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Love Temple

I had my eyes on my mother's chastity since I was 13 and that was nine years ago. I am 22 now and my mother is 42. My story happened about six months ago.

I finished my engineering two years ago and came to US to do my masters. About six months ago, I got a job in an engineering firm. But two months into my employment, I heard a shocking news that my dad had an heart attack and passed away. I had to convince my employers a lot to get unpaid leave for eight weeks.

I landed in the airport and my uncles picked up. I could not see mom's face as I reached home and she fell on my arms and started crying. I could not hold myself either. My uncles handled all the arrangements. Everything was going well until I heard mom asked me to sleep with her. There was a mother's gesture in her words but to me the words felt kinky and brought back the feelings I have been suppressing. I had to say at this stage that as aoon as I heard my dad's death, the first thing I thought was mom is defenseless! I was ashamed thinking like that then! But her words made me realise that mom is all alone. I knew I should not think about my mother that way and that too when I cremated my dad on the same day. So I suppressed my feelings again.

But it was hard for me sleeping beside the lady I always loved to fuck eversince my puberty! It made it more harder when I realised I am sleeping in my dad's side on the bed. I kept fantasizing about what he would be doing with mom! The more the thoughts the more I wanted her! But I did not have enough guts to do it. She was getting more closer to me and hugging me on the bed but I couldn't do anything enjoy the feeling of her body touching mine. I have to say frankly that I always cherished when her breasts got squeezed between us.

Within ten days of my arrival we finished all the rites for dad and soon we found ourselves in the house. My feelings for mother grew day by day but they did not make me do anything except for making me jerk more! But I was constantly looking for an opportunity to lift her saree! Then one day mother decided we should do pilgrimage visiting the temples to perform dad's rites. She chose few temples and asked me if I wanted to go anywhere. Then suddenly I remembered about this erotic temple on the east coast of India called candi temple. The temple is famous but it has one little known secret that it is a temple of lovers. Any couple that go to the temple and spend a night in that village will end up copulating. I had a first hand experience of this and will tell you about it later! I got mom to include that temple in our list.

Two days later we left for the pilgrimage. In a week we visited more than 10 temples and did poojas in dad's name. On friday afternoon, we got to the village of candi temple. We got the cottage booked already so went right to it. We then had a light lunch, took shower, got dressed and went to the temple about 5pm. Inside the temple, mom asked me to get pooja ticket under dad's name. This time I went and got 2 pooja tickets. One for dad, and one for and mother.

When they asked for particulars I filled the following way:

1) Name: Rao, Wife: Suryakantam for dad's rites 2) Name: Ramesh, Wife: Suryakantam for consummation

When inside the temple, I gave the tickets to the priest. The priest looked at them and smiled at me. Then he asked mom to proceed and asked me to come aside. I knew he guessed I am trying to bed my mother but before I could say anything he said he has seen others like me before. He asked me if I am planning for short term or long term. I said long term! He then said he would perform a very strong pooja that would make mother become my lover that nightand many more nights. I was happy hearing that and I guessed he needed money too! So I gave him 500 rupees. His face glew and then went inside to perform pooja.

The priest then performed dad's pooja first. Then he performed our pooja. He gave me a garland to me and mother to put on each other. At the end he then gave a sweet dumpling and asked us to eat half and half. We ate it. He then gave a garland of flowers and told mom to wear them in her head. Mom was a bit surprised but wore them on. Then he finished his last blessings on us. As I followed mom to go outside, the priest then called me back. He gave me an another dumpling and said "Come back with your kid next year!" I was shocked hearing it!

But then it set the stage to get erotic with my mother. While we walked home, I noticed mom changing too. She set her flowers in her hair well and did not talk about dad at all. I thought she would take off the flowers after she came out as widows don't wear flowers but I was surprised she was setting them. I started believing that the pooja started working on her. But by then I was so horny that, in any case, I decided I will fuck her that evening when we get to the cottage. I knew she would be helpless as soon as I close the room's door. Nobody will be there to stop me from fucking her. I decided if she accepts, she will have hot sex with me! But if she rejects, I will go ahead and rape her! In any case I was determined to fill her cunt with my semen!

