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A New Day

by Unknown

The sun has begun to set and I hang
up the smile I've worn all day. Though
I will make sure it is the first thing I
put back on in the morning because
just in case it is 'that day,' I want her
to see me at my very best.
I do the normal routine, eat dinner,
clean the house, write -- the usual
And then I lay down hoping to fall
asleep quickly so my new day will
hurry up and arrive. A new day with a
brand new sun.
But as I lay there and wait for the
world to turn half way around, I think
about her. And sometimes I smile, and
sometimes that smile will turn into a
snicker, and then often that snicker
will turn into a burst of laughter.
And then there are times I get that
lump in my throat and that tight
feeling in my chest, and sometimes
that feeling overwhelms me and
begins to turn into a tear, and often
that tear multiplies itself and I can no
longer fight the feeling and I lose the
battle. .
Then somehow through either the
joy or the sadness I drift and find
myself asleep. Then the dreams begin
and keep me company until my new
day arrives.
When I awake it's with such
excitement! Because I tell myself this
could be the day that every other day
has led up to and the first day of the
rest of my life. I quickly dawn my
smile, because I do so want her to see
me at my very best. Then I look out
the window even though I know it's
dawn, but I still have to confirm I've
been given another chance to find
And there it is ... the sun, even when
it's cloudy; somehow I still see it. And
it smiles at me and I say "thank you"
and I smile back.
Then I ask myself, "Is this the day?"
And the excitement rushes over me
again. And then I ask myself,
"Where's it going to be?"
Maybe it'll be at the water fountain
and unexpectedly there I'll find her
and much more than my thirst will be
Maybe it'll be at the grocery store,
and there she'll appear as I'm picking
out fruit and she'll show me the
difference between...
Nice story and to comment this entry we comment of our experience and our days is a new days
31.08.2012 11:31 EDT,
Yes its true, we always gv spirite each other and I felt my life so colorfull.. Brands new like this entry in new days
31.08.2012 11:26 EDT,
Before 241210 i was just only Raj... BUT after 241210 My name becme as RAJERN coz my name add with ernie... An our true love gve a shine spirite to us.
31.08.2012 11:21 EDT,
Ernie saying like that abt me coz ernie very love me... An its true. Many times we also quarrel.. Many times we has did missundstanding.. Many times we far of each other. But we know how to explane our feelings..... Im not say we are best couple but for me ernie is my world an i can see whole world in ernie's eyes... I love my ernie so much.
31.08.2012 11:15 EDT,
Me and raj have routinue activity, to know timely to take meal, to work, to reach home, we spend time together then rest coz we care each other and have activity for tomorrow, in holiday he will tell where and with whom he have hangout like I did for him.. Usually after hangout we fight coz jealous but our pure heart can trust, altough my love only by words but he's keep my love in his heart
31.08.2012 11:09 EDT,

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