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To see or travel on a
macadamized road in
your dream , denotes a
pleasant journey that will
prove beneficial and
To dream that you are
eating macaroni, denotes
small losses. To see
macaroni in large
quantities, signifies that
need for you to be frugal,
economize, and save
To see or use mace in
your dream, represents
your quest for objectivity
over subjectivity. You do
not let your emotions
rule your actions.
To see machinery in your
dream, suggests that
you are going about your
way without much
thought. You are making
decisions without
thinking it through. You
need to get out of your
boring pattern.
Alternatively, it indicates
that your self-image or a
relationship may be in
need of repair.
Mad Dog
To see a mad dog in your
dream, denotes that you
and your friends will be
the verbally assaulted by
your lowly rivals..
To dream that you kill a
mad dog, signifies that
you will overcome the
adverse opinions of
others and rise to
To dream that you are
diagnosed with madness
or that you are mad,
forewarns of trouble,
loss, and overwhelming
grief. You may have been
behaving in an
inappropriate way in your
waking life.
To see others suffering
from madness, signifies
a gloomy end to hopeful
To see the Madonna in
your dream, symbolizes
the mystical mother and
the giver of life and
beauty. It also signifies
To dream that you are a
member of a mafia,
suggests that you are
allowing others to
manipulate you. Or you
are using your power
against others.
To dream that you come
in contact with the
mafia, indicates that you
experiencing some inner
conflict and turmoil.
To read a magazine in
your dream, indicates
that you are opened to
various new ideas.
Consider also the theme
and name of the
magazine and its
To see maggots in your
dream, represents your
anxieties about death. It
may also be indicative of
some issue or problem
that you have been
rejecting and it is now
"eating away" at you .
You need to confront it
for it is destroying your
sense of harmony and
In particular, to dream
that you are stepping on
maggots, indicates guilt
and impurity. You are
trying to repress your
immoral thoughts or
behavior . On a positive
note, it may symbolize
your resilience,
persistence, and your
ability to bounce back
from adversity.
To perform or dream of
magic, suggests that you
need to look at things
from a different view or
approach problems from
a new angle in order to
successfully move
To dream of black magic,
represents that you have
obtained your wishes and
wants through
underhanded tricks. It
also symbolizes evil and
Magic Carpet
To dream that you are
riding a magic carpet,
indicates that you are
overcoming your
obstacles and physical
To see or dream that
you are a magician,
signifies that an issue or
a task at hand may be
trickier than you had
anticipated. You may be
disillusioned. The dream
may also mean that you
are trying to fool yourself
or someone into believing
something that you
know is not true.
To see a magistrate in
your dream, represents
an authoritarian figure in
your life. You feel the
need to be controlled and
told what to do. How you
are behaving or what you
are doing is not in
accordance with your
belief system. You may
be experiencing wit
issues of guilt.
To see a magnet in your
dream, symbolizes
negative forces that are
drawing you towards a
path of dishonor and ruin.
It may also signify
personal empowerment.
Magnifying Glass
To see or use a
magnifying glass in your
dream, indicates that
something in your life
needs to be examined
and looked at more
To see magnolias in your
dream, symbolizes
beauty, grace and
Magnolia Tree
To see a magnolia tree in
your dream, indicates
your need for attention
and to be noticed. You are
being overly confident in
your abilities.
Alternatively, it
represents your need to
feel protected and safe
from life's problems.
To see a magpie in your
dream, signifies
dissatisfaction and
disagreements and that
you need to be careful of
what you say and do.
To see a dead magpie in
your dream, symbolizes
that malicious rumors will
lead to the downfall of
To see or have a maid in
your dream, suggests
that you are depending
too much on others for
their help. You need to be
more independent and
look after your own self.
To dream that you are a
maid, indicates that you
need to clear up the
clutter in your life. You
may also need to nurture
yourself and cleanse your
To dream that receive
mail, indicates that you
need to communicate or
re-establish contact with
someone from your
present/past. It may
also represent messages
from your unconscious or
intuition. The mail may
also be a pun on a "male"
in your life.
If you receive mail from
someone you don't
know, then it suggests
that some hidden aspect
of yourself is trying to
tell you something.
To see a mail box in your
dream, represents
important information
that you are about to
receive. Pay particular
attention to your dream
and what message it is
trying to convey to you
from your unconscious. If
the mailbox is full, then it
indicates that you have
not digested or accepted
these messages.
To see a mailman in your
dream, symbolizes your
communications with
others. You need to get
the word out about
To dream that you are a
mailman, suggests that
a message is being
channeled to you from
your unconscious. Pay
close attention to the
message of this dream.
To dream that you are
applying make-up,
signifies that you are
trying to cover up or
conceal a hidden aspect
of yourself. Alternatively,
it may signify that you
are putting on your best
face forward. You are
trying to enhance your
self-image and increase
your sense of self-
To dream that you are
wearing too much make-
up, indicates that you are
putting more emphasis
on beauty and outside
appearances rather than
what is inside.

Making Out
To dream that you are
making out with
someone you don't like in
that way, suggests that
you need to acknowledge
and incorporate aspects
and characteristics of
this person into your own
character. Consider
specific traits that this
person possess.
To dream that you are
making our with a friend,
suggests that you have
an unconscious desire to
pursue the relationship
but fear that it will
jeopardize the friendship.
To dream that you have
malice toward others,
signifies that others will
look down on you
because of your ill
temper. You need to
control your temper.
To dream that others
have malice towards you,
denotes a false friend
who is working on
harming you.
To dream that you are at
the mall, represents your
attempts in making a
favorable impression on
someone. The mall is also
symbolic of materialism
and the need to keep up
with the trends, fads,
and/or the latest
To see a mallet in your
dream, symbolizes force
or willpower. You may
need to use force and
power to get your way
and make things happen.
To dream that you are
sued for malpractice,
signifies a need to
change your ways and
To see malted drinks in
your dream, signifies
that you will be wrapped
up in an intriguing but
dangerous affair.
To see a man in your
dream, denotes the
masculine aspect of
yourself - the side that is
assertive, rational,
aggressive, and/or
competitive. If the man
is known to you, then
the dream may reflect
you feelings and concerns
you have about him.
If you are a woman and
dream that you are in the
arms of a man, suggests
that you are accepting
and welcoming your
stronger assertive
personality . It may also
highlight your desires to
be in a relationship and
your image of the ideal
To see an old man in your
dream, represents
wisdom or forgiveness.
To dream that you are a
manager, indicates that
you need to be more
organized and efficient.
To see a mandala in your
dream, signifies that
positive changes are
occurring in your waking
life. It also symbolizes
wholeness, unity, healing,
spirituality, and harmony.
To see or eat a mango in
your dream, symbolizes
fertility, sexual desires,
and lust. Alternatively,
the mango may also ...

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