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dream - Newest pictures

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To dream of installing
wadding into something,
indicates your need for
security and to feel and
be protected.
Alternatively, the dream
may be analogous to
your fears of gaining
weight or getting fat.
To dream of wading in
water, symbolizes your
power and control over
your emotions. Consider
the depth and clarity of
the water to determine
how much power you
have over circumstances
and situations in your life.
To dream that you are
eating a wafer, suggests
that you need more
diversity and
spontaneity. You need to
gain a better
understanding of various
facets in your life and
incorporate them
together. Alternatively,
the wafer may
symbolize something or
some situation that you
need to handle with care.
To dream of eating a
waffle, indicates that
you need to come down
from your lofty dream
and approach life from a
different angle.
To dream that you are
waffling over a topic,
suggests that you need
to think things more
clearly and learn to
express yourself with
more assurance and
To dream that you are
wagering on something,
represents a risk that
you may be taking in
some waking situation.
In a sense, life can be a
To dream that you are
paying out wages,
suggests that you are
indebted to that person.
To dream that you are
receiving wages,
symbolizes your reward
for a job well done.
To see a wagon in your
dream, is symbolic of
difficulties. It also
signifies your thrifty
nature and your
unwillingness to take
To see an empty and
abandoned wagon,
signifies loss and
To see a wagtail in your
dream, foretells that you
will be a victim of
unpleasant gossip
resulting in some sort of
To dream that you take
in and care for a waif,
signifies an increase in
your business affairs.
To see several waifs in
you dream, symbolizes
that your sorrows will
increase tenfold.
To hear a wail in your
dream, symbolizes some
sadness, pain or
suffering of someone
around you. If you are
wailing, then the dream
may serve as an avenue
in which you can freely
release such emotions
that may not be
appropriate in your
waking life.
To see a large full waist,
signifies a pleasing and
comfortable life.
To see a small petite
waist, signifies success
in business and
educational pursuits.
To dream of an
unhealthy, emaciated
waist, signifies failure in
business and educational
To dream that you are a
waiter or waitress,
indicates that you are
catering to the demands
of others instead of your
own. You feel that you
are waiting on somebody
hand and foot and are
not being appreciated.
To see a waiter in your
dream, suggests that
you are in need of
nurturance and to feel
special. The dream may
also be a pun and you
need to be patient and
To dream that you are
waiting, is indicative of
issues of power/control
and feelings of
independence, especially
in a relationship. Consider
how you feel in the
dream while you were
waiting. If you are
patient, then you know
things will happen at
their own pace. If you
are impatient, then it
may mean that you are
being too demanding or
that your expectations
are too high.
Alternatively, the dream
may denote your
expectations and
anxieties about some
unknown situation or
decision. There is a sense
of anticipation. You are
ready to take action.
To dream that you
attend a wake,
symbolizes your need to
grieve or let go of
something that has been
close to you. It is also
okay to seek the support
of those around you to
help you get through this
difficult time.
To dream that you are
waking up in your dream,
indicates that something
is missing or lacking in
your life. There is an
aspect of your life that
you are not utilizing to its
fullest potential. You are
not recognizing your
To dream that you are
walking with ease,
represents the way you
are moving through life
and progress toward
your goals. Consider your
To dream that you have
difficulties walking,
indicates that you are
reluctant and hesitant in
proceeding forward in
some situation. You may
also be trying to distance
yourself from certain life
experiences. The
difficulty in walking is a
reflection of your current
situation and the
obstacles that you are
Walking Stick
To see a walking stick in
your dream, indicates
that you are jumping
commitments too quickly
and will suffer as a
To see yourself using a
walking stick in your
dream, signifies your
dependence on others for
To see a wallet in your
dream, symbolizes
financial resources or
To dream that your
wallet has been stolen,
indicates that someone
may be trying to take
advantage of you.
To dream that you lost
your wallet, suggests
that you need to be more
cautious and careful
about your spending and
finances. You need to be
more responsible with
your money.
Alternatively, it indicates
that you are losing touch
with your true identity.
To dream that you or
someone else is hanging
up wallpaper, signifies
that you are putting up a
barrier or some sort of
shield between yourself
and others. It also
suggest that you are
covering something up - a
secret of sorts.
Alternatively, it may
mean something that
needs beautifying.
To dream that you are
peeling or stripping off
wallpaper, denotes that
you are beginning to let
your guard down or
breaking down a barrier
that you have kept
between you and others.
It also indicates that you
are revealing aspects of
yourself that have been
kept well hidden.
The color and pattern of
the wallpaper will offer
clues as what kind of
barrier, secret, or feeling
is being represented by
the wallpaper.
To see a wall in your
dream, signifies
limitations. obstacles and
boundaries. There is a
barrier obstructing your
progress. You may have
been accustomed to your
old habits and way of
To dream that you jump
over a wall, suggests
that you will overcome
tough obstacles and
To dream that you
demolish or break down a
wall, indicates that you
are breaking through
obstacles and
overcoming your
limitations. If you see a
wall crumble, then it
suggests that you have
easily risen above your
problems and overcame
your barriers.
To dream that you are
building a wall,
represents a bad
relationship or some
childhood trauma. It also
suggest that you have
accepted your limitations.
To dream that you are
hiding behind a wall,
suggests that you
ashamed in
acknowledging your
To dream that you are
being thrown or shot
through a wall, literally
means that you need to
breakdown those walls
that you have put up
around you. You need to
venture out and explore.
To see walnuts in your
dream, symbolizes that
much mental activity is
being expended towards
a task at hand. Walnuts
also represent joy and
To dream that you crack
a walnut, foretells that
your expectations will
To see a walrus in your
dream, signifies
protection and your
display of dominance in
some situation or
relationship. You are
always on the lookout
for anybody who is trying
to out-maneuver, out-
rank, or out-wit you.
Alternatively, the walrus
may represent your
thick-skin and how you
do not let the
comments/criticism of
others get to you.
For Eskimos and Native
Americans in the North,
the walrus symbolizes
supernatural ability and
To see a waltz in your
dream, foretells that you
will have pleasant
relations with a cheerful
and exciting person.
To dream that you are
waltzing, denotes that
you are the object of
much admiration.
To see or wave a wand
in your dream,
represents your power
and influence over others.
symbolizes the power of
love. If someone else is
holding the wand, then it
signifies their power over
the situation.
To dream that you are
wandering, suggests
that you are searching
and looking for some
direction in your life. You
are lacking motivation.
Alternatively, it
represents a
To dream that you are in
want, represents the
wants and desires that
you have suppressed in
your waking life.
Alternatively, the dream
may signify your
potential to achieve and
be something.
To dream of a war,
signifies disorder and
chaos in your personal
affairs. You also be
experiencing some
internal conflict or
emotional struggle. You
are feeling torn between
aspects of ...

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