My excitement grew as we got to the house and I opened the door. As mom got inside, I quickly closed the door and locked it well. As mom was walking away from me, I quickly grabbed her loose end of the saree and pulled her it towards me. Mom made a surprising sound turning towards me. I then went to her and grabbed her by her midriff and pulled her towards me. She looked startled but acted a bit shy. I then kissed her on the lips and parted her lips with my tongue. As I opened my eyes to look at her face she looked as if she was enjoying with her eyes closed. I was amazed how well she is taking. I could not believe the pooja would transform her that much. The effect was very quick. I also started thinking probably she wanted it right from the beginning.

I cupped her right breast with my left hand still kissing her and squeezed it. Mom never said a thing nor protested to anything. By now her loose end saree is dangling on the floor and her blouse covered breasts are pressing hard against me. Our lips were locked in our kiss and hands are measuring and squeezing her motherly boobs. I used my right hand to pullout her saree tangles at the front as as loosened so easily and got the complete saree on the floor.

I know her pettycoat is tied to her waist on her right side as she always ties that way. There is always a hole between two ends of the cloth and whenever she used to tie before me, I always had this temptation to put my hand through the hole and cup her mound. This time I gave into my temptation and and put my left hand inside her to grab her forbidden mound. The touch of her pubic hair sent shivers in my body as I realised I my mother's vagina is going to be my cunt for the day.

I cupped her mound to let her know I have access to her forbidden womanhood. I then sent my middle finger through her hole to tell her her motherhood is being conquered. I found it hard twitching her pussy through her pettycoat hole so I took off my hand and opened her pettycoat. As I loosened the knot and removed it over her well formed arse, it fell down well.

I was still busy kissing and squeezing her but as she got naked beneath, I got my right hand to cup her motherly cunt mound. Suddenly I realised my dick is dying to be freed out of my pants so I suddenly stopped everything and concentrated on removing my clothes. That did not take long while I saw mom squeezing her left breast with one hand and fingering her cunt with the other. At that instant I knew I got my mother for good!

Once I took off my clothes mom kept looking at my erect cock. She still got her blouse and bra on which she realised and started unhooking the blouse. I didnot bother to open her hooks so I pulled them off. It took some force and also got torn at few places before the blouse and bra opened and and mom took them off her hands.

I was amazed by the view of her naked body and of all her huge breasts. I looked at her in awe as thought I was witing for that day for nine years. I could not help but get my kid feeling as I took one of her nipples into my mouth to suckle on them. It was a great feeling sucking the same nipple I fed on but now to feed my sexual hunger. "My mother is mine", I thought as I sucked on her breast while my two hands kneaded her other breast and fingered her pussy.

I donot know for how many minutes I had sucked on her but I felt like, my mission is not complete until her cunt muscles accommodated her son's erect dick. I took her to the bed as she volutarily laid on the bed on her back. I then positioned myself between her legs, thanked god for my mother's vagina, and then inserted my cock into her. Mom closed her eyes as I slowly inserted my dick into her wet pussy. It was then I grunted like a gorilla! With lots of pride!

I over excitement almost caused me to cum as I hit her inner depths. So I had to stop and cool down for a minute or so. Then I resumed fucking her. As mom closed her eyes and started moaning when I was fucking her I had to thank god once again for making my violation of my mother's chastity a lot easy. It was not long my mother-fucking balls decided to fill her womb with its thick cum as it burst out of my dick as it spasmed.

I fell on my mother as my dick was busy emptying itself in her cunt. As my dick wilted I rolled away from her to her side as mom laid in the position for a while. A little later, mom got up and went to the bathroom. She came back after her piss and cleaning and took her pettycoat from the floor to wear it. As she took her bra and blouse to waer them too, she realied they were torn and said "You tore my nice blouse and bra"!

That were her first words after our fuck. I was very surprised how cool she was in regards to our fucking. No talk of taboos and I am your mother stuff. I thanked god once again!

Later we got dressed and went out to have dinner! Mom asked if we could go to the temple once again so we went again. After going through the alter, I met the priest once again and he asked me if everything is well. I told him that everything's great and I am surprised how mom is so calm. The priest told me thats the effect of the pooja. He said the effect will be there until we live in the village and told me to make use of her situation. I gave him another 500 rupees as a gift. He said everything will be well from now on and blessed me saying "may you father lots of children with your mother!"

I took the blessing and came to the cottage for another hot session with mother! As soon as we went inside and locked the door, I wasted no time to strip mother naked and took her to bed. This time I was determined to take time to fuck her. I started by sucking her nipples and then quickly got to lick her cunt. As she widened her legs I had a good look at my birth hole first time so close. I sucked on her clit as she moaned like a bitch and oragasmed. I then ...

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