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True Motherly love

Rahul is only 21. He has just graduated from IIT, Dilhi and got admitted
at a very good university in USA. Rahul is the only child of wealthy
modern couple at Calcutta. Anil chatarji, Rahul's father is a renouned
businessman at Calcutta and very rich too.His wife Ruposhi is the
headmistress of the biggest girls college at Calcutta. Ruposhi or Rupu
is only 40 now. She is a modern up-to-date free lady, regularly goes to
clubs in rich areas of Calcutta and ia a very active social worker.

worked with famous faminist and film actress Aparna Sen for the poors of
Calcutta slums. Rupu likes to dress very conservatively, never very
revealing. Since she is the teacher of a girls college, she likes to set
examples rather than preach it. But in her deep heart, she is not
prudish. She understands the modern concept of sex and likes it better.
Her husband Anil is busy most of the times with his busuness, can not
give much time to his wife. Rupu is not unhappy, but her sexual life is
far from what she desires. As a conservative bengali mother of a grown
up son, Rupu hardly let her uncontent sexual urge to surface. She
maintains a regular happy mother, happy wife
kind of air around her all
the time.
Only thing that keep Rupu from thinking about her failed sex
life is her only son Rahul.
Rahul is a very good looking young boy and a
great student. He was among the few
Bengali student to get admitted in
IIT. He has graduated as the first boy in Computer
Engineering from IIT
this year. Both Rupu and Anil are very proud for their son. Rahul
plays cricket and is very athletic. When Rupu watch her son play at the
field, run like a bull and through the bowl in huge pace, Rupu
could not hold back her
tears from joy. She could not bilieve that this
handsome boy once was her little son
who suckled on her breast. Rupu
loves Rahul more than anything in this world.

So when the day come for
Rahul to leave for USA, Rupu was very depressed. She can not
imagine her
life without her son around. Although Rahul spent last four years in
but that was at least in India. He could visit his family every
other holidays. But
once in US, Rahul would hardly visit his momther in
years. Besides, there are so many
bad attractions in US which can easily
spoil a young boy like Rahul. Rupu is very
worried too for his son.
Today is specially hard for her as Anil had to go to Bombay
for an
urgent business trip, leaving her alone in saying good bye to her
beloved son.
Rupu is a strong monded lady, she never showed emotions
before Rahul. She decided not
to show it today to Rahul at his last day
home. She reamined the ever caring ever
composed mother as she always
has been to Rahul. To make things easy, she decided to
dress a little
openly today. She wears a semi-transparent shimphon saree. The saree
greenish, but more like raw Banana leaf color. The blouse is also
made of same
see-trough materials. Finally a black bra made of fine silk
with laces underneath the
blouse. When she finished having kajol at her
big eyes, red moist lipstick on her full
lips, a long pendant golden
earings which her mother gave her at her wedding, an
intricate necklace
of pure gold with expensive gems and a couple of dozens of glass
(churia or kankan) on both of her fair hands, she looked divinely
When she looked at the mirror how she looks, she realised
that long forty years have
done little damage to her stunning serene
beauty. She can still pass as a young lady at
her thirties.

wakes up from his sleep hearing his mom calling him from downstairs. He
his watch. It is 8 o'clock. His flight is at 11 o'clock. So he
decide to freshen up
quickly. He is also little depressed to leave his
loving and beautiful mom here. But he
is a bit excited too. Anyway, when
he gets down to have his breakfast and sees his
momther Rupu in her
rather unusual look, he is very surprised. Rahul always knew that
mom is very attractive lady, sometimes his friends gave hints to him
that his mom
is very sexy too, but Rahul never thought his mom as a sexy
lady or a woman to desire.
But seeing his mom this morning in such a
nice saree and all these jwellary, Rahul for
the first time felt
something in him which is not eaxctly motherly love. It is a form
desire. He somehow desires to hold his mom close and kiss her. He tried
to drive
away this thought from his mind and decide to eat his breakfast
quitly. Rupu does not
say anything to his son. She is too depressed to
talk. She has already let the maid to
take a leave and decided to treat
her son by herself alone this morning. Rupu just
watches her son eating.
Too many emotions are coming to her mind right now. She can not
from the flood of emotions. Oh god, she finally thinks, I love my
son .

