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short stories the pirates and the lost treasu


There was once an invisible ship
aboard which some wicked pirates
lived. These pirates spent their days
sailing the seas and oceans hunting
for very valuable treasure – some
hidden treasure that no one had ever
been able to find. The pirates and their
ship were invisible, and you could only
see it if you were a pirate too. It also
meant that the pirates could get to all
the hidden treasure before anyone
else, for they wouldn’t leave a trace.
As usual, the pirates set sail for some
hidden treasure that no one had ever
heard of, but even so this treasure was
very special for it guarded a big
Following the course of the treasure
map, the pirates were impatient to get
there as soon as possible, for they
believed it would be the best treasure
they had ever seen. In no time at all,
the pirates’ invisible ship had reached
the treasure island and as they were
the first to get there they were very
Just as the treasure map indicated,
they had to head inland from the
beach by taking one hundred paces in
a straight line, turning right and taking
eight more paces – and there, buried in
the sand, was the hidden treasure.
The pirates grabbed their picks and
spades and starting digging as fast as
they could, taking it in turns when one
got tired. But after they had been
digging for quite a while, they hit
something metal…
“We’ve found it!” cried a pirate.
They had found an old chest that had
to contain the treasure! So they flung
it open to see the hidden treasure no
one had ever heard of (but which had
a map about it). But to their horror, the
chest was full of sand and had a piece
of parchment inside it.
Extremely annoyed, one of the pirates
picked up the scroll to see if it told
them where the treasure really was.
He began reading: ”If you have
succeeded in getting this far, it is
because you are not content with
what you already have. You wish only
to be richer and richer. Well, don’t
bother looking any...
U made sense out of nonsense
12.09.2012 11:31 EDT,
Rich is relative, we will never be satisfied with the results we have achieved in the absence of gratitude.
02.09.2012 10:11 EDT,
Map they found but contents in box nothing
02.09.2012 10:10 EDT,
Ernie saying the right they need a map in the see:)
02.09.2012 10:08 EDT,
This storytells about pirate looking for treasure, they are greedy for wealth and wants to be the richest pirate, they found a map and after excavated, no contents :)
02.09.2012 10:05 EDT,

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