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Tips on giving a good speech★

1. While practicing your speech at
home, practice it out aloud,
preferably in front of a mirror. Notice
your body posture, your facial
expressions and your tone of voice
while practicing the speech. You may
also use a recording device to record
and listen how you sound.
Practicing in front of mirror can be an
excellent way of preparing for speech
delivery for an upcoming event.

2. Know your topic well. It helps to
know your subject as much as
possible and prepare thoroughly.
Knowing your subject thoroughly can
add to your confidence levels.

3. On the morning of your speech,
avoid carbonated drinks as they may
dry up your mouth.

4. Once you stand on stage take some
time to relax and gather your
thoughts. Do not be afraid of pausing
momentarily during your speech if
required. Remember you do not have
to speak continuously without
stopping, you can very well afford
brief moments of silence in order to
organize your thoughts and continue.

5. Reduce fear of the audience. You
can do this by realizing that usually
the audience will be on your side.
They want you to do well and want
to hear what you have got to say.
There may be a few mischief-makers
in the audience, but most of them are
not likely to be so. So it is best to
ignore the mischief-makers.
Think that you are talking to your
friends. Having a positive and friendly
perception of the audience can
increase your confidence levels. Talk
to your audience as if you are talking
to a group of friends or to guests at a

6. While starting to speak if you
notice that you voice is shaky, take a
pause. Clear your throat, drink some
water and take deep breaths to cool
down your nerves. Use of voice in
speech delivery plays a very
important role. So try to speak in a
calm and composed manner. Speak
slowly and clearly.

7. Focus on someone sitting at back of
the room, this might have a calming
effect on some speakers.

8. Pretending that you are a
professional on TV or Radio can
sometimes help.

9. If people ask you questions and
you do not know the answer to some
of those questions, do not be afraid to
acknowledge so. You do not have to
know all things.

10. Have a good ending statement
prepared in advance. While writing
down the speech, make sure you
have written a good ending
statement so that you do not end
with an awkward silence or say
something like " I guess this is the
end of my speech".
Its not necessary that the ending
statement is a dramatic one, even a
simple well-thought out statement
should do the job.

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