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Taped My Wife Fucking My Friend

A couple weeks ago my friend Clay came over after the bar and fucked my wife with me in the bed next to her. He nailed her again the next morning much to her liking. He was extremely hung and my wife hasn't stopped talking about his dick since that night/morning. We will be fucking and she'll tell me to do her like clay or whisper in my ear about how many times she came with him. I've been so turned on I decided to arrange for Clay to come over and do Kristen again, but I wanted to surprise her... I told Clay about the idea and he was obviously in as long as I was cool with it. I came up with some plans and made sure he knew when he should come over, what was going on, etc... That night i make told my wife i wanted to get a little kinky and tape her having sex again, little did she know i wasnt going to be the actor...i told her to put some lingerie on while i set-up the tri-pod. She came out in a sexy black lacy outfit. Lately we've been into tying each other up, handcuffs, stuff like that so i told her to lay on the bed so i could tie her up. i went to the bathroom to get some towels to tie around her wrists and text clay that he should ring the doorbell to our house in a few minutes. i went back in the room and tied kristens hands to the bed polls and began to kiss her body all over. Just as i was doing that the doorbell rang and she was a little startled...i told her it would be ok and she should just wait. she argued she wanted to get dressed but i just left and said ill be right back. i went downstairs and let clay in, he had a bring grin on his face and was ready to go. he went up the stairs and walked in on her laying there helpless in the bed, with her lingerie on. i walked in behind him and saw the surprise on her face. I asked if it was alright if he joined us and she just smiled and said "ok"... Clay didnt waste any time as he stripped naked, his dick half hard but still fricken huge and crawled into bed with her. I grabbed the camera and started taping as he dangled his dick by her mouth as all she could do was open wife while he face fucked her. after a while of this he turned over and started to 69 her by sliping the black thong to the side. She was totally helpless and couldnt use her hand as he stuck his big cock down her throat and pleasured dick was throbbing watching her so helpless but so sexy. After she was wet, he got took his dick out of her mouth and stripped her lingerie off. exposing her naked body to him she was totally at his mercy. he guided his dick into her pussy and i got a close up of her face changing and she took everything he could give her. he started off slowly pumping in and out and as i taped her getting fucked. Clay must be around 9" of thickness...after a few minutes of teasing her and slowly fucking her he turned to me and asked me what to do now... I told him "fuck her harder." He began to thrust his dick inside of her and her cup her tits as the bounced to the rhythm of his strokes. He was getting worked up and so was she... Next I told him to "make her give you head." So he pulled out with her pussy juices on his dick inserted it into her mouth. there was nothing she could do but wrap her lips around it and suck. As this was going on I untied her hands and to her to fuck and look at me. She climbed on him reverse cowgirl, facing me at the end of the bed and began to ride him...bending over so he could see her ass and pussy as the went up and down. I told her to tell me how much she liked it so she looked into the camera while she was riding and said how big he was, how good he felt, and how much she wanted to fuck him since last time. She made him slap her ass harder and harder. "make me your slut! spank me!"she hollered at him he spanked her ass harder and harder then slipped a finger up her ass, she jumped a little and gasped for air. next i told him to bend her over in front of me and fuck her doggystyle. she got on all fours and put her ass in the air, inviting him to stuck that fat cock in her. i was still at the end of the bed and taped her face and tits as he rammed her from behind. She was moaing into the camera as she lost her self in the sex and came for him. I moved to the side to see him thrusting in and out and got a good view of this action as he grabbed her by the shoulders so he could bury his entire unit in her. A couple minutes of this and pulled out all over back. Clay thanked us both, got dressed, and left. [ Please support us visiting new 250k of Fucking Porn Videos ! ] She thanked me too and immediately pulled my pants off when he left the room and gave me the best head i could imagine. the next morning when she was sleeping i put the dvd in woke her up with her giving him head on the tv. I made her fuck me while she watched him fuck her on. a hot experience i will definitely watch over and over..

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