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Experiences of Suju, part 2

After a short vacation, my elder Sister Savitha left for her husband's place. With her gone, I have to resort to masturbation to satisfy my ever growing lust. With my Sister teaching me the fine art of fucking, my lust was ever increasing and I found masturbation very pleasurable. Being only 17 years, my virile cock was ready all the time and I masturbated 2 to 3 times a day, thinking of my elder Sister and my fantasies soon changed to my own Mother, Sundari.

The sight of my Mother's beautiful saree clad body was very much arousing. The outline of Mother's panties was clearly visible in her buttocks through her plain saree and my fantasies became more intensive when I saw that. One day I went to my Mother's room in search of a comb, without knowing that she was changing her cloths inside. Mother was surprised to see me. She was wearing only a light green blouse and matching underskirt. She was opening the hook of her blouse, when I went in. Mother had undid the top two hooks, revealing her black bra underneath, when she saw me. Mother stopped and asked me why I have come in. On hearing my need for the comb, Mother passed one to me. I left the room. On reaching my room, I masturbated thinking very erotic fantasies about my own Mother.

Two days later an event occurred. It happened around 11 PM. I was lying in my bed in my underwear, looking at the sex album my sister Savitha had given me. Soon my cock became erect. I began stroking it. In my mind, the people who were shown fucking in the album, became me and my own Mother. Unable to hold myself any longer, I slowly began masturbating. Soon it reached a fast tempo and I was on the verge of coming to an orgasm. Suddenly out of nowhere, my Mother came into my room. It was one of the moments when you can't hold any longer. Even though I managed to put my throbbing cock back inside my underwear, the sweet wave of climax washed over me and I came in huge spurts inside my underwear. My underwear became soaking wet and a large wet spot appeared. My face went crimson with embarrassment. I couldn't look at my Mother's face. Some how I managed to look at my Mother's face. Mother seemed to be in a state of shock, not knowing what to do. She stood there her eyes transfixed in the wet spot of my underwear and the sex album lying in my stomach. Mother stood there motionless for a long time.

Finally my Mother made the first move. She sat on the edge of the bed and stroked my hair. After sometime she spoke. She said she was upset with what I did. Mother said these things were meant to be done between couples after marriage and that masturbation and watching sex albums are going to have a negative impact on my mind and above all, my studies. Mother talked to me for about 30 minutes. She seemed to have regained her composure some what, after some time. My Mother then asked me to remove my underwear, since it was soiled and said she will show me how to wash my privates properly. I was very embarrassed to do so. Mother said since she had seen it all, there is no point in being ashamed.

I slowly removed my underwear. I stood naked in front of my Mother with my wet limp cock. Mother led me to the bathroom. She then proceeded to clean my cock thoroughly with water. While doing that Mother told me that I should always remember to keep my privates clean. When she was holding my cock, I noticed her face becoming red and her hands were shivering slightly. When Mother finished washing my cock, she washed my underwear also. She then led me to the bed, laid me down in the bed and took an dry towel and patted my cock dry. In Mother's soft hands, my cock slowly started getting hard. When Mother felt my cock getting hard, she turned red in her face and telling me to put on a dry underwear, she left the room, taking the sex album with her.

The next day, Mother phoned her friend Geetha and asked her to come over immediately. Geetha Aunty is a good friend of our family. She is a pretty woman and has a Daughter Priya and a Son Prem. Her Son is studying with me in my class. Geetha Aunty arrived and she and Mother went inside my Mother's room and closed the door. I became curious about the whole thing and peeped in through the key hole and listened. Mother was showing Geetha Aunty the sex album which she took from me. The Mother said to Geetha Aunty about the whole episode which occurred yesterday, between she and me. Mother told her she doesn't know what to do.

Geetha Aunty came with something different. She told that my Mother was old fashioned and that masturbation is considered a safe practice. Geetha Aunty then told my Mother that what she was going to reveal might be shocking, so be prepared for it. She told my Mother that it was she who taught her own Son and Daughter, how to masturbate. She made an even more shocking revelation that once her Son Prem had asked her daringly to show him her cunt, his own Mother's cunt. She was taken in for his boldness and instinctively she had lifted her saree and underskirt, removed her panties and showed her own Son his Mother's cunt. My Mother was really shocked hearing this.

"How can you do this to your own Son?" Mother asked Geetha Aunty. Geetha Aunty replied that she being a modern woman, decided that in this age of widespread sexual diseases and perversions, it is better for her kids to have sexual education from her, their own Mother. Geetha Aunty looked through the sex album and said to my Mother that it is a good album. After some time Geetha Aunty left. I was excited by hearing the whole event and went to my room and masturbated.