Rahul is trying to concentrate to her eating, but he can not
avoid thinking about how
beautiful his mom is looking today. When Rupu
went to the kitchen to get the tea for
him, he can not refrain his eyes
devouring the wiggling motions of his mom's great big
round ass. Rupu
has a specially big ass. She got it from her mother. Although Rupu
to exercise everyday, keep herself from being too fat, her ass would not
shrink a
shread of flesh. Finally she gave up. Its genetic. Bedises. big
asses are not that bad.
Anyway, Rahul tries his best not to think about
his mom's great ass at least this morning,
but it's no use. To make
things worse, he developes a hard on. Now Rahul has a
humongous cock, a
full 10 inch and very thick. He once saw his father's cock when he
peeing keeping the door open. But Anil's cock was by no means big. It
was hardly 4
inch. Rahul sometimes wonders where he inherited this huge
cock from. Certainly not
from his father's family. Now, whenever he has
an hardon, it is usually very difficult
to hid since he has a big big
cock. Once he was watching an Hindy movey with his
friends. Sexy heroin
Madhury was showing her very erotic dances in the movie. Rahul had
a big
hardon that day too. It was hard to keep his friends noticing it.
Eventually they
did notice and rediculed him about it ever since. Rahul
is really worried if his mom
takes a notice of his hardon, then what
will happen? How will he explain things?

But when Rupu gives the cup of
tea to his son, Rahul sees no unusual sings at her eyes.
He is releaved.
When Rupu is giving her the cup, her saree's pallu (or anchol) fell
her breast, revealing the big mounds of her pair of tits to her son.
instantly gathered the saree to its right place, but the glimps was
enough for Rahul to
guess how big his mom's tits really are. Even under
the blouse and tight nylon bra,
they are trying to come out of the
confinement. Rahul hardon just intensified at this.
He can not think
anthing now other than how sexy it would be to see those big tits of
mom. Rahul decides to finish his breakfast as fast as he can and go to
the bathroom
to pee. He knows there is no time for him to masterbate
now. He has to go to the
airport soon. But peeing hardly helps his
cause. The huge cock is as still as it was
before. He has to fight hard
to tuck it under his pants. When he got out of the
bathroom, he finds
his mom sitting on the dinning table with a very sad look. Tears are
falling from her eyes. Rahul can not resist anymore. He goes to his mom
and say,
Dear mom, why are you crying? You promised me you would not
cry today. I am not going
for ever.
But his words only makes Rupu burst
into tears. She gets up and grabs Rahul and begins
to hug her only son
forcibly. Rahul is not ready for this. His mom's huge tits are
pasted on
his chaste and his own bulging cock is touching mom's bare belly. But
is unaware of all these. She keeps on crying. Rahul tries to
comfort his mom. but Rupu
is not listening. Rupu's tits feels so good on
his chest that Rahul decides to let this
embrace go as long mom wants.
His cock is trying to grow even bigger. Rupu can feel
that his young
son's bulging cock is poking her bare belly. But it is no time to
that. After freeing herself from her embrace, Rupu wiped her eyes
and said,
let's go to airport son. I'll miss you very much.
I'll miss
you too ammu

At the airport, Rahul gets busy with his immigration and
bookings. Rupu is standing
before a glass window looking at the planes,
thinking about her son. Suddenly she
remembers that her son seemed to
have a hardon while they were hugging this morning.
Rupu smiled thinking
that it must be some girl Rahul was thinking about. But she could
avoid thinking that Rahu's cock must be very big to make such a big
bulge out of
his jeans. Atleast his cock is not like his father's. He
must have inherited it from
her family. She knows that both her brothers
and father have big cocks. She finds
solace in thinking that Rahul's
wife will not suffer as she has. She is kind of
surprised to find that
she is getting excited imagining his own son's cock. She smiles
herself. Shew never realised before that she has such a horny desire.
But Rupu does
not try to resist the natural feelings. She lets it come.
actually she is loving
thinking about his son's cock. She tries to guess
how big it can be, 7 inch, may be 8
inch. Wow that is big. She has never
been fucked by anyman other than her husband and
another man she likes
not to remember. She used to love that man. He had a big cock
too. a
full 7 and 1/2 inch. She liked every momemts of their fucking. She liked
feeling of a big cock on her pussy walls. Those were crazy days. She
loved that man
very much. But it was not possible to marry that man.
That is another story. ...

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