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Dated: 24/07/2012


Special Guest: The fire baby
The fire baby's profile:
The fire baby's blog:

The interview is getting started.....

Q. What is peperonity in the view of The fire baby?
Answer: A perfect place to learn people and use the lessons in real life so that one can get the real view of the present world arround !

A request to pep moderation,
1. when we ignore any abuser, if all the user ids under the same email address would get ignored then abusing would be reduced to a big extent where as peps business interest would not be affected !
2. There should not be just 1 site of the week ! there should be 3, 4 catagories and each 1 should have a top in the catagory !
3. If some 1 votes 0, he should be asked a reason to vote 0, or atleast the contestant should know the user who voted zero so that, these 0 voters could be asked for a suggestion for the betterment he/she expects ! we have seen that this 0 vote is deciding, which site is not going to win ! there should be voting to create a winner, its rediculous to learn, that many people are voting to create a looser !
4. There should be no proxy in voting, to ensure 1 user 1 vote !

Q. Do you find peperonity a good site for teenagers? Why?
Answer: No ! i think its not that suitable specially for teens from asian origin ! there are several reasons ! the first and fore most would come,porn and abusive ids, what happens when a teengets abused ? he has to learn how to retaliate in abusing or he has to quit, or use a different fake id ! none can be accepted as a good consequence ! the second is due to lack of sites on moral edu, on debates current affires !

Q. Have you ever reported a porn site? Why? Explain briefly.
Answer: Yes i have many times reported but mostly i have reported the abusive users ! in fact i am against porn and abuse !

Q. What do you think why many users wish more to create a porn site not a good site?
Answer: well, We all should be here in the way we are supposed to behave, not for what we want to do ! mostly when a user sees the porn sites and the counts, it makes him sad if his own site not that much viewed ! but this should not be the case ! how many people viewed or commented on a page is not as important as, who said what ! quality that should matter than the quantity !

Q. When did you join this site? What do you like the most about this site?

Answer: If i remember correctly, then i joined in may 2006 ! the most appealing is peps start page colour !! lal pila combination ! lol ! just a joke ! the feature that is of best utility is the filter it provides an user who chooses not to watch porn ! apart from giving an explicit tag, each site is given with a feature so that he/she can ban all the explicit sites just in 1 click ! (show no more explicit content) and second which is hopefully to be improved in future is, it allows its user to choose site and blog of the week ! but still we have miles to go !!

Q. Do you find peperonity an advanced social networking site? If so? Why?
Answer: Cant comment because ! i am using this site only ! though i am having an account in fb but i find working there is very hectic for me so i have practically no idea about other s/n sites ! but yes pep is excellent !

Q. Have you heard about 'A-2k'? What are your views on this unique family of peperonity?
Answer: I have just seen one of its dimensions which is FTF and its a unique and never before attempt to make the floor suitable for the doves ! but i dont think A-2K is limited in FTF only, but I am yet to get a clear pic on this ! though i have asked some of its members, but unfortunately, I could not suceed !

Q. Who is your favourite A-2k family member?
Answer: Nishant, ZR ! i have found them very sensitive and responsible !

Q. There are many commentators who comment both positive and negative things in your sites, particularly your blog. Now the question is why do you think there is a huge difference of thoughts on the topics mentioned in your sites/blog?

Answer: All I know is, my blog represents me as my virtual life, as a peperonity user ! so it is like my reflex onto what comes to me on my journey of pep life !
and if it correlates to life, then its quite natural that, it would contain, differenttastes as of life ! i don know why, but people dont want to allot me my share of "freedom to disagree" ! may be due to its a male dominating world or something !

Q. What's the aim of The fire baby as a peperonity user?
Answer: To see pep at top among the s/n/s simultniously a place where no body is ever compelled to quit, just because he/she could not behave as a beast with the beasts! a place where every single user has the freedom of expression and ofcourse with a sense of responsibility !

