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Anti Abortion Articles

Anti abortion articles share
information that is
relevant so that a
pregnant woman can be
informed about the
developing child within
the womb. There are
important considerations
to take into account that
can help a woman to
become informed about
abortion. Some of these
include information about
when the heartbeat
begins, when the brain
begins to function, and
when unconscious
thoughts begin. Realizing
that God gives life is an
important anti abortion
argument and with that in
mind shouldn't God be
the one to decide to
extinguish that life?
Women who are
contemplating abortion
need to understand that
she may be causing
herself psychological
harm by taking the life of
her own child. In addition,
there are physical risks
involved; such as scarring
and damage to female
organs. For those who
are unable to care for their
child, there are many
childless couples who
would love the
opportunity to raise a
child as their very own.
Some people believe that
terminating a child's life
before birth is alright
because the child has not
reached consciousness;
that consciousness is a
state that occurs after
birth. Research publicized
through anti abortion
articles states that a child
starts to dream in the
womb once the brain is
fully developed around
forty days after
conception. Logic dictates
that in order for a child to
experience unconscious
thoughts it makes sense
that he or she also
experiences conscious
thoughts. This
information reminds
humans that they really
do not know for sure
when a child becomes
aware. Even if scientists
could determine when
consciousness begins,
wouldn't it still be wrong
to extinguish a life? God
created human beings in
His image; and told them
to be "fruitful and
multiply" (Genesis 1:27-28)
Another argument used
by pro abortionists is that
just because a fetus is
alive does not mean that
he or she is a person.
Some do not believe that
the fetus becomes a
person until months after
being born. The anti
abortion argument seeks
to answer the question, If
a person does not know
for sure when a fetus
becomes a person, how
can someone take the
chance that he or she is
not? God's word
condemns those who
shed innocent blood; an
unborn child can most
definitely fall under the
definition of "innocent
blood" (Psalms 106:37-40)
. The Bible tells us that
God loves His children
and knows the smallest
details about each person,
"But the very hairs of
your head are all
numbered" (Matthew
The heartbeat of the
unborn child begins 21
days after conception and
a child born as early as 20
weeks after conception
has a good chance of
survival. For those pro
abortionists who do not
believe that a child is a
person until he or she is
several months old, what
about the premature
babies? Anyone who has
held a little baby that
weighs less than 2
pounds knows that the
child is indeed a little
person: one who is
struggling to live. Anti
abortion articles recognize
that the fight between
good and evil can clearly
be seen in this
controversial issue.
Anytime people are
wholeheartedly looking
for justification for
anything that they do
there should be a big
question mark as to why
they feel that their actions
need validation. Such is
what is happening with
those who believe that
abortion should be legal.
The real question here is
why so many want to
take life away from a little
human being who brings
so much joy and
meaning to life.
There are physical and
psychological problems
that can afflict women
who have had abortions.
Some of the more
important physical
problems associated with
the procedure are
bleeding, infections, pain,
difficult menses,
perforated uterus, ectopic
miscarriages, and
becoming sterile. Some of
the more important
psychological problems
that can be a result of the
procedure are guilt,
mourning, regret, sense
of loss, suicide, anger,
self-destructive behavior,
the inability to forgive self,
nightmares, and the onset
of multiple types of
psychological disorders.
Psychological disorders
that may result include
but are not limited to
eating disorders, anxiety,
depression, and obsessive
compulsive disorder. The
most profound anti
abortion argument is
based upon the
consequences of an
immoral action and how
this affects the woman
who undergoes the
The spiritual effects on
those who have the
procedure is one that is
worthy of contemplation.
From a Biblical
perspective, taking a life is
murder, is one of the
commandments of God,
and is a sin, which means
separation from God. Anti
abortion articles found on
the Internet talk about the
love of God and
forgiveness through His
Son, Jesus Christ. When a
person sins, he or she
must confess the sin and
ask God for forgiveness.
Some studies have
revealed that many
women have felt so much
guilt and remorse after
having the procedure that
they tried to commit
suicide. God offers a way
back into fellowship and
right standing with Him,
through the shed blood of
Christ when He died on
the cross. "For the wages
of sin is death; but the gift
of God is eternal life
through Jesus Christ our
Lord" (Romans 6:23).
There are many
arguments and counter
arguments between pro
life and pro choice but the
nature of people is prone
to bias so that any person
can rationalize any action.
In addition, finding people
who believe the same
thing is not difficult either
so just because others
have the same opinion
does not mean something
is right. The anti abortion
argument recognizes that
embryos are human
beings and should have
the right to live. There are
some people who
survived even after their
mothers attempted to
abort them. For anyone
who has any questions
about abortion he or she
should read some of the
personal testimonies of
these individuals that can
be found on the Internet
by doing a search on anti
abortion articles.

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