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midsummer s night dream - Newest pictures

· · · ◦ίIī◦ · · ·

To see an ibis in your
dream, symbolizes
perseverance and
To see ice in your dream,
suggests that you are
lacking a flow of ideas
and thoughts. You are
not seeing in progress in
your life. Alternatively,
you may be feeling
emotionally paralyzed or
rigid. You need to let your
feelings be known.
To dream that you are
walking on ice, indicates
that you are standing on
shaky or instable ground.
You are taking risks that
you shouldn't be taking.
Fear and caution are also
To dream that you fall
through ice, suggests
that your emotions are
threatening to come
crashing through.
Ice Pick
To see an ice pick in your
dream, symbolizes your
cold feelings which have
been suppressed.
Ice Cream
To see or eat ice cream
in your dream, denotes
pleasure and satisfaction
with your life. It is also
an indicative of good luck
and success in love.
To dream that you are
eating ice cream that is
tasteless or sour,
signifies sorrow,
disillusionment, or
To see ice cream melt in
your dream, symbolizes
failure to realize your
hopes and desires.
Ice Skating
To dream that you or
others are ice skating,
suggests that you need
to trust in yourself and
your actions. The dream
may also indicate that
you need to proceed
carefully into some
situation or relationship.
To see an iceberg in your
dream, suggests that
you are not utilizing your
fullest potential and
To see icicles melting in
your dream, indicates
that the
.tough times are almost
over. You have overcome
your problems.
To see icicles forming in
your dream, symbolizes
difficulties in your life.
You feel unsupported by
those around you.
To dream that you meet
the ideal person, signifies
uninterrupted pleasure,
love and devotion with a
chosen mate.
To dream of having
ideals, symbolizes
utmost honesty in any
legal matters you are
involved in.
To see your I.D. in your
dream, signifies your
own self-confidence. To
dream that you lose your
I.D., denotes confusion
about your own self-
To dream that you are
an idiot or call somebody
one, indicates that you
are making a situation
more difficult than it
need by. Your train of
thought is foggy and lack
To dream that you are
idling, represents
boredom and your lack of
initiative to take action in
what you really want to
To see idling people in
your dream, signifies
your tendency to not use
your time and energy
wisely in achieving your
To dream that you are
worshipping an idol,
signifies little progress in
attaining your goals. You
are worshipping false
values and ideas.
To see or live in an igloo
in your dream,
symbolizes something
that appears cold and
frigid on the outside, but
is really a warm and
caring person on the
inside. Alternatively, the
igloo represents the
feminine and hard cold
barrier that sometimes
need to be broken down.
To turn the ignition in
your dream, suggests
that you are set to move
forward toward your
goals. You are ready to
To dream that you are
ignoring someone or
being ignored, represents
some aspect of yourself
which you are not paying
enough attention to.
Alternatively, it may
reflect your real waking
experiences of being
ignored by that person.
To see an iguana in your
dream, represents
harshness, cold-
heartedness, fierceness,
and inhuman poise. It is
an indication of both
hostility and unstoppable
determination. The
iguana may remind you
of someone or some
situation in your waking
life that you find
frightening yet awe
To dream of an illness in
your dream, denotes
despair, unpleasant
changes, and an
emotional breakdown.
The illness may be
symbolic of your inability
to cope with a situation
and you see that being ill
is an easy way out. On a
more direct
note, this dream may
signal you to pay close
attention to your health
especially to the areas of
body revealed in the
*Please see also Sick.
To see a strange
illumination in your
dream, foretells
experience of distress,
failure and trouble.
To see an illuminated
face, signifies unfinished
business that must be
tended to immediately.
To dream that you are
being imitated, suggests
that you are setting an
example where others
are looking up to you. It is
said that imitation is the
best form of flattery.
To dream that you are
imitating others,
suggests that you are
experiencing doubts in
your own decisions.
Alternatively, it means
that you hold them in
high regards and are
trying to learn from their
To dream that you are
immobile, signifies
feelings of being trapped
or that you are rigid in
your attitudes and
*Please see also
To dream that you are
immortal, represents
longevity, continuity, or
fearlessness. You feel
that you are better than
others. Alternatively, it
signifies reluctance in
starting over or in taking
a new direction. You fear
To see an imp in your
dream, represents chaos
and disorder. You are
undergoing some
difficulty in your waking
life. Alternatively, the imp
symbolizes the negative
and repressed aspect as
To dream that you are
being impaled, suggests
a forceful, violent or
passionate release of
your repressed emotions.
You have been
symbolically set free
from the physical
limitations of your own
psyche. You are more
aggressive and direct
about your pent up
emotions. Consider which
part of the body is being
impaled and what that
part of the body
To dream that you or
someone has been
impeached, indicates your
desire to challenge
authority. You are not
afraid in letting others
know about your
position, even though it is
not a popular one.
To dream of implements,
signifies unsatisfactory
or underhanded means of
accomplishing some
To see broken
implements in your
dream, denotes failure in
business or serious
illness of a friend or
To dream that you are
impotent, signifies a fear
of losing power. Maybe
you are afraid that you
won't measure up to a
particular person or task
in your life. A more direct
interpretation suggest
that you may be having
problems with sex in
your waking life.
To dream that you are
imprisoned, suggests
that you are feeling
trapped or unable to
move beyond a certain
point. Perhaps your
outdated beliefs or old
ways of thinking is
preventing you from
going forward.
To dream of
inauguration, signifies
personal growth or a rise
in your current status.
You are being
recognized for your
To dream that you are
burning incense, indicates
spiritual learning. It
represents a high level of
If this dream relates to
real-life experiences with
incest, then you need to
seek professional advice
or counseling.
To dream of incestuous
practices, signifies erotic
desires. It may also be
representative of the
union between masculine
and feminine aspects of
yourself. You are in a
phase in your life where
you are not quite a child
and not quite an adult,
and thus this dream may
be symbolic of the
merging of the child and
adult within yourself.
To dream that you are
incoherent, symbolizes
extreme nervousness
and excitement.
Alternatively, you may
feel a lack of power or
authority especially when
confronted by others.
Such feelings may stem
from a lack of self
esteem or self

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