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Loving Son

This story is about my Ammi (mother) and me. Her name is Zeenat. My Father, Mustaq Ali got married with her at very young age. Within year my oldest brother, Imran bhai (Brother in Urdu) was born when she was only eighteen, after year later my sister, Shabnam aapa (sister in Urdu)) was born. When my mother was twenty she gave birth to me, Salim. We are typical Muslim family living here in Bombay.

My father was a quiet person who has got some export business. He used to go every morning for work and would come back late at night. Initially my father and mother were enjoying their marriage life. But after having three children's he apparently lost his interest in my mother. After that he devoted his life for his business. Apparently due to his business he ignored my mother lately. My mother became quiet after that. But he still loves my mother and she respected and loved him too. They laugh and make jokes some times but not like earlier days. Even though she was always cheerful I know there was some sadness in her.

My older brother, Imran bhai wasn't interested in the study and school. He was more interested in hanging around with bad boys, always staying out of home, my parent tried to change his bad habits and things but he never changed. After that they leave him on his own destiny. My sister, Shabnam aapa was serious person like father and was good in the school. Her life was reserved within our house, study and few girlfriends. I was more cheerful compared to others, always talking, Studying seriously, helping everybody.

Since the beginning I like my Ammi very much and helping her kept me close to her. Due to my nature Ammi was always expecting help from me although Sabanam aapa was there for help. I was always with her, making fun, talking with her. She always appreciates what I was doing as it helps her to relieve her tension. After dinner when everybody goes to sleep I used to stay in the kitchen with Ammi, helping her clean the dishes, talking about everything. She would always phrase me and tell me that I was very mature for my age. We were very close that we talked about every thing, likes, dislikes, and even personal feelings.

When I was 18, I started developing interest in girls and sex. Staying around my mother I realise that she was a sexy woman. I began to watch Ammi in a different way. She had long black hair, which reached up to her hips. Even after having three children still she had a shapely body. Her face was attractive with bright black eyes. Her skin was fare and glowing. I started to watch my mother as an attractive woman and desire her. Now when she hug me I could feel her luscious breast and body rubbing against me, which makes me excite.

I began to tell Ammi how she looks and how she's beautiful. She blushes when she would hear compliments from me. I started to bring flowers or Gajara for her, which she would happily, wears in her hair. Some time I would bring her perfume or Ittar, which she put on her every time in the house. I was trying to show her in every way that how she's beautiful women and how much I love her. She always appreciates my love. Imran bhai and Shabnam aapa used to call me milky boys that still I need mother and always staying around her. But I didn't care.

Every Saturday evening Ammi used to go for weekly shopping and I used to accompany her. After purchasing we used to go to sea face and walk from one end to all the way other end. While walking with her I would innocently lean against her or hold her hands. After reaching at the other end we would sit in the rocky area along the sea face, mostly avoiding crowd. Some time if she sits quietly I would put my arm around her shoulder at which she would lean back and rest her head against my shoulders. We would talk, laugh and tease each other. After we would get back at home by bus. I knew that she likes to spend our weekend time like that together.

One day we were walking on sea face, talking and laughing. We saw one boy and girl at my age, holding each other's hand passed from us. Ammi saw them and looked at me and smiled. I also smiled back but couldn't understand why she smiled. We reached our sitting spot, sat and relaxed.

After some time Ammi asked me smilingly, "Salim! Did you walk with any girl like them? Don't you fall in love with any girl? Do you have any girlfriend?" "Ammi" I answered immediately without thinking much about it, "as far as I remember I walk only with you like that. I have tried to express my feeling to some girls but always think about you. I think you are my girlfriend."

She pulled her head back in surprise looked at me and then looked away silent.

"Ammi, did I say something wrong". I asked worriedly. "We should go home now," she said after a long silence.

In my mind I blamed myself for saying what I said, but knew that now when I told my true feeling to her there was no turning back. I decided to go further.

"Ammi, I don't know I'm wrong or right but really I am in love with you and I will do anything to make you happy."

The silence continued for some time and then she looked at me sadly. "You are my son, Salim. This type of love should not happen between a mother and son. What other will think if they knew?"

"Ammi," I replied in desperation, "I am really loving you. I don't know what others will think but at least will you think seriously about what I said?"

She was silent for a long time and then started crying. I felt sad about her. I pulled her to me and held her.

