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To see a baboon in your
dream, suggests that
you need to be more
expressive in your
feelings. You need to be
more direct in telling
others how you feel. On
the hand, it could be
saying that you are
expressing yourself in an
inappropriate manner.
To see a baby in your
dream, signifies
innocence, warmth and
new beginnings. Babies
may symbolize
something in your own
inner nature which is
pure, vulnerable, and/or
uncorrupted. Babies may
represent an aspect of
yourself that is
vulnerable and helpless. If
you dream that you
forgot you had a baby,
then it suggests that
you are trying hide your
own vulnerabilities; You
do not want to let others
know of your
If you dream that you
are on your way to the
hospital to have a baby,
then it signifies your
issues of dependency
and your desire to be
completely care for.
Perhaps you are trying to
get out of some
responsibility. If you are
pregnant, then a more
direct interpretation may
simply mean that you are
experiencing some
anxieties of making it to
the hospital when the
time comes.
To dream of a crying
baby, is indicative of a
part of yourself that is
deprived of attention and
needs some nurturing.
Alternatively, it
represents your
unfulfilled goals and a
sense of lacking in your
To dream about a
starving baby,
represents your
dependence on others.
You are experiencing
some deficiency in your
life that needs
immediate attention and
To dream of an
extremely small baby,
symbolizes your
helplessness and your
fears of letting others
become aware of your
vulnerabilities and
incompetence. You may
be afraid to ask for help
and as a result tend to
take matters into your
own hands.
To see a dead baby in
your dream, symbolizes
the ending of something
that is part of you.
To dream that you are
dipping a baby in and out
of water, signifies
regression. You are
regressing to a time
where you had no
worries and
Alternatively, it is
reminisce of when the
baby is in the fetus and
in its comfort zone. In
fact, some
expectant mothers
even give birth in a pool,
because the environment
in the water mimics the
environment in the
uterus. It is less
traumatic for the baby
as it emerges into the
world. So perhaps, the
dream your search for
your own comfort zone.
Baby Carriage
To see a baby carriage in
your dream, symbolizes
your desire for a family
or longing for a baby. If
the baby carriage is
empty, then it indicates
sadness or an unfulfilled
goal. Alternatively, it
suggests that you need
to cater to the needs of
your own inner child.
Baby Clothes
To see baby clothes in
your dream, suggests
that you are expressing
yourself in a more subtle
way. Alternatively, baby
clothes represent your
former ways of thinking.
You may refer to old
habits or former notions
which you have
Baby Shower
To dream of a baby
shower, suggests that
you are welcoming a new
start. You are given a
chance to start over
again and do things
differently this time
around. You have a new
found faith in life itself.
To dream that you are
babysitting, suggests
that you need to care for
the child within yourself.
To see or call for a
babysitter in your dream,
indicates that you need
to acknowledge and
work on your inner child.
To meet a bachelor in
your dreams, suggests
that you are seeking
freedom in your love life.
For a man to dream that
he is a bachelor, indicates
that he is having
difficulty with gaining his
own sense of self or
freedom in a relationship.
Alternatively, the
bachelor represents our
masculine side.
To dream of back-biting
about someone, warns
that you will cause harm
to someone if you do not
stop whatever you may
be doing. Think twice
over your actions and its
To dream that someone
is back-biting you,
signifies that you will
have some family
To dream of your back,
represents your
attitudes, strengths,
burdens and stance in
the world. It may also
relate to stress and
pressure that someone
is putting on you.
To see a naked back in
your dream, symbolizes
secrets that you may
have kept from others or
aspects of yourself that
you have kept hidden and
shielded away. Consider
the pun, "watch your
back!"; this dream may
be telling you to do just
that. Traditionally, seeing
a back in your dream,
forewarns that you
should not lend money to
anyone. In particular,
lending money to friends
will cause a rift in your
To see a person turn
their back on you,
signifies that you will be
deeply hurt as a result of
envy and jealousy.
*Please see Spine.
To dream that you are
doing backflips, suggests
that you are going out of
your way to help or
please someone. You
may feel under-
appreciated or that your
work is going unnoticed.
*Please see also
To see a backgammon
game in your dream,
signifies that you will
have an unwelcome
guest in the near future.
To dream that you are
playing a losing game of
symbolizes misfortune
and unlucky in love. You
seem to seek out the
wrong type of people and
your pursuit for love will
be a rocky path.
*Please See Landscape.
To see or carry a
backpack in your dream,
represents the decisions
and responsibilities that
are weighing your down.
To dream that you are
backpacking, symbolizes
your self-sufficiency and
survival skills. You may be
reflecting on all the
obstacles and adversities
that you have overcame.
To dream that you are
sitting in the backseat of
a car, suggests that you
are no longer in control of
your life. You may be
feeling overpowered,
dominated and being told
what to do. You need to
start taking back control
of your life.
To dream that you are
doing the backstroke,
suggests that although
you are acknowledging
your emotions, you are
not confronting them
head on.
To dream that you are
walking or moving
backward, signifies that
what you are doing may
be counter-productive.
What you are seeking in
life appears to be moving
away from you. Thus
you may be feeling a
sense of failure or believe
that you are unable to
achieve your goals and
aspirations. On the other
hand, moving backward
in your dream may
symbolize that you
should back off or
retreat in a situation you
may be facing in your
waking life.
To dream about your
backyard, represents
your childhood memories
or your unconscious.
Things in the backyard
are things you want to
keep hidden and out of
the view of others. The
condition of the yard is
also symbolic of how well
you maintain and balance
aspects of your life.
To see bacon in your
dream, symbolizes
essentials, staples, and
life's supply. It may also
be a play on the common
phase "being home the
bacon" to refer earning a
To see bacon that has
gone rancid in your
dream, suggests a
forbidden situation.
To see the backyard in
your dream, refers to the
secrets your are keeping.
There are some aspects
of your life which remain
hidden from view.
Alternatively, it
represents poverty.
To dream that you are
feeling bad, suggests
that you are off balance,
off centered, or even
feeling worthless.
To see or flash a badge
in your dream,
represents your position
of stature, honor and
status and are being
recognized for it. You
regard yourself highly.
Alternatively, it signifies
your need to belong and
to be part of something.
To see a badger in your
dream, signifies your
persistence and final
victory over your
opponents. The dream
may also be a pun on
badgering and
aggravating others.
To play or watch a
badminton game in your
dream, indicates that you
need to make a decision
quickly or else
opportunities will pass
you by. You need to learn
to keep up.
To see a bag in your
dream, represents the
responsibilities that you
carry. If the bag is ripped
or torn, then it indicates
that you are carrying a
lot of burden.
To dream of a bag full of
junk, symbolizes that
you are burdened with
worries and problems;
you have to find a way
on unloading some of this
To see or eat a bagel in
your dream, suggests
that there is key element
missing from your life.
You are not completely
whole. Alternatively, it
refers to sexual urges.
To see or carry baggage
in your dream, refers to
the problems and things
that you are carrying on

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