sister was studying. Her school closed at 12 noon. I reached there by about 11.45. While waiting for her I took out the two books given to me stealthily by my friend Sohan that day morning.

One of the book was an album containing photographs of couples fucking. The other one was a storybook. While looking at the photographs I got excited and my prick was slowly becoming erect. My face became flushed. I put my school bag on my lap to conceal the lump showing at my crotch. The rickshaw puller had gone to the nearest teashop for tea.

I felt that if I indulged in looking at the pictures any more, I would certainly ejaculate. So I closed the book and put it into the bag and took up the storybook. Before I could span a few pages, the bell rang. I closed the book and keenly watched the exit of the school to spot my darling sister Pooja. There she was as sexy as a doll and so lovely, coming towards the rickshaw. A glimpse of her will give a male of any age a thrill down his spine.

She is so sexy and lovely; I am in love with my own sexy sister and she in me. For outside world we are brother and sister. But inside the house and in our own room we are more than a husband and wife - are you surprised? Don't be. Read our story and you will understand.

I was about 14 at that time and was studying in the 9th standard and my sister was 16 and was in the 11th standard. We both were the only children of our lovely parents. Our family is a middle class one and my father was 40 and an officer in a bank. My mother Pushpa was just 35 and stunningly beautiful. They both fell in love and married against their parent's and relative's wish. So they are now settled in this town. My father had bought a nice bungalow in the outskirts of the town where there was no congestion.

For our schooling my father had arranged a cycle rickshaw to take us both in the morning and bring back home in the evening. My sister and myself shared a room in the upstairs while our parents occupied the other room there. We had to ride the rickshaw for about 30 minutes to reach the schools.

"Hi boy, waiting for long?" asked my sister on reaching the rickshaw, "No, sis" I replied and smiled at her. I found her cheeks blushed and her eyes shining and was wondering what made her look so blushed. My sister kept her right leg on the rickshaw platform to climb it. While doing so she discreetly pulled up her skirt in such a manner that her smooth thighs up to her panty-covered cunt was fully visible to me. In a flash she mounted the rickshaw and sat by me smiling mischievously. This is but one of her numerous tricks, to tease me I knew. When she sat by my side, her body odour pierced my nostrils and made me hot.

Knowingly she acknowledged my excited condition and still smiling mischievously asked me "Why brother you look flushed and your eyes are red, what is the matter?" "You know sis, my friend Sohan has given me two hot books and while waiting for you I was going through them. Then you showed me your panty and now your sweet smell makes me all mad like hell" I smiled back at her. The rickshaw started moving...

We were talking in a whisper, which the rickshaw puller cannot hear. She was seated to my right and holding her books to her chest with her right hand, she lifted her left hand to hold the hood of the rickshaw to balance while it was moving. I turned to her side and saw her smooth fleshly armpit thinly covered with perspiration and her door from there hit my nose straight. My prick now had stood uptight lifting the bag on my lap. This is yet another way of hers to tease me because she knows well that her armpits excite me beyond limits and her body door drives me mad.

She watched me through the corners of her eye. She fell back on the seat and still holding the hood and pressing her books on her breasts. The jolts of the rickshaw made her rub her breasts with books. As the rickshaw turned a corner I feigned falling on her and placed my face on her armpit and inhaled her door, licked the lovely flesh and bit her hard. She was squealing with pleasure calling me a brute. "What a brute you are brother, see you have tickled and bitten my arm pit and it is smarting".

"When you tease me baby, that is what you get. Tell me honey, you act naughty today what happened?"

"You know my dearest friend Neela was narrating an exciting incident at her home last night. That made me hot . know what, I am all wet down there".

"Really baby, what did you hear so exciting"

"Her uncle (mother's younger brother) had come down from Delhi it seems and last night he took her mother and herself to a movie and in the hall itself her uncle started playing with her mother and later that night her uncle had fucked her mother".

"When she narrated this incident in detail to me I became highly excited and my cunt became oozing wet. Neela also told me that later on her uncle made love to her while her mother was watching. You know her father is away from the country."

"Lucky girl that Neela is it is really exciting to hear her experience, I wish I fuck you and mother on the same bed. I am also hot after seeing the books."

"Honey, I want you badly. Let us go home and have a sound fuck, okay?"