The days followed were filled by erotic thoughts of my Mother. She also might have noticed my piercing look on her body, because I watched Mother turning crimson many times. But Mother made no move to restrict or scold me for watching her closely and with lust radiating from me.

A week later my Mother and myself set off to my cousin's place which was around 500 km away, for his thread ceremony (a coming of age event for Brahmins in India). We left our place I the late evening luxury bus for the overnight journey. We were allotted the back seat and we sat together with our bodies pressing close together. The bus set off around 10 PM. Within half an hour into the journey, the lights were switched off. I laid myself on my Mother's lap sideways, holding her thighs. I must have slept off.

I awoke when my Mother patted me on the head. It was 2 AM. The bus stops for a 30 minute rest. It was parked in the middle of a wooded area, the only civilisation being the road and the small hotel on the side. The sky was clear and the place was lit well by the moonlight. My Mother and I got off the bus. The other people have paired off with their ladies into the bushes to urinate. I took my Mother to a secluded place. We went into a place which had a flat ground surrounded all around by bushes. We waded our way into the buses. Mother told me she is going to piss and told me to turn around. I pretended to do so. Mother knew I will not turn myself around fully. She then said that she herself will turn around. Mother then lifted her saree and her underskirt. I immediately got and erection seeing my Mother's blue panties. Mother then pulled down her panties. The sight that greeted me was the milky white buttocks of my own Mother. She then squatted herself on the ground and proceeded to piss. I could see from the backside, Mother's urine falling on the ground with a hissing sound. After pissing, Mother stood up revealing her thighs and ass. Mother then pulled up her panties. My cock was fully erect seeing the sight. I took out my erect cock and pissed into the same wet spot where my Mother had pissed before. Mother noticed the proceedings with a mischievous look in her face. Then we had tea and we went inside the bus and took our seats. The bus started again and soon the lights were again switched off. I put my right hand on my Mother's shoulder and squeezed slightly. She didn't seemed to notice. Egged on by this lack of negative reaction, I slowly ran over Mother's boobs outside her blouse 3 or 4 times. At that time, even though Mother did not object to my advances, I was slightly afraid to go further.

We reached the place early in the morning. We attended the festivities there, which started from early morning onwards. It continued into night. Around 9.30 PM, we retired for bed. My Mother and me was allotted one double room with attached bath, on the first floor. Once inside our room, Mother asked me to lock the door. Mother the pulled down her saree. She was clad only in her blouse and underskirt. Mother took a towel from the bag and went into the bathroom to take a bath. After some time, Mother called me from inside.

"Suju, there is a black bra on top of the bag, please give it to me", Mother said.

I took the bra and went inside. My Mother was standing inside, wearing her underskirt only. She was naked on top. Mother covered her breasts with one hand and told me to hang the bra on the stand. I did so and stood there. Seeing me sand there, she held one hand across her breasts and held her other hand for the bra. I took the bra from the stand and gave it to my Mother. Since Mother was holding only one hand across her breasts, most parts of her white breasts stood exposed before me except for her nipples. I became excited and my cock rose inside my trousers. When Mother held out her hand, I saw her armpit with black hairs on it. Mother then turned around and proceeded to put the bra. She was wearing only a white underskirt. The lining of Mother's panties was very visible through her skirt. I got very much excite looking at Mother's bare back. Mother put on the bra and asked me to help her in putting the hooks. I helped her and then hugged her from behind tightly, my hard cock pressing into her ass.

"Oh! Mother, you are very sweet, I really love you", I said. We remained in that position for sometime. Mother then told me it is getting late and to have my bath and come to bed. She left the bathroom. I had my bath very quickly. I thought about masturbating, but hoping something might happen with my Mother, I didn't jacked off.

When I got back into the room, I saw that Mother had put on a white night gown. I also put on a pyjama. We lay on the bed together. I hugged my Mother tightly and kissed her cheeks. We remained hugging for sometime. Mother's breasts were pressing against me hard and my already fully erect cock was pressing against Mother.

"Mother, please, let me ask you something" I told her.

"Yes' my dear, what do you want?" Mother asked me.

"Mother I want to see you naked!" I replied.

She seemed to have known it coming. She seemed prepared for such a situation. She was quiet for sometime. Time ticked slowly.

"Okay, it that is what my Son wants, so be it", she said. I was overjoyed. My face flushed with excitement. Tension gripped me. What is going to happen next was one thing which I couldn't believe. Here I am on the threshold of the ...

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