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abortion - Newest pictures

abortion and the child in you, of you

he could have cured cancer

look at the picture above,
this isnt a bug or baby
rat, it is a HUMAN BABY!
this is the result of an
abortion, it has eyes,, a
nose, a mouth, you can
see each finger and toe,
you can see each bone of
the ribcage, even its tiny
brain, he or she could
have been you. would you
kill a baby? most people
would say no, but also
say yes to abortion, its
exactly the same as if
you killed one that had
already been born. here is
a little information of a
Watch Video
Just thought I'd spread
some facts
+19 by LittleMistersMom
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Posted 05/24/10
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So I've seen the post
over and over again for
the anti-abortion claiming
that a fetus is 8 inches
long in month one, sucks
their thumb in month
two...I'd just like to give
some facts. I think
people who forward this
stuff without checking if
it's even true are at fault
for spreading un-truths.
It's also not good for a
pregnant woman to not
know what's going on
with thier body (in my
So here we go
kiddos....some sex ed:
Also keep in mind, these
development mile stones
are at the end of the
month listed
Month One:
The embryonic sac and
fluid are developing, along
with the yolk sack that
will produce the baby's
red blood cells
The fetus is two layers:
the epiblast and the
hypoblast, from which all
of her organs and body
parts will develop.

Month two:
Webbed fingers and toes
are poking out from your
baby's hands and feet,
his eyelids practically
cover his eyes, breathing
tubes extend from his
throat to the branches of
his developing lungs, and
his "tail" is just about
The fetus is about the
size of a kidney bean.

Month three:
nerve cells are multiplying
rapidly, and in your baby's
brain, synapses are
forming. The face looks
slightly human: Eyes have
moved from the sides to
the front of the head,
and ears are right where
they should be. From
crown to rump, the baby-
to-be is just over 2
inches long

Month four:
Too far along for an
abortion in most states
unless there are health
Right now, it'sabout the
size of an avocado: 4 1/2
inches long (head to
rump) and 3 1/2 ounces.
His legs are more
developed, his head is
more erect than it has
been, and his eyes have
moved closer to the
front of his head. His
ears are close to their
final position, too. The
patterning of his scalp
has begun, though his
locks aren't recognizable
yet. It's heart is now
pumping about 25 quarts
of blood each day, and
this amount will continue
to increase as the baby
continues to develop.

Month five:
It weighs about 10 1/2
ounces now. He's also
around 6 1/2 inches long
from head to bottom and
about 10 inches from
head to heel. He's
swallowing more these
days, which is good
practice for his digestive
system. He's also
producing meconium, a
black, sticky by-product
of digestion. This gooey
substance will
accumulate in his bowels,
and you'll see it in his
first soiled diaper.

Month six:
It cuts a pretty lean
figure at this point, but
his body is filling out
proportionally and he'll
soon start to plump up.
His brain is also growing
quickly now, and his
taste buds are continuing
to develop.
His lungs are developing
"branches" of the
respiratory "tree" as well
as cells that produce
surfactant, a substance
that will help his air sacs
inflate once he hits the
outside world. His skin is
still thin and translucent,
but that will start to
change soon.

Month seven:
This week, your baby
weighs almost 2 pounds
and is about 14 1/2
inches long with her legs
extended. She's sleeping
and waking at regular
intervals, opening and
closing her eyes, and
perhaps even sucking her
fingers. With more brain
tissue developing, your
baby's brain is very active
now. While her lungs are
still immature, they
would be capable of
functioning— with a lot
of medical help — if she
were to be born now.

Month eight:
By now, your baby
weighs 3.75 pounds and
is about 16.7 inches long.
You're gaining about a
pound a week and
roughly half of that goes
right to your baby. In
fact, she'll gain a third to
half of her birth weight
during the next 7 weeks
as she fattens up for
survival outside the
womb. She now has
toenails, fingernails, and
real hair (or at least
respectable peach fuzz).
Her skin is becoming soft
and smooth as she
plumps up in preparation
for birth.
this is just the affect to
the baby.

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