"Salim" she whispered, "I think we should go home."

After that Ammi stopped going to sea face with me. I requested her every time but she refused saying that I should go with girl at my age. I told her firmly that I don't want to go with any other girl but only with her. She never agreed and stopped even taking me for purchasing. This went on for a few weeks. She became silent and sad day by day. Even Imran bhai and Sabanam aapa noticed the change and asked her why she didn't go out with me any more. Mother shook her head and told them some false reason. Neither she nor I was happy about her decision.

I kept helping Ammi in her work and continue bringing her flower and perfume. She did accept them without saying or expressing her feelings. I had hope some day she'll understand my love and will change her mind. And she did. She realised in spite of her coldness towards me I never changed my mind or my love to her. One day Ammi and I were alone in the house and she was working in the kitchen. I went there and offered her help. She looked at me fondly for few seconds and couldn't hold herself any more. She hugged me and put her head on my shoulders. She phrased me for being patient and told me she appreciate my love towards her.

I hugged Ammi tightly indicating to her that with her agreement our relationship had changed. I silently but very gently caressed her back running my hands over her shoulders and over her back. She continued to rest her head over my shoulders. I pulled back and looking deep into her eyes said in a quiet voice,

"Ammijaan, I love you and I won't change my love forever".

I bent down kissed Ammi's cheeks, her neck, and then boldly placed my mouth on her lips. She did not draw back from my embrace. I was happy that at last she was responding.

After that everything changed between us. Now when I bring her flowers or perfume she would give warm kiss on my cheek. When we were alone in the house we would hugs each other tightly. I would move my hands now freely on her and gently caressed her. I would kiss her face openly and she would some time even let me kiss her lips too. We would lay down on bed and embrace each other. I would run my hand up and down her back.

Initially I was moving my hand on her back just casually but then I began to notice straps of her bra under her Kamij and after I started to feel her bra underneath. Some times casually I would slide my hand down on her buttock and feel outline of her panties. I wasn't doing that purposely or sexually but just while in the affectionate mood I would feel them and she never suspect that what I was actually feeling. It seemed that she was really missing these types of hugging and kissing from Abba.

Next Saturday I asked Ammi about going out like old days and she happily agreed. In the evening when I saw her I was stunned. She wore pink coloured Salwaar and sleeveless Kamij, which I never seen before. Her breasts and buttock were accentuated beautifully into her dress. I was excited looking at her beauty. She was looking younger than her real age of 38. While going to the market I noticed so many men stares at Ammi.

I wasn't in the mood of doing that household shopping instead I asked Ammi to go for movie. She was hesitant first but then agreed. We went to the nearby cinema theatre to watch evening movie. The movie was a sentimental romance. First half of the movie She hold tightly my hand pressing her breast on my arms and I put my hand on her thighs caressing lightly. On the second half of the movie I put my arm around Ammi while she leaned her head against my shoulders.

After movie we went to one nice restaurant to have dinner. Then after dinner as usual we went to sea face, walking all the way up to the other end. While we went to sit in the rocky area I choose secluded spot rather than our usual spot. It was a full moon night with cool atmosphere.

When we settled down I looked at Ammi and said, "Ammi, you look sexy tonight in this dress". Mother pulled her head back and replied, "Yah Alla, Salim! I am your mother. You should not use those words for your Ammi." "Oh come on, Ammijaan. I know you like when I say that. Tell me, did Abba compliment you since last couple of years?" "Whatever it is, Salim. But still I love your Abba." "Ammi, do you really love him? I see he had been ignoring you and you are unhappy with him. You are so beautiful that anybody would die to make you happy. Give me a chance, I can make you happy!" Ammi was pleased at the compliment I had paid her. She caressed my cheek, "Do you really think I am beautiful, Salim?" I smiled and replied by hugging her, "Yes Ammijaan, you are beautiful and sexy."

I hugged her tightly. Then Suddenly I bent and kissed her on lips. She draws back in surprised and said, "yah Alla! Salim? What are you doing? We're in public place and we should not do this here." I told her in desperate tone, "Ammijaan, I am sorry but you are so beautiful that I never have control on what I say you or what I do". "Salim, Just behave your self. I think we're getting late, we should go home now." Saying that mother stood up.

We got back home by bus. As we reached in our building and started to climb on staircase. I asked Ammi, "So! How was our night ...

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