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Polytheism and disbelief


Salvation of all mankind from the greatest sin against Allah (Shirk and Kufr i.e. polytheism and disbelief)
I consider it essential to mention here some details of the greatest sin which will not be forgiven by Allah. This unpardonable sin is Shirk from another besides Allah.

Almighty Allah says:"Verily, Allah forgives not that partners should be set up with Him in worship, but He Almighty Allah says:
"Then when the Trumpet is blown, there will be no kinship among them that Day, nor will they ask of oneanother. "Then those whose scales (of good deeds) are heavy, - these! they are the successful." And those whose scales (of good deeds) are light, - they are those who lose their ownselves; in Hell will they abide.""The Fire will burn their faces, and they will grin with disfigured lips (disfigured). "(It will be said) 'Were not My Verses (this Qur'ân) recited to you and then you used to deny them? "They will say: 'Our Lord! Our wretchedness overcame us and we were (an) erring people."Our Lord! Bring us out of this; if ever we return (to evil) then indeed we shall be Zâlimûn (polytheists, oppressors, unjust, and wrongdoers etc.). '"He (Allah) will say: 'Remain you in it with ignominy! And speak you not to Me!' (V. 23:101-108).
"And whoever invokes (or worships) besides Allah, any other îlâh (god), of whom he has no proof, then his be successful." (V. 23:117).


Definition: Shirk associating partners in worship with Allah or to believe that the source of power, harm or blessings is from others besides Allah.
Types: There are three types of Shirk, namely:
(1) Ash-Shirk-al-Akbar, i.e. major Shirk
(2) Ash-Shirk-al-Asghar, i.e. minor Shirk
(3) Ash-Shirk-al-Khafi, i.e. inconspicuous Shirk.
(1) Ash-Shirk-al-Akbar (The major Shirk): The major and serious polytheistic form, it major and serious polytheistic form, it has four aspects:(a) Shirk-ad-Du'â, i.e. invocation.This aspect implies invoking, supplicating or praying to other deities besides Allah. Almighty Allah says: "And when they embark on a ships they invoke Allah, making invoke Allah, making their Faith pure for Himonly, but when He brings them safely to land, behold, they give a share of their worship to others," (V.29:65) the sake of Allah but directed towards other deities. Almighty Allah says: "Whosoever desires the life of the world and its glitter, to them they did therein. And of no effect is that which they used to do."(V. 11:15,16)

(c) Shirk-at-Tâ'a. This aspect implies rendering obedience to any authority against the Order of Allah. Almighty Allah says:"They (Jews and Christians) took their Rabbis and their monks to be their lords associate (with Him)." (V.9:31).Once, while Allah's Messenger SAW was reciting the above Verse, 'Adi bin Hatim said, "O Allah's Prophet! At-Tabari, Vol.10, PageNo.114).

(d) Shirk-al-Mahabbah. This implies showing the love which is due to Allah Alone, to others than Him. "And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others besides Allah as rivals (to Allah). They love them as they love Allah. But those who Severe in punishment." (V. 2:165)
(2) Ash-Shirk-al-AsgharAr-Riyâ' (The minor Shirk, i.e. acts performed to show off). Any act of Shirk, i.e. acts performed to show off). Any act of worship or any religious deed done in order to gain praise, fame or for worldly purposes, falls under this minor form. Almighty Allah says:"Say (O Muhammad SAW ) : 'I am only a man like you, it has been inspired to me associate none as a partner in the worship of his Lord.' " (V. 18:110)
(3) Ash-Shirk-al-Khafi (The inconspicuous Shirk). This type implies being inwardly and such or had you approached such and such you would have had a better status, etc.

The Noble Prophet Muhammad SAW said: conscious of that, and I beg Your pardon for that sin which I am not aware of.
Kufr is basically disbelief in any of the articles of Faith in Islam.The articles of Faith are: To believe in -(1) Allah,
(2) His angels,
(3) His Messengers,
(4) His revealed Books,
(5) The Day of Resurrection, and (6) Al-Qadar, Divine Preordainments (Fate i.e. whatever Allah SWT has ordained must come to pass).There are two aspectsof disbelief:
(a) Kufr-at-Takdhîb. This implies disbelieving the divine truth or denying of any of the articles of Faith. Almighty Allah says: (b) Kufr-al-Ibâ' wat-Takabbur ma'at-Tasdîq. This implies rejection and pride to submit to Allah's Commandments after conviction of their truth.
(c) Kufr-ash-Shak waz-Zan. This implies doubting or lacking of conviction in the six articles of Faith.
(c) Kufr-ash-Shak waz-Zan. This implies doubting or lacking of conviction in the six articles of Faith.
(e) Kufr-an-Nifâq. This implies hypocritical disbelief.
(2) The minor disbelief (Al-Kufr-al-Asghar): This aspect of disbeliefdoes not exclude one from the fold of Islam. It is also termed Kufr-an-Ni'mah.

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