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kittyhawk - Animated

#Amazing fun facts# |+NEW|

¤ The first kind of PENCIL was a bunch of
GRAPHITE sticks held together by string.
Then someone decided it would be better
to push the graphite into the inside of a
hollow wooden stick.
¤ JOSEPH RECHENDORFER was the first person
to think of putting a piece of rubber onto
the top of a pencil which makes it real easy
to rub out mistakes.
¤ Did you know that the average lead pencil can
draw a line that is almost 35 miles long or you
can write almost 50,000 words in English with
just one pencil? Amazing fact! Now imagine an
eraser that could match it !!!
¤ This is what an old airplane looked like(The pic which is in the page). The
Wright Brothers invented one of the first
airplanes. It was called the Kitty Hawk
¤ Did you know the first bicycle that was
made in 1817 by Baron von Drais didn't have
any pedals? People walked it along
The first metal bicycle was called the High-
Wheel or Penny Farthing. People had a hard
time keeping their balance on this type of
¤ Did you know the first toy balloon, made of
vulcanized rubber, was thought of by someone
in the J.G.Ingram company in London, England in
¤ 9pin bowling was made up in Germany
during the Medieval ages
¤ Karl Benz invented the first gas powered
car. The car had only three wheels. The
first car with four wheels was made in
France in 1901 by Panhard et LeVassor.
¤ The first pick-up truck in the world was
made by Gottlieb Daimler in 1886. Gottlieb
produced the world's first motorcycle in
¤ Gottlieb Daimler also built the world's first taxi in
1897. It was called the Daimler Victoria and had a
taxi meter. On 16 June of that year the taxi was
delivered to Stuttgart transportation entrepreneur
Friedrich Greiner who used it to start the world's
first motorized taxi company.
The first steam powered train was
invented by Robert Stephenson. It was
called the Rocket.

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