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qurstor yusufkingdream

Story of Prophet Yusuf (AS)

1. Introduction
Prophet Yusuf (AS) was the son of
Prophet Ya'qub (AS). In the Bible he is
referred to as Joseph son of Jacob. The
Holy Qur'an has mentioned his story in
a beautiful chapter entitled "Surah
Yusuf". Prophet Yusuf (AS) had 11
brothers. He was one of the youngest
and possessed excellent character and
manners. His father loved him dearly.
Prophet Yusuf (AS) once dreamt that
eleven stars and the sun and moon
were prostrating to him. He related the
dream to his father. Prophet Ya'qub
(AS) realised that the dream outlined
his son's destiny and greatness and
cautioned him not to tell his brothers
about the dream.
His brothers were jealous of the favour
that he enjoyed in their father's eyes
and planned to somehow get rid of
him. Whenever they took their goats
out for grazing they would ask their
father if Yusuf (AS) could accompany
them. Prophet Ya'qub (AS) always
refused, saying that the boy was too
young. When Prophet Yusuf (AS)
reached the age of 16, his brothers
insisted that he was now old enough
to accompany them. With reluctance,
their father agreed to let them take
him with them.
As soon as they were far enough from
home, they began to plot about how to
dispose of Prophet Yusuf (AS). Then,
they came across a dry well. They
removed Prophet Yusuf's (AS) shirt,
and threw him into the well. Ignoring
their young brother's pleas, they
heartlessly left him to die of hunger.
On the way back, they slaughtered a
goat and stained Prophet Yusuf's (AS)
shirt with its blood. They arrived home
weeping and told their father that
while they were grazing their sheep, a
wolf came and ate their brother. He did
not believe their story and could do
nothing but remain patient and wait
for Allah to reunite him with his
beloved son.
Meanwhile a caravan of traders
passing by the well stopped to draw
some water. They were surprised to
see Prophet Yusuf (AS) come up
holding the bucket. They hid him with
their merchandise and sold him to
some slave traders for a few pieces of...
Superb. The story of prophet Yusuf's (AS) is a true, and many lessons we cn tk from this story about patience Of Prophet Yusuf's (AS) and his father were about love to Allah altough their lives are tested by Alloh with the grief and anguish, etc and we should forgive and forget the past, Instead Prophet Yusuf's (AS) forgave brothers errors and treated them well
12.09.2012 19:08 EDT,

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