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Dated: 28/10/2012 & interviewed on 20/09/2012

by ZR

Special guest: Mr. Gran.
Mr. Gran's profile:
Best Games downloading site by Mr. Gran:
WWE news updates by Mr. Gran:


Q1. What is in your
Answer: © For me it's a big community on the internet where
people can share whatever they wish. It's also one
of the best file sharing sites in the world so feel free
and share anything you want! This is what brings
more and more people to peperonity. So in my
view it is a sharing website. As you know talent
should not be wasted, if you have anything to share
to the people then come to peperonity and start

Q2. What makes peperonity the best social
networking site according to you?

Answer: © Peperonity is the best social networking site because
it is unique and easy to use. Majority of people in
peperonity are from Asia and many of them are
friendly. It's easy to find and make new friends on

Q3. As you no need any introduction in peperonity,
can we know more about you?
Answer: © Well i'm sure a lot of people don't know anything
about me. So i'll share a little information about me.
I'm from South Africa and 28 years old single
person. As a christian, i'm a lot friendly and loyal in
person. I'm an accountant and i assist people with
tax and financial solutions. Although i work 3 days in
a week, i would come and spend time in peperonity
when i'm free. Other than work i play action cricket
with friends and during hot days i would play beach
volleyball which i enjoy much. And that's my
hobbies. I'm not much of a music lover but i love
wrestling, movies and games a lot. I think that's all i
can say about me for now.

Q4. According to you which is the best social
networking site? Is it facebook or twitter or
peperonity or other...?
Answer: © Overall i prefer peperonity.

Q5. We know that you are popular here for your
unique cyber wrestling sites. Were you the first to
get the idea of wrestling online via comments? If so,
how did you get the idea?
Answer: © No i'm not the first. There was a cyber wrestling site
here in 2009 first started by Degenerate. I was a
member of that site. Unfortunately the site didn't last
long and died. So i thought of way of reviving it so
i'm second. By just adding more ideas to it so that it
can last longer. I don't know whether it's a good or
bad thing, i did it just for the entertainment of our
wrestling fans around the world. I'm finding time
difficult and for many other reasons i ended the
website. I would like to thank those who supported
my cyber wrestling site and i really enjoyed my
time being there.

Q6. Don't you think that this amazing
opportunity is misused by some users as they
create explicit contents?
Answer: © Yes. What i wish for peperonity is to be clean and
rid of porn content. As a peperonity user, i totally
ignore porn. I really don't remember when last i
saw a porn content on peperonity haha so just
ignore it and continue what you want to do in
peperonity. So for me, porn around here in
peperonity is totally unnecessary.

Q7. Is there any thrill in online wrestling according
to you? How?
Answer: © Yes some who participate in online wrestling feels
very excited because it is entertaining.

Q8. How did the journey of yours in peperonity
start? Is it was an incidental one or you were aware
about peperonity?
Answer: © In the old days people were searching for mp3's
through google and that is how i came to know
about peperonity. The first peperonity site i visited
was watzizname. Not only the mp3's i checked out
the homepage of and entered the
chat zone where people were having fun. So i
joined and made great friends and peperonity
became a part of my life. It's been 6 years that i'm a
peperonity user and still loving it!

Q9. You have a popular games site(s)
games.gameloft, can we know more about it like
how it began?
Answer: © It began in 2008 some day in february. I have
checked out forums on the net where they share
gameloft game links and i created games.gameloft
to also share games. It became popular and was
growing very fast and with the help of game
requests by many people, it quickly entered the
Most Hits section. I expanded my site by collecting a
wide range of free games together for visitors who
use mobile phones.

Q10. What is your best peperonity moment(s)?
Answer: © My best peperonity moment was in a chatroom
where i was loved by a girl. She expressed her
feelings for me and said the three words to me for
the first time on peperonity. That was the best
moment and i'll never forget that. Love is great.

Q11. What is your worst peperonity moment

Answer: © My worst moment in peperonity was when my id
was blocked because someone tried to hack my
account. That was in 2010 i think. I was convinced i
lost everything i created here in peperonity but it all
worked out thanks to Sandy and friends that
supported me to get my id back. So that was my
worst moment when i noticed i couldn't log into
peperonity anymore.

Q12. What are your views on site/blog of the week?
Answer: © I have never been in that category i don't even
know how that works. It's all about votes and i have
never tried to force anyone to vote for my site. My
site has been in most hits for 4 consecutive years.
It's funny how my site or blog didn't come in site/
blog of the week. Sometimes i think there are a
huge number of fake votes so it isn't a reliable
category in my view. I think peperonity needs a
new voting system that can avoid fake votes.

Q13. What's your favourite corner in peperonity?
Like chat rooms, finding friends etc.
Answer: © For most of time in here it was chatrooms. But
nowadays it has become a habit for flooders,
abusers, fakers, stalkers, you name it and the
peperonity team is doing nothing about it. I have
seen a lot of users complaining in Sandy's site but
they aren't being helped.

Q14. Which is your favourite site/blog on
peperonity? Why?
Answer: © My favourite is blog is owned by Ernie
because everything i read there is interesting. There
are many things that a person don't know of, so it is
good for knowledge. About favourite site..honestly i
don't know because i haven't been looked at any.
These days there are only half-porn sites.

Q15. What are your views about A-2k family?
Answer: © To be honest i know nothing about it. I came to
know about it because of this interview. And it is
quite a good thing that A-2k is doing in peperonity. I
think there's no better group than A-2k.

Q16. Who's your favourite A-2k family member?
Answer: © Sorry i don't know of anyone except ZR. Because of
this interesting interview.

Q17. Who's your idol of inspiration who inspires
you the most?
Answer: © Dwayne Johnson. Not only is he a good actor and
wrestler but also a man who inspires many people.
You can read all about him and his life on his
facebook or twitter page.

Q18. Have any secrets to share with your
peperonity friends?
Answer: © No.

Q19. What things you hate the most in the world?
Answer: © Betrayal. I have been betrayed by friends several
times. Friends who stab you in the back by
spreading lies about you to other friends. This is
what i hate the most. Pick your friends carefully.

20. What are your thoughts on A-2K PEP'S
Answer: © It is really good because there are millions of users
in peperonity. I'm thankful to A-2k for coming up
with such a brilliant project like the celebrity corner. I
hope they continue this with many other because
it's interesting to know about these users in pep.

21. TINY THINGS ABOUT Mr. Gran: Tell us about
your favourite things like favourite colour, actor,
actress, drink, food, tv star, tv show, tv channel,
action hero, place, sport, sport personality,
politician, lucky number, best friend, and so
Answer: © As i already mentioned a few of my hobbies,
favourite food is italian, colour blue, actor Dwayne
Johnson, actress Vanessa Hudgens, drink Hunters
Dry, tv show Prison Break, sport Cricket, sport
personality Roger Federer, not interested in politics,
my best friend Dean and other i don't know. That's
some of my favourites.

22. RAPID FIRE SOUND: What comes your mind
when you hear the following: a. Humanity b.
Religion c. Games d. Earth e. A-2k peperonity
Answer: © a. that's of no good. b. all are equal. respect religion
c. that's fun d. the earth is a beautiful creation.
wherever i go everything on Earth is just beautiful.
d. dont know anything but i'm sure they're a good

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©The End©

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