Q. You mean to say this community provides more freedom than we can in the real life?

Answer: Sir, the point is not, more or less freedom it gives ! does freedom has anylimit ? I dont think freedom has any limit ! so its either you give freedom or u dont give freedom ! when it comes to pep, it gives freedom, yes thats what it certainly does as its own part ! & Now what it expects from its users ?
just a small thing that every1 should care for the freedom we get, it should not be misused, one should respect the freedom that, the site has guaranteed to other user whom he might be having some difference !

Q. Have anything to say about the darker side of peperonity? (fraud messages, over porn, inhuman comments, anti-region activities etc)
Answer: Its very surprising that pep is unaware(what else i can use?)of some terrorist and porn nexus is going on in pep which is the root cause of many bad occurance here ! Individually if you fight, they are just a small "2 only" (1+1=2) but if they join hands then they make 11 ! so the nexus should be broken should b4 they make 111 ! hope u got my point !

Q. I've overcome some comments in your site(s) and got shocked by the illiterate and also abusive language used by some users. Have anything to share or express your views on this?
Answer: Well i Feel sad not at the people but the way they are nurtured, the culture of their family, besides they help me stick more to the right path !

Q. Your views on A-2k Pep's Celebrity Corner?
Answer: Every one must be dreaming of ! but sir i wish, alasss i could be at your chair and take your interview ! would u mind if i ask u in some distant future ? LOll
ZR: I would love to give an opportunity to you to take my interview....

Q. Your likes?
Answer: watching flying birds and reading !

Q. Your dislikes?
Answer: watching discussion turning into arguments !

Q. Your tiny secrets which no one knows?
Answer: Till now, me a real baby at heart ! may sound weird but true !

Q. Have anything to say to your friends and visitors?
Answer: My friends : plz dont log in untill u find yourself in a position of a giver ( a positive contributer )!
users : plz dont run after the things u want to but try to do things that u are supposed to or your family, your society, your nation expects you to do !

Q. What's the introduction to
Answer: The real aspects of chat life.we often scared to realise or if we do, we are scared to admit !

Q. What is the most so called thing you like about peperonity?
Answer: Out of many things i like pep because, it alerts the user against explicit page and has the link 4 the user to ban all sites those in the xplicit catagory !

Q. Have you ever got a thought to leavepeperonity due to the abusers or something like that?
Answer: Ofcourse ! But i think it was when i was in an 'emotionally weaker ' state ! i am yet to be strong enough to strive for a place here !plz pray 4 my mental strength !

Q. Your favourite colour, favo music, favo .... Your every favourite things in life.
Answer: Colour - blue
song-Aguner paroshmani by hemanto mukharjee and Ganga bhti ho kyun by dr Hazarika
fav singer-lata didi
Fav pm-A.B. Bajpayee
fav leader-A.Linkon

Movie 3 idiot sarfarosh
Book which yet to be explored Bhagwad Geeta
Dream, an world where a woman is recognised 4 her head not for her heel !
Regrate,4 not being born in british india!
hate people, the most, pseudo secular hypocrates
Loves the most, People in the force
last time cried june 5 2010

Rapid Fire Round:
What's your response/reaction when you hear the following:
1. A-2k
2.My favorites
3. Being an indian
4. FTF
5. London olympics 2012
6. 2012 media
7. World Environment
8. Ignore this user
9. Abusive users
10. Beautiful
11. Thanks for being my friend....
1. A-2k- unity in diversity
2. My favorites - any1 over here who really cares ?
3. Being an indian - the return of doing Good deeds in the previous births !
4. FTF-Remember, miles to go b4 u sleep !
5. London olympics 2012 yar any1 has the medicine, which would give a tight sleep till the inaguration ?
6. 2012 media- a curse on the nationalists, corrupt of the corrupts
7. World Environment - planing may be globaly but cared locally
8. Ignore this user - as if his /her right to disagree is being denied
9. Abusive users just a liabilities of the pep so-city
10. Beautiful-why no say smart, intellegent?
11.Thanks for being my friend.. May god keep me dazzling for ever..

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©The End©

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