"Oh sure brother. My cunt is also itching and while talking to you my juices are dripping."

Suddenly a sound came and our rickshaw started limping. One of its tyres had gone flat and we were hardly about a furlong to cover to go home. There was no repair shop near by and so we got down from the rickshaw and decided to walk home. The rickshaw puller pushed his cart to the town. We started walking.

'Brother, why don't you come behind me. You can have my sexy rear view" my sister told me smilingly. I thought it was a great idea and allowed her to walk in front of me. The road was deserted and houses were scattered. I walked slowly behind my sister and watched her beautiful lovely buttocks swinging. Oh dear, what a view it was my sister had nice round shapely buttocks and the way she swings her hips and rotates her globular buttocks will make a dead man's prick stand upright. She knows the beauty of her buttocks and uses it to rouse me up. Her buttocks just resemble that of our mother's and she likes me to admire her lovely hind.

As we walked some distance, she gave me an exciting view of her hips and buttocks play, which was too much for me. I reached a breaking point and ran up to her. "Sis you are killing me let us hurry home".

"Is it that bad darling?"

"Ya, you will know when we go home. Wait and see."

We reached home to find our mother had gone to attend a lunch at her friend's place. Only the cook was home cooking the lunch for us. She informed us that it will take some more time for the lunch to be ready. We said it was OK with us as we have some homework to finish first. We rushed upstairs. The moment we reached our room, I kicked the doors shut not ever bothered to lock it as I was very hot.

We threw our books on to the bed and immediately embraced my sister to my body and kissed all over her face. She also tightly held me to her hardened breasts pressing on my chest. She held my thigh with her thighs and rubbed her cunt over it. After kissing her mouth and chewing her lips and tasting her tongue I released her. She went up to the bed and putting her knees at the edge and knelt over the bed as if she was going to pick up something from the other side.

Once knees were firmly placed on the bed edge, she hiked her skirt over her hips showing me her lovely round buttocks enclosed in a flimsy nylon panty. Her cunt bulge was tightened by the panty and I could see her panty over her cunt fully wet. I rushed to her and buried my face deeply in her cunt and arse. Her door coupled with the smell of her juice and perspiration made me reel in my head and I licked the wet panty over her cunt. She moaned with pleasure and urged me to take away the panty.

I kissed her cunt and buttocks and bit her fleshy buttocks and inhaled deeply her musky exciting door. My prick shot up like an iron rod and I freed it from my shorts. Holding her thighs firmly I started feeling her cunt over her panty and removed it. Her lovely buttocks game me a thrill. In the crevice dividing the buttocks was her virgin arse hole like a flower bud which I plan to take some day and beneath was her hairless cunt. The lips were wet. I caressed her cunt, arse hold and buttocks for a while and bent to suck her cunt. Her juice tasted salty sweet and I opened her cunt lips with fingers and thrust my sharp tongue into the hole hunting for her clitty.

I took her miniature clitoris between my lips and teased it with my tongue. She gave a violent push with her cunt trying to dislodge my tongue and was loudly moaning with pleasure. I licked her clitty and fucked her piss hole. Her strong urine smell made me still hotter and while I continued to suck her cunt thoroughly, I was caressing her arse hold and buttocks with my free hand. She rotated her hips as if in a motion of fucking and was jabbering.

'Ah, boy you are driving me mad ... yes go on suck my vulva baby ..... oooooohhhh that is it bite my cunt lips and thrust your tongue deep darling bite my cunt honey ah yeas that is the go on still harder there now tease my clitty baby there there oh I am coming you fucker there my juice is coming ooo hhh drink it baby drink your sister's cunt juice ahhhhh

Letting out her thick cunt juice, she rotated her hips and pressing my face on to the bed beneath her cunt, collapsed. Her cunt was palpitating and I could feel her arse hole also vibrating.

I licked her cunt up to the last drop and pulled out my head. She was lying there spread-eagled on the bed, her eyes closed, mouth open and her breath coming in gasps. She was naked below her waist and as she was lying on her stomach with her left leg pulled up her glorious cunt, arse hole and buttocks were enticing. My hardened prick needed friction badly to emit its boiling juice and with deep intake of air, I was trying to ease the excitement in me.

My hands were itching to grasp ...

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