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Q. Welcome to A-2k pcc Mr.zr This time you, The A-2k PCC Host is the PCC Guest! How does it feel? :D

it's like I'm very nervous. Actually I'm getting the feel of the guest who might also been nervous or too anxious about the fact of the interview. More over I'm very glad that the SKS is taking my interview.... I still can't believe it.

Well, Why is your nick 'ZR'? What is the signifacant?

Well, there are many facts for this. First of all I'm a huge fan of Zack Ryder.... Secondly I was just wanna add a short and simple name in my profile.
Hmm the nick which can never be forgotten.

Anyways what is your own view @peperonity?

Peperonity, a site which gives you nothing but only the thought that we are free of thoughts and it's none of anyone's business if there are good users, I mean there is much negativeness in peperonity that we are not much aware of good profiles which needs encouragement for their special work. If you go through a bad site you can notice that there are many likes or comments for the waste work. Lot say but I'll end here....
Is it possible to repair the negativeness in peperonity?
Presently, it is a big no to do the same. I mean we can if they(bad site creators) can! I've an example for the same.... Our own Multi-talented Nishant and I've sent many requests to have a look at FTF and then decide whether you have the ability to join or not. The response was that no one is coming out with a desire to do something good in peperonity. Most of the users are here for curing their tiredness which is also a must for the user who is tired. So in simple words 'we can if everyone can'.
What is being like an A-2k member?
A-2k, the word which gives you both name and fame in peperonity. Being an A-2k family member is just like being a celebrity in peperonity. And I think that if you are an A-2k family member then you have many great responsibilities to entertain your visitors and also to be yourself the most. In simple words I wanna thanks The SKS and all the family members for accepting me in this unique family without which my work would not have a appreciated in peperonity. It's almost 6 months old A-2k doing the best in peperonity. I've created a facebook page for my A-2k Messages site and I would like all the visitors to like this page A-2k Messages at your service....
Q. Your short story of being a user of peperonity and an member of A-2k
It was incidentally that I visited the peperonity site and the rest is history. Being a user of peperonity was not known to me until I've joined the A-2k family. A-2k family made me a responsible user of peperonity. I'm over exited when I take interviews and when I get good responses for my work in peperonity. I must say this.... Peperonity gives a user freedom of everything but A-2k applies wings to this freedom. So, every A-2k family member is like a flying angle with huge responsibilities....
Q. At present you have 14 wonderful A-2k sites. It shows that how much you give your love to work hard for make A-2k more colorful. Now the question is- how do you get this great sperit?
My sites may be or may not be wonderful but one thing Is for sure they will be under construction always because my sites come with a uniqueness and need to be updated.... The spirit that I'm connected to is from all the good sites holders in peperonity who strive hard without any in-comings from their visitors but these super people give a lot to their visitors and except mere the worthy appreciation for their work!
Q. What if the gaint of Aladin's lamp appear to you and give you the chance to make 3 wishes?
Frankly I don't need them until I've got a thought to do something good for this universe. In general I would like to make the 3 wishes asking the questions to the geeni.... 1. What's your aim in giving your lamp owners the wishes they desire? 2. What if I'm not satisfied by your wish in the future? 3. What's the definition of life according to you?
Q. What do you think wheather sometimes it is good or not to drive some A-2k members as A-2k special peps celebraty host for making difference in your site
It is a superb idea because everyone can see a new face hosting the celebrities.... It will be awesome to work on someone's adventure of taking an interview on behalf of me as an A-2k PCC host. So, yes any A-2k family member can help me to add more appreciation to A-2k's good work. Always welcomed....
Rfr round 1. A-2K
2. FTF
3. WFF
4. Love
5. Your friends
6. Your aim in life
7. Your dreams
8. Favorite super hero
9. Hobby
10. A-2k-masseges and a-2k-english-grammar

1. It's a part of my life on peperonity.
2. An superb attempt to change the world.
3. One of the world's best site on peperonity.
4. You can't love someone until you love the humanity.
5. Make me think twice to do bad deeds.
6. To serve the humanity.
7. To be someone that no personality can match with....
8. My super hero in life would be the one who have a sense of responsibility towards humanity. 9. To try different things which I can't do differently....
10. It feels great that these sites have +1000 visitors and soon A-2k English Grammar will have 5000 visitors which is a great thing for me as it's been only a few months that I've added this particular site. I must thank A-2k for this....
Q. Say something for friends and visitors.
Nothing to say as my friends and visitors know what they can and they can't.... @SKS: Thanks for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to answer your questions. @Divya: I'm a huge fan of your's.... @Ernie: Your are the best human being I've ever met online. @Nishant: Thanks for being my friend. @Dipu: You are the most entertaining A-2k family member. @Bikash: You are a simple and not too much talkative and I like this. @Fire baby: You can change the world in which only humanity exist. @Chandan: You have the ability to change a bad person's thinking and make him wire. @Undertaker: You are very unique. @Lia: You are the one who can make someone's day more blessed. @Not mentioned friends: Every friend I've has many creative thoughts which I lack, thanks for being my friend. @Visitors: You have the power to judge the sites you are visiting, so, use it wisely. Thank you so much....

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